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Suzhou two men pull the car door theft 200,000 cash only steals 70,000 to say that the amount involved is too large.

Suzhou two men pull the car door theft 200,000 cash only steals 70,000 to say that the amount involved is too large.

Original title: The two men implemented the car door to steal 200,000 cash only steals 70,000, and it was called the case. The amount involved in the case has recently, Suzhou Wuzhong police cracked a case of the burglary. In the face of 200,000 yuan in the car, the suspect only took 70,000.

Why is this? Mr. Qian said that the previous day he went to the bank to take 200,000 yuan in cash, it was installed in two bags, and hundreds of thousands of each bag. After getting on the bus, the two bags are placed on the coiled seat of the car. Mr. Qian put the car after the parking space of the community and did not take the money home.

When I was ready to go out the next morning, he found less than 70,000 yuan. The police in the first time of the police were adjusted in the community monitoring.

Surveillance shows that 3 o’clock in the morning, two strange men appeared in the communities living in Mr. Qian. The two were randomly pulled the car door and didn’t expect to kick out Mr. Qian forget to lock the door. One person quickly broke into the car, and the other person was responsible for the wind.

Subsequently, the two were drilled into the car together, and after searching, the two quickly fled the scene. According to the video relay, the police followed the suspect Wang and Li Li in Liangxi District and Jiangyin City in Wuxi.

Two people explained, they started from Wuxi on the same day, and came to Suzhou Mudu to carry the door theft. The suspect explained, they locked the crime targets in high-end communities such as villas, using security and negligence to take advantage of each other.

So, why do the two don’t steal all 200,000 yuan in cash? The police learned that the first thing Wang was looking for money in the car.

After discovered that there was a cash in the car, he did not take it immediately, but leaving the car with Li. Because the amount involved in the case is too large, the two negotiated after the decision, only took 70,000 yuan.

Subsequently, the two spent in Suzhou City, spent more than 60,000 yuan in two days.

At present, the suspect Wang, Li Mou has been taken criminal forced measures due to suspected stealing. Here, the majority of car owners are not "safe", don’t put the valuables such as cash, wallets in the car.

When leaving the vehicle, be sure to confirm whether or not to lock and avoid personal property. (Xiong Xuan Lin said) (this news copyright belongs to Jiangsu Province Radio and TV Station, please indicate the source) (Editor: Xiao Wei, Zhang Wei) Sharing let more people see.

Ruikang Hospital Urology: Solving the health of the people, solving the suffering of the people

Ruikang Hospital Urology: Solving the health of the people, solving the suffering of the people

Branch team. Equipment Advanced Talent Complex Room features urinary stones, urinary tumors, prostate and urinary control, urinary formation and repair, pediatric urology, kidney transplant, etc.

Equipped with Japanese imaging equipment, bipolar plasma prostate vaporization, Japanese pledge electronic mirror, Switzerland EMS gravel system, German urinary flow mechanics system, automatic rapid immunoassay (IMX, TDX), biofluorescence microscope, Inverted phase difference microscope, constant temperature incubator, high speed centrifuge, low temperature centrifuge, deep and low temperature refrigerator, ultra-clean workbenses, electrophoretic instrument, UV color instrument, etc., a large number of high-precision medical, teaching, research instruments and equipment; now open bed 100 sheets.

Excellent professors, chief physicians, 8 associate professors, deputy chief physicians, 3 doctoral degree, is a relatively perfect in Guangxi District, less technical force, more advanced equipment, and a high degree of academic qualifications.

Professor of the discipline leader Gao Hongjun, engaged in urology more than 30 years, specializing in urology, especially kidney transplantation, filling the new technology of Guangxi Chinese Medicine System.

Characteristic advantage technology specializing in the kidney transplantation: minimally invasive receptacle: Pediatric urology: blood surgery rapid rehabilitation: scientific research innovation results Significant department presided over the Guangxi Science Research and Technology Development Fund, Guangxi Youth Science Fund, Guangxi Excellent College Talent Project and other Provincial Department 5 scientific research projects, 550,000 funds, main research directions are cavoscope to treat urology diseases, relatives living kidney transplantation and islet cell transplantation, in the "Chinese Terrace Migration Journal" "China Mixi Journal" "International Urological Journal" "The authoritative magazine has more than 50 professional papers, edited by an academic journal, the translation in English professional work. There were 23 scientific research awards above the provincial and municipal levels, published in the provincial, national core journals, more than 200 SCI papers.

Urology is responsible for the leadership of hospital leaders and discipline leaders.

On April 11, 2010, the Commission of Chinese and Western Medicine in Guangxi was established in Ruikang Hospital; in August 2012, Guangxi’s only "National Health Department inner mirror and minimally invasive medicine urology training base" settled in Ruikang Hospital; 2017 On April 15, China, China established a "Guangxi Urinemia Prevention Base" in Ruikang Hospital.

Not only that, in the future department will continue to use the "blessings of people’s health, solve the suffering of the people", focusing on the "National Continuing Education + Grassroots Chinese Medicine Forum", condensed, all breakthrough, constantly in the development of the discipline Breakthrough, benefiting the people.

(Editor: Chen Li Bing, Huang Yumei) Sharing let more people see.