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The child’s mouth is a hand and foot and mouth disease? These knowledge help you identify

The child’s mouth is a hand and foot and mouth disease? These knowledge help you identify

Will it be a hand and foot and mouth disease? How do parents say how herpes? Don’t panic, herpes are not equipped with hand and foot and mouth disease, kids herpes, and may be oral hypothetical herpes, oral stripped herpes, herpes, herpes, herpes.

Common types of fine introduction, mypes, herpes ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I. Herpes simple herpes oral hyphadiffeous with the infection of the human body, common assault, skin, eyes, blind, nervous system, etc., human beings are their natural hosts.

It can also be divided into primary herpes and recurrent herpes, among which primary herpes are more common in children, more common in children under 6 years old, especially for 6 months to 2 years. Multi-manifestation as acute herpes gadoxitis. It has four periods of the disease: 1 Precursive period of patients with herpes in patients with herpes before the disease. After 4 to 7 days, there is an acute symptom of fever, headache, fatigue, fatigue, plung pain, sore throat, etc., the mandibular and the lymphadenopathy, and the torque. The child gave a greece, refused, and irritated.

After 1 or 2 days, oral mucosa, adhesion gums and widespread edema.

2 The blisters in the oral mucosa is presented with small blisters in clusters, like needle size, thin, transparent and easier, forming a superficial ulcer. 3 The small blond sessions of the cluster clusters can cause large area erosion and can cause secondary infections. Covered yellow fake membrane. The skin and the skin around the mouth can also have similar diseases, and the sputum is formed after the blister.

4 The erosion surface of the healing is gradually narrowed, healed, and the whole course takes 7 to 10 days. Second, oral macrossed oral mucosa damage: It is easy to occur in the trigeminal neural distribution area, the blisters are short, and the velocity is the edge, shallow in the ulcer surface, the surface has yellow fake film coverage, limited to single side, severe toothache .

Will be the rash part, there is pain, itching, burning sensation, then flushing, the clustered miliary large small pilm, which is arranged in a stripped nerve distribution, and rapidly become a blister, and the blister can be fused into a large blister, blister Tone, clear and transparent, gradually become turbid or even blood, purulent, and after several days, the blister absorbs dry, 1 to 2 weeks, it is removed, and temporary erythema or pigmentation is left.

Generally do not leave scars, damage does not surpass the centerline.

What kind of processing suggestions will be given? (1) General treatment, give more diet and sufficient moisture.

Prevent secondary bacterial infection.

Do not rub the affected area and avoid blisters.

(2) Drug treatment 1 glucocorticoid can reduce the inflammatory reaction and swelling of surface nerve in acute phase, so that it is placed in pressure in the facial nervous bone tube of fixed pipe diameters, thereby reducing facial nectus edema threatening and is affected by facial nerve bone tube The degree of oppression, microcirculation barriers, therefore, glucocorticoid therapy for the primary and primary drug treatment of the disease.

Diabetes, tuberculosis, gastric ulcer and pregnant women are used with caution. Hypertension should pay attention to control blood pressure. 2 antiviral drugs can interfere with herpes viral DNA polymerase, inhibit DNA replication.

Commonly used cyclo (acyclovir), can also be used in Coblov, prcipulov or Wanlovir (Low). 3 neurotrophic drug vitamin B1 and vitamin B12 and other muscle injections or oral administration.

4 Improve the drugs of facial nerve microcirculation using ginkgo leaf extracts or other expansion blood vessels, improve the drug intravenous injection or oral administration of microcirculation. 5 Phase pain can be applied appropriately when painting pain. 6 Other transfer factors, normal human immunoglobulin injection. Third, the hand and foot and mouth disease have emergency, accompanied by heat, oral mucosa is scattered in herpes, hands, foot and buttocks appear, herpes, herpes, rash, rash, less liquid in the blister; oral mucosa is scattered with herpes, pain Obviously, some children can accompany cough, runny, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting and headache. At this time, the parents must not fall light, because the hand and foot and mouth disease can have severe cases: patients with clinical manifestations of hand and foot and mouth disease, with musculus or encephalitis, acute lateral paralysis, cardiopulmonary failure, pulmonary edema. Infants in the hands and foot and mouth diseases, although there is a typical manifestation of foot and mouth diseases. However, there is a fever with muscle clonic or encephalitis acute latex paralysis, cardiopulmonary failure, pulmonary edema.

Fourth, herpes, pharyngitis herpes, pharyngitis is an acute infectious disease, occasionally in adolescents and adults, more children aged 1 ~ 7 years old, the same child can be infected, the general course is in a week By two weeks. It is characterized by a thin pile blisters and ulcers that are mainly used in the phalocenger. It is manifested as a pharyngeal congestion. There are several internal oral mucosa (less than 1 to 2, up to more than 10) in 2 days. Gray white herpes, surrounded by flutter. After 2 ~ 3, the red halo intensifies, herpes zoster to form a yellow ulcer.

Such mucous ramp is more common in the tonsil precedent, or it can be located on the soft palate, hanging, tonsil, but not tired of the gum and the buccal film. Some hands and blood, children with herpes, the first symptoms, followed by red rash in the palm, foot, buttocks, etc.

The more older children can vote, and the throats can affect swallowing.

Infants and young children are showed that they are embarrassed, refused, and irritated.

Sometimes with headache, abdominal pain or myoblus, 1/4 of children under 5 years old can be accompanied by vomiting. It often has a sharp fever, and the time is 2 ~ 4 days, the heat is low or moderate, and the occasion is more than 40 ° C, even convulsions. 5. Herpeshed hinditis is a disease caused by oral mucosa infection caused by herpes simplex virus. It belongs to the herpes virus type I, and the penetration and gingival edge of the neighboring milk abutment.

Children under the age of 6 are high-income groups of herpes. Over 7 to 14 days. Scientific care is aimed at the above diseases, parents can help children do oral care and fever under the guidance: 1. Oral care 1, oral care needs to pay attention to the diet, general diet is mainly based on fluid or semi-fluid food, For example, rice soup, rice paste, etc., these foods are beneficial to digest, nor does it cause oral irritation. However, it is necessary to pay attention to the food temperature of eating, not too high, and can not eat hard, fried, greasy food. 2, the nursing oral mass needs to be rubbed with light salt water every morning, so that the oral virus can be used, and it is necessary to supplement the liquid in time, preferably a small amount of multiple times.

If the oral cavity already has an ulcer, some anti-inflammatory, repair the ulcer surface, and relieve painful drugs.

Second, heating care 1, physical cooling, if the temperature of the child has exceeds 37 ° C, then wipe the neck in the vicinity of the large artery, rear back, etc., which is allowed to take the amount of excess heat in the body. It is only possible to use my strength as appropriate when wiping, which can increase the speed of sweating, but do not excessive force to avoid rubbing. 2, the drug is cooling, if the child is heated by more than ° C, the drug can be used to cool down, the choice of the drug can be used to give the child to acetaminol or ibuprofen refactive, if a drug can be taken according to the doctor’s suggestion. If there is poor cooling, two drugs can be used to cool down, but it is necessary to pay attention to not less than 4 hours, and the amount of medication should be used. I believe that after the care of parents and patience, after cooling, it can control the condition, and then cooperate with certain drug treatment, you can treat the herpes of children.

At the choice of drugs, you should also listen to the doctor’s recommendations and cannot be blindly used. Do you have a parent, have you learned? This article was scientifically handled by Shen Jian, deputy director of the Pediatrics of Shuguang Hospital, Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

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Taiyuan double creation work steadily advanced

Taiyuan double creation work steadily advanced

  Original title: Taiyuan dual-creation work steadily advances this year, Taiyuan City has a good evaluation of the incubator assessment of national technology enterprises and dual-created carriers to cultivate high-tech enterprises, and the scientific and technological SMEs give a reward to create a good policy environment that encourages innovation entrepreneurship.Taiyuan Science and Technology Departments streamline various projects declared reports, reducing information filling and material transfer, mitigating the burden of enterprises and scientific research, giving research institutions and researchers greater sovereignty, and stimulating the innovation and creation of enterprises.As of the end of 2020, there were 135 provincial and above public space, including 27 national levels, an increase of 59% over the previous year; 30 provincial and above technology corporate incubators, an increase of 10% from the previous year.In order to further enhance the level of Taiyuan City, the Taiyuan Technology Enterprise Incubator Association is jointly established in Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei and other places to establish a northern hatching network, through cooperation with the Beijing-Tianjin Huiji, promote high quality development of regional incubation industry.

The "anti-fraud" of the police officer is coming.

The "anti-fraud" of the police officer is coming.

Hebei public security anti-fraud police Chen Guoping: If you are deceived, timely alarm, give the police a accurate information, it is where your money goes to go.

The police will pay for timely, if this money can’t be paid, it is very troublesome later. Everyone knows that this new type of network illegal crime is new, and there is no contact, hidden hidden. If it is not funded, the difficulty of solving the case is very large. Everyone knows that this kind of crime is basically a gang, overseas, and has a certain difficulty.

So, really protecting our property or preventing.

Netizen questions: Chen police officer Chen Guoping: First of all, we remember, don’t greed, good color. Greed, good color is easy to be deceived, and there is also a big loss of greed and cheap.

Don’t be afraid of things, you must be awake. The link is not easy to point, for example, it is a text message, it is seen that the bank’s or the telecom department, remember, most of the links in the back is fake. The QR code should not be scanned, and the QR code can be "confirmation code", you will be lost at this time.

The verification code should not be easily telling other people, only you can know yourself. Verification code If you give others, all your passwords lose your password.

Netizen questions: Chen police officer, often see the case of being cheated on the Internet, and often stopping.

As a child, what should we do, can we effectively prevent parents from being cheated? Chen Guoping: The elderly are deceived and our young children have direct relationships.

Mainly because our young people are not concerned about the life of the elderly, Ignore the elderly, and the elderly may be deceived because the information is relatively occasionally. The method of lie to the elderly, mostly for fake health medicine, fake health food, fake health equipment, because many elderly people like health. In addition, "Our young people should instill some knowledge, thoughts, but not to ignore them.

We have to care, care for the elderly, and take a little more time to accompany them.

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September 11th, Shanxi Epidemic Prevention and Control Office issued a health prompt

September 11th, Shanxi Epidemic Prevention and Control Office issued a health prompt

  Original title: [Cautiously do a good normalized epidemic prevention and control] Provincial epidemic prevention and control office issued a health reminder on September 10 After experts’ research, this epidemic is suspected of being a local dissemination caused by the entry of Singapore, Xiufeng Village, Putun Community Committee and Lanyou Community Committee of Xianyou County, and the Lanyou Community Neighborhood Committee. In order to continuously consolidate the difficulty of cultivation, resolutely prevent the epidemic input risk, maintain the development of normal social order and economic society, September 11, the provincial epidemic prevention and control office issued a reminder as follows: First, strict key personnel investigate the city From now, the personnel who have a history of Fujian Province in Fujian Province have been investigated, referring to the management of the Jinqi people in the middle-risk area, and there is a history of Fujian Province in Xianyou County, Fujian Province. To immediately report to the community (village), unit report, and cooperate with the land to implement nucleic acid detection and 14-day home isolation medical observation measures. If you don’t have home isolation, it is implemented in concentrated medical observation measures. All localities must compare the four-party responsibility, play the role of community volunteer service personnel, public security personnel, health and health personnel, and the implementation of the "four packs and one" grid management of the implementation of home isolation medical observer to ensure the isolation of home isolation. Second, strictly investigate the number of nucleic acid detection reports to all the transportation stations must be good in Jin Jinkou. Since September 11th, Fujian directly reaches the relevant airports in our province, the station "first fall", strictly inspected from Fujian into the Jinping The nucleic acid detection negative report in 48 hours.

Unable to provide, please cooperate with the local epidemic prevention and control department, the first drop, the first time for nucleic acid detection.

  Third, pay close attention to the dynamics of the epidemic, please pay attention to the changes in domestic existence dynamics and medium and high-risk zones, not necessarily, do not go to the epidemic in high-risk areas and case trajectories. If you have to go, please understand the prevention and control policy of your destination in advance, do your personal protection. After returning to Jin, take the initiative to report to the community (village) and unit reports, and cooperate to implement prevention and control measures. Once the symptoms such as fever, dry cough, fatigue, etc.

  Fourth, strengthen the school’s epidemic prevention and control Current positive value in the autumn, return to school, all levels must implement the subject responsibility of epidemic prevention and control, master the health status and itinerary of the 14 days before returning to the school in advance, college return school Teachers and students employees and primary and secondary schools in the history of the city, the history of the hidden institutions in the middle and high-risk regions, and the children’s returns to school, and they must strictly check the negative certificate of nucleic acid detection within 48 hours; return to the school, there are high high in 14 days. The teacher and student employees of the historic history of the tourism in the risk area, they will do nucleic acid detection as soon as possible; each school should set a relatively independent isolation observation site to carry out health monitoring. V. Sustainable implementation of key place prevention and control requires all relevant departments of the city to strengthen the supervision of "sent retail pharmacies, etc., supervise all kinds of medical institutions at all levels to strictly implement the pre-examination and first responsibility system, from stricting Do a good job in prevention and control, and resolutely keep the "zero infection" bottom line in the hospital.

  Metro, taxi, bus, etc. Public transport, hotel, catering store, library, business super, farmer’s market, scenic spot attractions such as public places, shadow theater, bar, Internet cafe and other entertainment venues must strictly implement the temperature measurement scan code (health code , Vaccination code), wearing mask, regular disinfection, etc. The number must not exceed the maximum load. 6. Accelerate the promotion of new crown vaccine vaccination new crown virus vaccination is the safest and most effective means to prevent neoguanpiral pneumonia, especially for the reduction of severe and death.

Elderly, especially those with basic diseases, is one of the most priority people in vaccination.

Ask the public to actively complete the vaccination of the vaccination.

All departments, various municipalities, and units must further strengthen organizational mobilization, supervise the system, in the region, and the unit personnel to vaccinate the vaccine as soon as possible, and strive to make a variety, it should be seeded, and accelerate the construction of all population immunization barriers.

  Seven, during the two sections, do not relax the Mid-Autumn Festival, National Day holiday, travel, visit relatives, gatherings will show a peak, the public still needs to continue to tighten the epidemic to prevent this string, be sure to consciously do "hard work, wear masks, often Ventilation, one-meter line, holding code travel ", go out, advocate the public spoons, eat all food, and advocate healthy lifestyle. If there is a travel plan, it should be reasonably planned, understand the information and prevention and control policies of the way, the destination new crown, and avoid travel to the epidemic, high-risk areas and cross-border travel. If you have symptoms such as fever, diarrhea, please seek medical attention in time and tell the doctor’s history. (Reporter Qin Yang).

Shanghai Traffic new regulations on the spot: 6 cars in one hour are persuaded that there are road traffic to reduce two or three%

Shanghai Traffic new regulations on the spot: 6 cars in one hour are persuaded that there are road traffic to reduce two or three%

Original title: Shanghai traffic new regulations on site: 6 cars in an hour are persuaded that there are road traffic decreases for two or three cents on May 6, the first working day after May Day holiday, and the inner rings in Shanghai began to foreign provinces and cities. Double license plate.

At the same time, yesterday is also the first working day after the official implementation of the Shanghai Nonim Motor Safety Management Regulations.

  According to observation, after the implementation of the new regulations, the inner ring traffic fell by 2 to 30%, while the situation of wearing a safety helmet reached 80%.

  Violation of the ban will be recorded in the intersection of Zhongshan North Second Road, Quyang Road, and the new traffic ban flag has been suspended in a significant position in the intersection, and the black word in white shows the specific time of the restricted period is 7 o’clock to 9 o’clock, 5 o’clock in the evening. To 7 o’clock, 2 square meters or so, very eye-catching.

  From 7:00, according to the observation, from the situation in Suyang intersection in Zhongshan North Second Road, there were 6 foreign-city licensees to enter the inner ring road, and they were exchanged after the traffic police interception. Persuade.

One of the drivers who drive the foreign label bus was stopped and said that he came over to travel, and he didn’t know much about Shanghai’s new limit measures.

Zhang Jun, the deputy captain of Hongkou Traffic Police, conducted informatto and explained the driver in detail, emphasizing that the foreign-name vehicle entered the inner ring, will violate the ban sign, will be 200 yuan after being captured by the electronic police, record 3 points Penalty.

Zhang Jun followed the left to turn the vehicle left, and continued to travel from Zhongshan North Road under the inner ring.

  According to the on-site police, there were many licensing vehicles in the intersection of the intersection, and the original Quyang Road passed through Zhongshan North Second Road. In the case of early peaks without traffic police, there will be the situation of the intersection, but from yesterday At the point of view, the flow rate is reduced by two or three, which should be a part of the exemplary vehicle driver to change the time or line of travel.

  According to the new limit rules, the morning and evening peaks are within 2 hours of limit, and the foreign market, the private car cars outside the inner ring shall not enter the inner ring, and the foreign market, the foreign market, the private car, must not travel on the road. . For violation of the provisions, the police adopted the "electronic police" law enforcement, 200 yuan for 200 yuan according to law, and remember 3 points. No cycling is the first working day after the implementation of the "Shanghai Nonim Motor Safety Management Regulations". Regulations stipulate that when driving and riding electric bicycles; when driving non-motor vehicles, they do not implement a mobile phone to answer a call, browse electronic devices, etc. to prevent safe driving. In the morning, the reporter saw in Quyang Road, Zhongshan North 2nd, the safety helmet wearing rate of non-motor vehicle drivers reached at least 80%.

  Due to the early peak travel and the time of school, the reporter saw that some primary and secondary school students sitting in the back seat of electric bicycles also wear a helmet.

It can be seen that most of the public has developed a good habit of driving non-motor vehicles wearing helmets.

In addition, the early peak hours did not see the phenomenon of catching mobile phones while riding a non-motor vehicle. Since May 1, in order to implement the relevant provisions of the Regulations, the city traffic police department has strengthened the on-site law enforcement and publicity and education work on the road. Strictly investigate the "reverse driving" " Driveway ", etc., etc. Self-respecting law method for law. From the perspective of on-site traffic management, there is a significant increase in non-motor vehicle wearing helmets in the city, and the phenomenon of non-motor vehicles has declined, and the public has highly proposed the driving behavior from the perspective of ensuring safety. Requires support and understanding. (Editor: Yan Yuan, Han Qing).

The National People’s Congress Standing Committee Moveholders held the second phase of the 2021 local legislation training course

The National People’s Congress Standing Committee Moveholders held the second phase of the 2021 local legislation training course

The National People’s Congress Standing Committee, the second phase of the 2021 local legislation training class released time: 2021-12-0716: 05 Tuesday Source: Rule of Law Daily – Rule of Law Network Rule of Law Daily News Reporter Zhu Ning Ning National People’s Congress Standing Committee legal work committee 2021 The second place of the year is open in Beijing today. Shen Chun Yao, director of the National People’s Congress Standing Committee, deputy director, Xu’an Board, Wu Zeng attended the opening ceremony.

Strengthening local legislation is an important measure to implement the spirit of the central government and the spirit of the CPC’s Work Conference and the National People’s Congress of the National People’s Congress, the National People’s Congress Standing Committee’s important task. This is the first time the National People’s Congress Standing Committee, the National Local Legislation Training Course, in addition to the main venue in Beijing, in addition to the main venue in Beijing. 5 days for the training class, from Heilongjiang, Hebei, Shanxi, Anhui, Hubei, Hunan, Guangdong, Guangxi, Sichuan, Guizhou, Yunnan, Qinghai, 171 states, Tianjin, Chongqing two municipalities The Legislative staff and part of the National Standing Committee and 17 grassroots legislative contact points, the Standing Committee, the Standing Committee, the Standing Committee, the Standing Committee, the regular training class is attached to the local legislation training course. Shen Chun Yao pointed out in the opening office. At present, the whole country is in-depth study of the party’s 19th China Plenary Session, and we must profoundly understand the significance of the party’s 100-year struggle and historical experience, and understand the party’s 100-year struggle. The initial mission, the socialism of Chinese characteristics enters the historical achievement and historical change in the new era, the history of the party’s hundred years of struggle, with the historical requirements for the future, vigorously promote the spirit of the great website, closely combined with the work, in the new era new journey The new achievements of legislators are made. To be awarded, acting as a mission, adhere to the people’s center, develop the whole process people democracy, strengthen and improve local legislation, and actively respond to the legislative practice to actively respond to and solve the hotspot between society concerned, maintain social fairness and justice, and enhance the people’s happiness , Feel, safe, better meet the people’s good life. According to reports, combined with in-depth study and implementation of the Party’s 19th National and 19th Er, Sanzhong, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth Plenary Session, in-depth study and implement the spirit of the rule of law of Xi Jinping, and study in-depth study and implement the spirit of the CPC Work Conference. Training class is carefully arranged in 9 lessons. Contents involve in-depth learning leadership leadership and experience in the leadership of national systems and legal systems, and study in depth to practice the rule of law of the rule of law, the authority, procedures and work of local legislation, legislative technical standards, civil class In implementing, administrative punishment legal system, constitutional supervision and filing review work. In addition, local legislation work experience and experience and experience in the construction of local legislative work experience and grassroots legislation points. Editor in charge: Zhang Meixin.

Shandong Dongying: Garbage classification is a new fashion of rural civilization

Shandong Dongying: Garbage classification is a new fashion of rural civilization

  Plexible garbage classification theme wall painted, put neat four-color trash can, clear and detailed garbage sorting knowledge … Along 005 county roads to Dongcun, Dongying, Dongying, Shandong Province, early winter village In the sun shine, it is very bright and quiet, and the big red propaganda slogan "to" do a good job in garbage classification, create a civilized new style "is introduced into the eye. "Since our village is created as the garbage classification demonstration point in the town, the garbage classification has become the popular topics of the villagers.

"Bay Yangcun New Times Civilization Practice Station Administrator Yang Caiyun wiped the garbage classification field in the cultural courtyard smiled," When the demonstration site just created, everyone just held a curious attitude. But I saw a four-color trash bucket that explained clearly propaganda columns and clean and tidy. Now, everyone sees the garbage of the hand, is willing to analyze and analyze the classification.

"Bay Yangcun colorful garbage classification wall painting, putting guidelines, propaganda slogans, recycling process, etc., let villagers understand garbage sorting in subtleness." Although I have also known that garbage classification, I don’t know specific, It is usually equipped with the garbage of the house and pour it directly into a trash. "The villagers Yang Qiang strongly put the classified garbage, came to the demonstration point." Now, harmful garbage, can recover garbage, etc. Develop good habits.

"It is understood that there is a demonstration point of garbage sort of bay, Yangcun, Niu Zhuang Town has been built, and the other 9 is under construction." Do a good job in the comprehensive rectification of rural environment, garbage classification is a key one.

"Su Shao Jie, the head of Niu Zhuang Town Sanitation Office, said. In order to effectively promote garbage sorting, let this work becomes an effective starting of rural gardens, road traffic and other environment, Niu Zhuang Town actively explores the garbage classification operation mode, forming a household classification, Village collection, corporate clearing recycling, the operating model of the town-level department supervision. Establish a long-term management mechanism for the establishment of a garbage classification resource-based work, to establish a garbage classification leading group, differentiated responsibility area, clear classification requirements in the demonstration village, clear classification requirements, implement package street, package Household management, incorporating garbage sorting into the village regulations, helping villagers develop good garbage classification habits.

"We divide the processing method of garbage classification into ‘two steps’ mode, the first step is to initiate the initial processing, and the villagers will buddica, and store the garbage bucket in front of each household.

The second step is that the cleaningist regularly hosted the unified points and subdivided into the garbage classification point.

This will solve the problem of inconvenient people to demonstrate to demonstrate. "Since the promotion of garbage sorting, Niu Zhuang Town has actively built demonstration sites such as Dong Pang Community, Bay Yangcun, and Hejia Village.

At the same time, give full play to the platform role of 36 new era civilization practices in the town domain, mobilize the volunteer organization to carry out the special activities such as garbage classification, cloud classroom, knowledge contest, create a strong atmosphere, so that the garbage classification is more deep into the hearts.

  "Now, when everyone comes to the cultural court to dance square dance, the garbage classification knowledge on the promotional column has become a habit. Everyone will join together, the topic has also increased this garbage is categorized, harmful garbage includes something The garbage classification has become a new fashion in our village! "Looking at the clean and tidy garbage classification demonstration point, Yang Qingyun is full of satisfied smiles. (Dongying District Government Affairs).

Seven Jilihai wetland birds have increased to 258 kinds

Seven Jilihai wetland birds have increased to 258 kinds

  In the early winter season, there was a beautiful beauty in the seven-day wetland.

At the time, the key period of the migratory bird migration, as an important station on the Southowat Road of Migratory Birds, Qilihai will usher in more than 400,000 migratory birds.

In order to build an eco-harmonious migration environment, Ninghe District measures the talents from the strategic and planning level, and a group of true tricks that escort the migratory birds exchanged a group of migratory birds became a seven migratory wetland. In the early morning, the team members of the Qilihai Wetland Nature Reserve Tour Management Detach have begun to work in the core area of ??the wetland. In the next month, there will be more than 200 million migratory birds here.

With the increase in the number of migratory birds in the Qilihai wetlands, the team members encrypt the patrol frequency. The patrol also uses the network video surveillance system 24-hour monitoring of the core area migratory inhabits, reducing the disturbance of birds, while using drone on wetland stereoscopic monitoring protection.

  In order to ensure that the migratory birds perched in the wetland are not hurt, the relevant departments of the Ninghe District Forestry Bureau and the villages and towns surrounded by the villages and towns surrounded by the Wetland of Qilihai. Wang Zhonghua, secretary of the party committee and director of the Ninghe District Market Supervision Bureau: "We sign the bird protection agreement with the market entities, supervise 28 commodity trading markets and 2903 catering service units and 145 pharmaceutical stores, strictly investigate and punish , Selling birds, making timely acceptance, disposal in time.

"The birds currently monitored in Qilihai wetlands have increased to 258 species. After 4 years of research, the seven-Jihai has become a model of the national wetland protection, which is the most complete and most quantity of bird nature protection in the waterfowl of the city. District and biodiversity demonstration bases have disappeared for more than ten years of Dan Si, and the Chinese climb and other birds returned. There are about 5,000 oriental white stones that have been migrated this spring. The number exceeds half the world’s total .

(Yue Shan).

The construction of China and old railways has been a breakthrough progress in super 100-meter four-line railway special bridge successful

The construction of China and old railways has been a breakthrough progress in super 100-meter four-line railway special bridge successful

On September 15, with the China Railway Fourth Bureau of China (National) Old (Pos) Kun (Ming) Wan () Railway Yuxi to the grinding section of the Nanxi River four-line bridge continuous beams to complete the contract concrete Pouring, successfully realizing the success of the bridge, "holding hands", became another 100mi special high bridge that realized the Singapore Bridge after the first Delunge River Trussing of the World Railway. Unblock laid a solid foundation.

Nanxi River Fourth Rail Bridge is a key control engineering, full length and hole arranged in the middle and old railway jade wear. For the form of double column 2 slopings, the main bridge adopts the form of a rigid structure, the maximum span is 128m. The old and old railways cross the most complex region of China, here, the mountains and rivers are interlaced, the cliff, and the maneuvens are fully developed, Yuxi is more than 500 kilometers, and the foreign Laos section is more than 400 kilometers. Bridge Tunneling 87% The railway is not in the hole, that is, in the air. Hua Sheng, Minister of Engineering, Department of Engineering, China Railway Fourth Bureau, said: "Nanxi Henan Bridge is a four-wire bridge, the construction is very difficult, and the two-column hollow thin wall of the construction involved, the two column jigue pier, large The span continuous rigidity is all the ‘block of road tiger’ that is successfully promoted. In order to ensure the smooth progress of the project, the project launched a number of special labor competition activities such as "Danjan 90 Days", which fully guarantees the transportation of logistics, and transfer the main force to the construction line, in safety quality management, key process construction, process monitoring, etc. In terms of strengthening on-site internal control management, help the construction site for the construction site, from the pile foundation, high pier, large-span continuously bousing, solve the problem of the top push, Zhang pull press, etc., etc., successfully completed The right, the left, the secondary cross-crossing, the continuous Liang Quanqiao joint dragon, created the conditions for the implementation of the Ferry beam node.

According to the China Railway Kunming Bureau Group, the Mojiang Section of the Duanjiang section of the Duanjiang section of the deputy commander, Wang Qingsheng, introduced that Nanxi River four-line special bridge He Long, the middle and old railway jade grinding section has accumulated%, the bridge completed%, each The construction project is fully promoted.

After the "One Belt" initiative, the old and old railway is proposed. The first one is mainly investing in China, using China Technical standards, using China Equipment and directly Unicom in China, the line is more than 1,000 yuan.

After the completion of the car, it is expected to achieve the evening from China Kunming to Laos. It is expected to open the car in 2021. People’s Daily reporter Shi family photography report.

Russian InterContinental Missile Analysis: Strong Power, Baxin

Russian InterContinental Missile Analysis: Strong Power, Baxin

A source of the Russian Defense Industry revealed that advanced "Salmat" Jingji Intercontinental Ballistic missile plans for the first time this fall.

According to Tassho, the news said that as part of the multi-flight research and development test, "Salmat" first launch may be carried out this fall, the second launch will be carried out at the end of 2021. The Salmat missile has the first time of the Salmat missile. At the end of 2009, the Sashun of the Russian Strategic Rocket soldiers will announce that Russia will develop new heavy-duty liquid intercontinental missiles to replace will be retired. Replace R-36M2 "Satan". After this, the Markayev National Missile Center began the advance research of new missiles and successfully won project bidding. In 2014, the Russian Defense announced that the new ballistic missile is expected to be deployed around 2020, and formally disclose its code to RS-28. This also announced that the development of Salmat has entered the depth experimental phase. In the Russian "Army" Forum held in 2019, the Russian military disclosed some of the performance characteristics of this new Intercontinental missile, including its payload close to 10 tons, 18,000 kilometers of range, and the bouquet fuel reached by 178 tons. High-altitude orbital changes to deal with increasingly advanced missile defense systems.

With its strong power, Salmat will get more changes in changes.

The RS-28 ballistic missile adopts a liquid rocket engine, and therefore has the advantage of a ratio, and its unit weight propellant produces greater. This makes Salmat to have directly attacked the ability of the United States, which also made it a title of "American Nightmare".

According to the news disclosed by the Markiev National Missile Center, the "Salmat" missile can carry 10 weight or 15 medium-sized nuclear warheads, and the range is more than 10,000 kilometers. At the same time, on the target of different distances, Salmat will be equipped with different grades of charge warheads. On this basis, there is also an adequate bait device on this basis to improve its battlefield survival.

As a Russian army in recent years, the high supersonic weapon has entered the incorporation of Salmat has a more sharp "arrow". According to the 2019 Russian "Army" Forum, Salmat can carry a series of re-enter the aircraft, including "pioneer" high ultrasound gliding carrier. With the use of high ultrasound speed weapons, the NATO’s ballistic missile defense system has experienced a severe test, which not only faces a shortened warning time, but also a problem that the warhead trajectory is more difficult to capture, but also makes NATO to consider upgrading its system. Standard "series of air defense missiles.

USU’s ballistic missile defense issues or will appear new cracks as a national security defense, the ballistic missile defense has always been the focus of the national defense expenses such as US Europe, and is one of the important projects of NATO security cooperation.

However, after the previous president Trump took office, the US priority strategy of sought after makes NATO defense cooperation, and the ballistic missile defense project is also one of them. Due to the complexity and high technical barriers of the ballistic missile defense system, most European countries can only rely on NATO defense power systems, incorporating into the US ballistic missile defense circle.

In the Trump period, on the one hand, the US government requested NATO’s Member States to increase national defense budget expenditures, and the other aspect required countries to share the military expenses in European military fees and the defense projects in Europe in Europe, including ballistic missile defense projects.

This makes the NATO, especially those countries in Europe, have expressed dissatisfaction, and in the Middle Eastern European countries that have a high-income, NATO countries encountered more resistance.

In addition to the differences in funding expenditure, the United States dominated NATO Eastward plans to deploy road errozon systems in some countries in Eastern Europe, as well as standard series of air defense missiles, as early ballistic missile warning platforms. And this also increasing the dissatisfaction of the local people, and these military facilities will increase the tensions in the region, and will become the first batch of cracked targets in the possible nuclear war.

As a new generation of Intercontinental ballistic missiles in Russia, it will inevitably lead to strong reactions in the United States. (Editor: Chen Yu, Huang Zijuan) Sharing let more people see.