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Structure is quietly changed, Shandong invests in "carriage" power stronger

Structure is quietly changed, Shandong invests in "carriage" power stronger

Original title: Hai Wei’s impact, the structure quietly changed, Shandong investment "carriage" power is stronger in the first half of this year, Shandong GDP increased year-on-year, two years an average growth%, and the growth rate is super national average. As one of the "three driving carriages" of the economy, investment plays an important role. At present, Shandong fixed asset investment continues to recover, the structure is continuously optimized, the direction is increasing, and high quality investment is an important force to promote the high quality development of our province. Why do you want to focus on investment this carriage? In short, Shandong is in the macro situation complex and multi-change, and the expansion of consumption and exports under the dual pressures of the new and old kinetic energy conversion time, investment is more prominent to continue to drive the economy.

In the first half of the year, Shandong fixed asset investment increased year-on-year, two years average growth%, higher than the national percentage point, higher than the average percentage point in the previous four years, and the continued recovery of investment scale undoubtedly released positive signals. But more worthy of interest is that the construction of fixed assets investment in Shandong changes, quality is optimized. In the first half of the year, Shandong manufacturing investment growth%, industrial technological reform investment growth%, high-tech industrial investment year-on-year growth, social field investment stable growth, health, public facilities management, ecological protection and environmental governance investment increased in year-on-year,%,% and%. From the dimensions such as flow, distribution, and structures, Shandong’s investment flows to advanced manufacturing, digital economy, rural revitalization, ecological environmental protection, and people’s livelihood guarantees and other fields, and the high-quality color is increasing.

This not only reflects the changes in the current industrial structure of Shandong, but also to a large extent to ease the side effects of "investment excess" in the future.

In the long run, investment has a periodic feature, only to give full play to the decisive role in the resource allocation, let the project, the market explore the investment direction with its own keen sense of smell, in order to overcome the "short-term powerful and long-term fatigue". Shandong adheres to the promotion of effective investment and high quality promotion projects with quality projects. In the first half of the 1600 provincial key projects, the 1461 implementation items started during the year have started 1316, and the investment of 380.7 billion yuan in the year, accounting for the annual investment plan, which has greatly excessively realized "time over half, task over half". Under the strong driving of these key projects, the province’s investment continued the rebound momentum since the second half of last year, showing a recovery growth situation.

At present, Shandong’s consumer market continues to be good, fixed asset investment continues to recover, the import and export of goods is rapidly increased, "three driving carriages" is strong, and the economic and social development is stable and highly improved. Investment As a key variable on both ends of the connection supply and the demand, an important support for the net increased the net economy.

With the new old kinetic energy conversion of Shandong, it has entered a continuous recovery period.

In the future, the growth path of investment should not be a simple amount of addition, allowing the effective market to continue the depth of the government, in order to provide strong support for the continued steadyness of the economy.

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Sand Power Supply: "Three Maguo" service The last hundred meters of electricity electricity

Sand Power Supply: "Three Maguo" service The last hundred meters of electricity electricity

On May 12 this year, a hand-embroidered embroidery of "the people’s electricity industry as the people" was given to the sand power supply. Blue bottom cloth, uniform line, golden striped … Not only highlights Li Li’s thanks to the sand power and electricity, but also expressing affirmation of high-quality power supply services to ensure the production of electricity.

"During the New Year last year, Li Liyou called me, saying that the inner line in the factory is broken, there is a pen order, let go to help me.

"Wu Ronghua recalls. After receiving the phone first, Wu Ronghua immediately contact the duty personnel of the office, rushed to Li Li, the Guizhou Buli Trading Co., Ltd. plant factory area, from 7:00 to 24, and finally guaranteed orders. Normal delivery. At that time, Li Li was still very sorry, because there were too many orders, it took all the machines to cause the line to damage, and forgetting the things you propagated, I will pay attention to it.

The "propaganda" mentioned here refers to the company’s visit to a company for a month.

Through the "home" of the jurisdiction, it is understood that its production scale, production electricity demand, thus tailoring the electricity program.

At the same time, it will also "physical examination" and lines will be conducted; on-site explanation of safety electricity, save electricity, and ensure that enterprises use safe electricity, safe electricity. Today, as the country further deepens the market-based reform of coal-fired power generation, the industrial and commercial users who have not yet entered the market have entered the electricity market, and they cannot participate directly in the market, and they will purchase electricity by grid enterprises.

The on-site service of the sand power and electricity has also increased new content.

"For this work, we specialize in making a brochure for distribution, explain.

Wu Ronghua said.

By carrying out the "one-to-one" home promotion of background, advantages, process, etc., guide enterprise users to participate in electricity market-oriented transactions or choose to purchase electricity by grid enterprises, and put policies to practice.

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Shenzhen release typhoon white warning has a heavy rain

Shenzhen release typhoon white warning has a heavy rain

Original title: The city released typhoon white warning report learned from the Shenzhen Meteorological Observatory on June 11 that the disturbance cloud group in the central sea in the South China Sea is developed into tropical low pressure (6th, 13 meters / sec), center distance from Shenzhen The southwest direction is about 556 kilometers. It is expected that the tropical low pressure will move in the west northern direction to tend to sea in the southeastern part of Hainan Island, and the strength is slightly strengthened. The Shenzhen Meteorological Observatory has issued a typhoon white warning in the city (including deep-hosted) on the 11th.

  It is expected that the ride low-voltage peripheral circulation is affected. From the morning of the 12th, the rainfall tends to frequently, and there is a medium to heavy rain in 12-13, local rainstorm. On the 11th night to the 12th coast, the largest gust of the highland and the sea is 7-8, and the daytime wind gradually weakened on the 13th. Looking forward to the impact of the monsoon 14-16, there is still a significant rainfall.

  The Municipal Meteorological Observatory reminds the general public: Typhoon white warning signal has taken into force, enter the typhoon pay attention, please pay attention to typhoon latest news and defense notice in time. The largest gust is 7-8 on the 12-13 day, and the public will avoid sea activities, properly placing the balcony or the edge of the windowsill. Dragon Boat Festival holiday is frequent, there is a certain impact on traffic travel, please do planning. (Reporter Fang Sheng correspondent Hu Wei) (Editor: Chen Yizhu, Li Ying).

The Great Victory of the Central Red Army "Taili" Battle

The Great Victory of the Central Red Army "Taili" Battle

After arriving in Wu Qi Town, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China immediately deployed the Kuomintang Cavalry Force of the Central Red Army.

On October 20th, Mao Zedong, Zhou Enlai and Peng Dehuai did serious research on the enemy, Mao Zedong demanded: retreating forces, do not bring enemies into the base.

After the meeting, Peng Dehuai was carefully deployed and personally directed this battle.

On the 20th, on the evening of October 19, the Red Army mainly entered the position of the position. A vertical team ambushed on the head of the headway, the two-way Chuan, Sanxuanchuan, on the left side of the enemy, the second column ambushed in the head of the headway, the mountain beam of the stone, in the opposite side of the enemy, the three column ambushed The bird’s nest beam on the east bank of the Luo River is in the front of the enemy.

The Red Army’s lower pocket tactics prepare the enemy of the whole. At 4 am on the 21st, the President mounted under this Du pear tree on the platform of the platform, holding a war mobilization meeting, repeated emphasizing the importance of making this kind of impression.

After the meeting, the Chair said to the security guard: When the gunshots are fierce, don’t wake me up, wake me again when you call the cold gun.

Explain that the Chairman is a victory. At 7 am on the 21st, the battle started. After more than two hours of fierce fight, the great victory of the "Taili" battle was finally obtained.

The battle was injured, and more than 2050 people were captured by the Kuomintang military cavalry. Among them, more than 1,000 people were injured, more than 1,000 people were captured, and the mashman, mortar gun, and the light machine gun dozens (very); seized more than 1720.

At this point, the Central Red Army cut off the "tail" that has been caught in the Long March, which announced that the conspiracy of Chiang Kai-shek chasing the Central Red Army was completely bankrupt, and also announced: the world-famous 25,000 miles long strife ended! (Editor: Peng Yuyi, Zhao Gang) Sharing let more people see.

Ruili doet af en toe aan huisvesting voor mensen onder quarantaine

Ruili doet af en toe aan huisvesting voor mensen onder quarantaine

WorkersreceivefoodpreparedforpeopleunderquarantineformedicalobservationattheentranceofacentralizedisolationsiteinWandingtownofRuilicity, Yunnanprovince, onNov13,2021. [PhotobyWuXiaohui /] Ruili, asmallcityinYunnanprovinceexperiencingsporadicCOVID-19infections, ($ 328,500) forpeoplewhoarebeingquarantinedindesignatedareasbeforeleavingthecity ,, whichbordersMyanmaronthreesides ,, residentsmustueaving, includingreducingapplicants, thecityreported39locallytransmittedcasesand30importedcases, accordingtolocalauthorities. "Asofnow, nolocalcaseshavespreadfromRuilitootherareas," hoodsareaffectedbyviruscontrolregulations, themayorsaidthecityhasalsoissuedavarietyofsubsidiestotaling68millionyuan. "Wearealsoprocessingfundsallocatedtohelp58,300poorhouseholds , "Ervaccinesforchildrened3to11yearsoldinanefforttoestablisherDimmunity ..

The State Intellectual Property Office is fixedly poverty alleviation area to all achieve a poverteil cap

The State Intellectual Property Office is fixedly poverty alleviation area to all achieve a poverteil cap

Recently, the Hunan Provincial People’s Government issued a notice that the State Intellectual Property Office of the State Intellectual Property Office was in accordance with Sangzhi County in accordance with Poverty Poverty County, and agreed that Sangzhi County was poverted as scheduled at the end of 2019.

Previously, the Central Setup Poverty Alleviation District of the State Intellectual Property Office, Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province, Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province, was detached at the end of 2018.

At this point, the National Intellectual Property Office undertaken all the central fixed-point poverty alleviation areas to achieve a poverty poverty. It is reported that the State Intellectual Property Office has undertakes the designated poverty alleviation tasks in Sangzhi County since 1994. As of the end of 2019, the 24th batch of poverty alleviation teams were selected, and 49 poverty alleviation cadres went to Sangzhi County to carry out poverty alleviation work, including the Village One secret note. In the past 25 years, the State Intellectual Property Office has carried out scientific and technical training in Sangzhi County, developing agricultural industries, to promote brand building, builds people’s livelihood projects, supports education, and fights against party construction, and has implemented 362 poverty alleviation development projects. And introduced social funds nearly 60 million yuan, strongly boosted the poverty reduction and economic development of Sangzhi County. The relevant person in charge of the poverty alleviation work of the National Intellectual Property Office said that in 2020, it will continue to be unconfilled to implement the party’s central, the State Council decision-making deployment, and strive to overcome the influence of new coronag pneumonia, play the advantages of intellectual property rights, continue to increase the strength, consolidate Expanding the poverty reduction, with greater strength, stronger measures to help the central fixed-point poverty alleviation area to take off the poverty struggle.

(Li Wei Feng Wei).

Sichuan Education Poverty Alleviation Exercise and Developing "Fair and Quality Education"

Sichuan Education Poverty Alleviation Exercise and Developing "Fair and Quality Education"

  Representative of the National People’s Congress, the director of the Sichuan Provincial Department of Education, Zhu Shihong, received an interview with Xinhuanet. Xinhuanet Cao Peng photo "Sichuan will insist on wealth, people, Tilting to the poor, focusing on the inclinement of deep poor counties, guaranteeing the basic needs of education development in poor areas." The National People’s Congress, the Sichuan Provincial Department of Education, Zhu Shihong said, listen The government’s work report, his most concerned content is "developing fair and quality education." Sichuan’s efforts in the balanced development of compulsory education have long been there. According to reports, in the past 5 years, Sichuan "comprehensive change" (ie "comprehensive improvement in the poor area of ??the Poor Areas") Cumulative investment of 23.7 billion yuan, 126 counties (cities, districts) basic balanced through county compulsory education Development of national assessment; through the implementation of 15 years of free education, "one village one young" and other major reform projects, the Tibetan District 2012 is increased by 43% in the first three years in the first three years, and the high-middle stage is increased. 26 %. In the view of Zhu Shihong, education poverty alleviation is the policy of blocking the rules of intergenerational poverty. "This year, Sichuan Education Poverty Alleviation Plan will be arranged for 100 million yuan, which will help the province’s 161 poverty alleviation mission in the province, the poverty students can solve difficulties in studying difficulties, not due to poor," said Sichuan will increase education in poor areas. Investment efforts to ensure the basic needs of education development in poverty-stricken areas; promote the implementation of "comprehensive remelling" project, "National Areas Ten Years Action Plan", the size of Liangshan Education Poverty Alleviation Project, further improve the conditions of running schools; strengthen teachers training, improve education quality Implement a talent program, which has cultivated a batch of local talents who stayed in deep poor counties. The issue of "difficult to go to school" has a policy, and the issue of "learning is difficult" has become a focus. Many local primary and secondary schools in the afternoon wait for about three or more. At this point, most parents are still working, and they have no time to go home, "three or more difficulties" became a pain point that plagued some families.

  In response to this problem, Zhu Shihong said that in 2018, Sichuan will promote the pilot of "post-class hosting" in primary and secondary schools. Under the principle of parents, encourage the majority of primary and secondary schools to combine actual actual actual actual and reasonable determination of post-class service content, Take the initiative to take responsibility for post-class service.

  "Launched the secondary school student after-school service is an important measure to promote the healthy growth of students, helping parents to resolve students’ difficult problems." Zhu Shihong believes that "post-class hosting" is to further enhance education service capabilities, so that the people have more feelings and Happy people’s livelihood project.


The 14th China (Changchun) Folk Art Fair opened!

The 14th China (Changchun) Folk Art Fair opened!

  On July 29th, the opening ceremony of the 14th China (Changchun) Folk Art Expo was held in Changjiang Road, Changchun Road, Changchun City. The Folk Art Fair is exhibited from July 29 to August 10 for 13 days. At the scene, it attracts exhibitors such as jewelry, jade, literary, and famous specialty products, each booth is unique. It is understood that this Folk Art Expo is supported by the Changchun Municipal People’s Government, Jilin Provincial Literature Arts Association, hosted by the Jilin Provincial Folk Arts and Arts Association, Jilin Province Arts and Crafts Association, Beijing Huaxia People Expo Exhibition Co., Ltd., from Changchun Humanities College, The Jilin Provincial Non-Material Cultural Heritage Association shall be implemented by Jilin Zhenbo Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.

Based on "Building private artistic achievements, the overall idea, the overall" craftsman spirit ", cultivating and promoting the essence of excellence, cultivating and promoting the spirit of the country Level, international, and distinctive folk art fairs. At the opening ceremony, there is a wonderful orchestra performance, and "fishing boat singing" guzheng play, every song is full of ancient wind, there is also a booming team, twisted passion and vitality, with a song The moving song and dance performance reflects the opening ceremony. Go to the booth, all kinds of private artwork live display sales, paper cut, word painting, root carving, wave wood, calligraphy work, Hanfu, anime … one of the folk craftsman uses metal "painting", make various metal production A different animal shape, then brush the paint of different colors, look realistic and interesting, attracting the public to stop watching.

There is also a beaded on site, look at the small beads of the eye, just a combination of a series of beautiful bracelets, folk artists, all kinds of wire ropes and beads, the blink of an eye is in their hands. A beautiful crafts.

  This exposition continues to stage, multi-angle, multi-element integration, period, and Changchun Humanities College as the province of China (Changchun) Folk Art Expo, the teachers and students from the school will be fully in the exhibition area Exhibition teaching results and college students ‘cultural and creative products, promote the development of school cultural brands and the development of university cultural industries, showing college students’ entrepreneurial innovation work to the market, enhance the transformation of practical teaching results to drive application talents. All along, the People’s Expo is attaches great importance to Huimin activities. Each exhibition will launch a series of Huimin activities. This session is no exception.

In addition to all types of exhibitions, the public can also participate in the rich lottery activities.

During the exhibition, the organizing committee has added "Toyomo Bozhong Grand Prize" event, and participants will have the opportunity to win the grand prize, beautiful gifts, etc., invite the general public to participate, enjoy the cultural art feast.

Editor in charge: Huang Wei.

Tibet Renb County Education Bureau Innovation Implementing "Party History Leading and Confucius" Project

Tibet Renb County Education Bureau Innovation Implementing "Party History Leading and Confucius" Project

This newspaper Shigati (Reporter Wang Chun) Since this year, Renbu County Education Bureau has conscientiously implements the party’s educational policy, fully implement the fundamental task of Lidshu people, and earnestly understand the party history education as the current first political task, explore the implementation of the party history Leading the Thinking of the Shengsheng "project, actively build" 1143 "thinking education system, that is, build a set of thinking and political curriculum system, build a part-time part-time teacher team, rich case, scene, practice, experiment four teaching The way, the three demonstration roles of party organizations, school team members, and party members, and promote the depth integration of school parties and education education and thinking education.

The Renb County Education Bureau always puts the party’s leaders as the fundamental guarantee of the intensive education of primary and secondary schools, and comprehensively strengthen the school’s history education and integrates the whole process of integrating it into the intensive education.

Improve the duties of the Education Work Committee, and will manage the party organizations in all kinds of schools in the county. According to the size of the school, the number of party members will reasonably set the party organization work organization, improve the rules of procedure of the school’s party organizations and decision-making procedures, and clarify the leadership responsibilities of the school party organization in the work of thinking education.

At present, the county education system has established one party committee, one party support, 14 party branches. In order to build a full-time, specialized combination, sufficient, high quality, high quality, political and hard-working, the county has strengthened the teaching management of the teaching of the Thinking of the primary and secondary schools. Through strict use, cultivate incentives, training evaluations, etc., the enthusiasm, initiative, and creative creativity of thinking and political classes. The county’s school actively established the leading cadres’ leading lecture system, and the school party organization secretary is at least a situation of a situation policy lesson. The party organization team members will talk about students at least a study period.

Around the classroom teaching, actively create a group of thoughts and political qualifications such as "the first lesson of school", thinking, and minimally class, organize the county’s intensive training, build the "Moral Education Characteristic Class", and guide teachers and students to carry out classroom discussions. Group debates ensure effective effectiveness of thinking education. Use a good case teaching mode, explore and promote the exemplary characters and advanced typical deeds of the national merits, and touch students’ thoughts through fresh cases.

Carry out on-site teaching, use the activities of living education base, "Primary and Secondary School Moral Education Hall", online teaching, "learning strong country" and other advantages. Carry out practical teaching mode, through the integration of integration education into the "first lesson", the theme class, the team, the national flag under the speech, theme speech, volunteer service, etc., constantly enhance the attractiveness and appealing . Explore experimental teaching models, encourage school teachers to use new technologies, new means, and innovate thinking and political classes.

Respect, see you here: 176 villages in Yancheng Tinghu District completed military honor room

Respect, see you here: 176 villages in Yancheng Tinghu District completed military honor room

All 176 villages in Yancheng District, Jiangsu Province, all built military honors (wall) respected, visible here ■ Si Ming Chinese National Defense News Special Journalist Shen is the honor of Xinglong Village, Nanyang Town, Minami City, Minham. Xu Wei took November 27th, Jiangsu Yancheng Industrial Vocational and Technical College, Jiangsu Yancheng Industrial Vocational and Technical College, Wu Yankun, returning to the hometown of Nanyang Town, Nanyang Town, Tinghu District, Yancheng City.

What made him like, in the village military honor room, he saw the "wearing military uniform", proud to overflow full of heart.

"When the soldiers were glorious, retired glory.

Xia Xijun, secretary of the Tinghu District Party Committee, and the first secretary of the Party Committee of the People, told reporters that villages (residential) generally establish military honors (walls), which is an important measure to create respect for military and advocating heroic atmosphere.

Although the honor room is not large, it has collected the military memory of the soldiers, and witnessed the glory of the soldiers who sacrificed the country.

At present, all 176 villages (residential) in the whole region built military honors (walls), nearly 30,000 booths, active officers and soldiers and retired soldiers have their own "honorary list".

At the beginning of this year, in order to showcase the fan of the active and soldiers and the retired soldiers, it is determined that the Tinghu District Committee of the Standing Committee of the Tinghu District Committee is determined that in all villages (residential) construction military honors (wall), promoting national defense Education has effectively implemented in the grassroots level. The area is included in the project into the "one hand project", clarifying the districts and retired military affairs bureaus leading, and the secretary of the party committees of the towns (streets), the grassroots armed forces and the retired military service station concretely grasped. Districts and people also put the military honor (wall) construction standards, requirements, completed time limit, and write into the "Standardization Construction Guidance Manual of the Grassroots Armed Forces", combined with the construction of the village (resident) militia (even) department.

"The office space is awarded the exhibition with a wall show. In short, we must build the military honor (wall) into a glorious position of the military, from the military national publicity position.

"The Minister of the People’s Armed Forces often introduced that after nearly a year of pilot and an orderly promotion, 176 villages (residential) military honors (walls) were all completed in August this year." Just contributing to national defense construction Whether it is a soldier, a soldier, a can’t settle ‘settled’ our honor room. "In the guidance of the retired soldiers, the secretary of the party branch of Xinglong Village, the reporter went into the village military honor room." Let the soldiers become the respectful career of the whole society "The red slogan is conspicuous and eye-catching, the wall posted the village’s active officers and soldiers, retired soldiers Photo and personal profile, as well as the story of the military history, defense knowledge, graphic, the show, the horse, belt, military old photos, kettle, bag, backpack belt, the kettle, the show, the backpack, the troops, the award, the medal, the medal "These old objects are not only the precious memories of veterans, but also the vivid textbooks for national defense education. "Yuan Zhun told reporters that since the establishment of openings in August, many villages (residential) soldiers (walls) became net red card.

"Let the soldiers are truly glory, and the social trend that really forms the army to support the army is to let the soldiers’ honors’ visible ‘.

The Queen army of the Yancheng Division Political Commissal said that next, they will promote the practice of Tinghu District with the city. In the city, we will vigorously promote the construction of military honor system in the city, solve the "three-after" problem and retired soldiers of the active soldiers. " "Question," Let the military have become a profession to the whole society "truly to practice.