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Rural Terminal: Innovation Development Path Helps Rural Revitalization

Rural Terminal: Innovation Development Path Helps Rural Revitalization

  In order to protect the party history education, it is implemented in the practice, falling to the practice, Chengdu Modern Agricultural Financing Guarantee Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "Rural Tarporation") party committee put "I do practical things for the masses", as the important education of party history The specific embodiment of the content and learning education results will fully implement the "root benefit of people, support the ‘medium and small", service’ three farming ‘, create value ", and inject more financial in the field of revitalization. Live water, contribute more strength to the high quality development of Chengdu.

  The rural timing is held the theme activities of "School Party History and Conception". (Data) Wisdom Agricultural Body, Relying on Internet Exploring Agricultural Socket Pattern with the "Internet + Guarantee" model, the rural timetry is involved in the new business sector, and the extension business tentacles. Signing the Internet Guarantee Business Cooperation Agreement with Zhejiang NetShang Bank, relying on the advantage of the network business bank with the ability to handle high concurrency financial transactions, massive data and elastic expansion capabilities, for small and micro enterprises, mass consumers, rural operators and farmers, Small and medium-sized financial institutions provide loan guarantee services. Exploring the cooperation model of scientific and technological empowerment, the rural banks and the Sichuan Provincial Financing Big Data Services Platform Xingchuan Lancing Company to cooperate, to make a good social efficiency, gain a good social benefit as the core, give full play to the matching of financial elements, cutting-edge technology applications , High-quality enterprise services, etc., the advantages of empowering small and medium-sized micro enterprises. Petroology interaction, with the help of the Wisdom Text Travel, Rural Rural Areas, actively revitalize the country’s revitalization.

Through a new attempt to combine with the cultivation, explore a panel of rural collective economy, helping the rural resolution of the country. In October This year, the rural timing provides 2000,000 yuan of liquid loan guarantee to the Zhongke Farler, which is used to support its development of wisdomworks to promote agricultural projects. The rural strain company also issued a guarantee loan from 1.4 million yuan in September this year, supported the development of the collective economy in Pujiang County Baihe Daquang Rural Expo Tourism Development Co., Ltd. to help the development of local rural tourism. The subordinate production company innovates the "Xiling Hot Springs" products, exploring the housing resources along the Xiling Snow Mountain and Huaquan County Tourism Scenic Area along the Daxie County, visiting the investigation star hotel, farmhouse, etc. More than 30 households.

  Multi-dimensional strategy, deepening brand building promotes agricultural rural modern farmholding company with its key points, continuously promoting agricultural rural modernization, meeting the growing needs of the people. The farmer is helping Pujiang local core e-commerce enterprises to promote the development of specialty industries and brands.

Through the investigation of Pujiang local enterprises "to honesty agriculture", the rural timing company has successfully issued 2 million yuan "Rong Yi loan", supported the development of Pujiang fruit and e-commerce characteristics and brands.

  The agglomeration company is jointly multi – party force to solve the problem of agricultural rural development.

The "Zhengda Golden Pig Association" program with the three-way farmers will be put into 6 households, pig breeding enterprises, and a total of 65 million yuan of guaranteed loan funds and commit margin funds, and improving hundreds of millions of social funds into Chuan. Pig nuulture industry. At the same time, multi-part cooperation with governments, banks, financial institutions, actively integrates the Chengdu Pully financial service system, and pays the benefits of 42 "Rong Yi loan" customers to provide billion loan guarantee, effectively reduce the financing cost of small and medium-sized enterprises. [Editor: Jiang Yan].

The Chinese Embassy in the British Embassy commemorates the 110th anniversary of the Revolution of 1911

The Chinese Embassy in the British Embassy commemorates the 110th anniversary of the Revolution of 1911

People’s Network London October 7 (Wuyi Dan) On October 6th, the Chinese Embassy in the British Embassy held a commemoration of the 110th anniversary of the 1911 revolution.

The Chinese Ambassador to the British Ambassador to attend and publish a speech entitled "Uncourage the strength of the national revival", and overseas Chinese and study abroad participated in more than 110 people from all walks of life.

Zheng Zeguang said, 110 years ago, the Chinese revolutionary party represented by Mr. Sun Yat-sen, I was shocked by the 1911 Revolution.

Today, we commemorate this major historical incident, remembering the revolutionary pioneer and other revolutionary pioneers to revitalize China’s glorious performance, reviewing the Chinese people for the national independence, the country is rich, the people are happy, the motherland is unified and unified For the spirit of carry forward the revolutionary spirit of the Everbright 1911, the national unity of all ethnic groups will be promoted, and the China’s children’s unity is promoted. It is widely promoted to promote the great cause of the motherland, and realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. It is very important. Zheng Zeguang emphasizes that the majority of travel in English overseas Chinese and study abroad will continue to punch the hearts of Bisheng, play its own advantages and specialty, and brave in the national rejuvenation, pioneering, and show more. At the same time, playing the advantages of running things, while achieving self-value, while achieving their own undertakings, we will bridge the people’s friendly exchanges and mutually beneficial cooperation in the two countries, and add bricks, and promote the continuous improvement and development of Chinese and English relations.

The head of the British Overseas Chinese Association and the General Office of the All England, spoke in the symposium. They agreed that recalling the history of the Revolution of 1911 deeply feeling that patriotism is the powerful spiritual power of the Chinese children’s unity in China. Traveling overseas Chinese and study abroad should inherit the unyielding revolutionary spirit of Xin Hi Zhi, in order to promote the unity and realization of the national nation.

Deng Zhu Ting, chairman of the London Huayan Chamber of Commerce, said that overseas Chinese destiny is closely linked to the fate of the motherland, and the strong state has me, unity and I have, I have to revitalize China’s remarks, and contribute to the maximum strength of the individual. The reunification of the motherland and the new glory of the national revival. Wang Bi Sheng, the son of the original Kuomintang General Wang Bozhen, said that the unity of the two sides of the strait is an important part of the China National Rejuvenation. Overseas Taiwan should grasp the opportunity, promote cross-strait and unity. Chen Huanming, secretary general of the General School, and Oxford University, said that the majority of international students should unify the love of patriotism, strong country, and the trip to the country, and strive to achieve the glory and dream of "studying abroad, revitalize China". (Editor: Wang Yu, Chang Hong) Sharing let more people see.

Shijiazhuang will take a variety of ways to take advantage of the land.

Shijiazhuang will take a variety of ways to take advantage of the land.

Original title: Shijiazhuang will take a division to use good to remove the land and make up the facility blank nourish function Short board to make up the ecological weakness. Shijiazhuang will take a division. The land is taken. The land is recently, and the Shijiazhuang City has introduced "private charring construction, illegal construction Implementation of land use after demolition ", strengthen private routine, illegal construction, removal of land management, and promote the construction of livable environment, further optimize production, life, ecological layout.

The plan is clear, adhere to the principle of "scientific planning, due to local conditions, people’s livelihood, coordination layout, saving surplus land", combined with planning and land, through project construction, ecological greening, etc. Life, three spaces, speed up the facilities, replenish the functional short board, make up the ecological weakness, also space in the city, also green, in the people, and also publicly supported the society. In order to optimize the living space, supplemental facilities, the use of the land is implemented according to the plan, and the land is also built, it is suitable for green, and it is easy to remove, that is, clear, complete, ready to build, ie.

For non-operating land such as public service facilities, green space, road land use, in the private service, illegal construction is removed, and the land will be implemented in accordance with the plan; for the plan for commercial, living, etc. can be developed, according to "What to make for the replenishment of the urban function short board, supplement public service facilities according to the lack of public service facilities in the jurisdiction; Project, implanted new industries, new formats, build new economic growth points, properly resettle the masses, become new economic development engines, to help the provincial capital further innovate and develop, green development, high quality development. Implement the implementation of illegal construction in accordance with the principle of "things walking".

For non-operating land such as public service facilities, green space, road land use, from the corresponding competent department to organize the construction of the ground; for the planning of commercial, residential, etc., the land of the industry is organized by the governments Construction work. The private line is built, and there is no new illegal construction after illegal construction, and it is necessary to implement construction projects according to procedures.

All counties (cities, districts) in accordance with the administrative divisions, unified delegation of the first-class qualification design units to carry out private chaos, illegal buildings to demolish the block planning and design work, conduct high standard design, and after the approved, the government or corresponding authorities organized Implementation.

According to the relevant person in charge of the Natural Resources and Planning Bureau of Shijiazhuang City, it will increase the infrastructure and public service facilities, increase infrastructure and public service facilities, increase the infrastructure and public service facilities, increase the public space of urban square, green space, increase infrastructure and public service facilities. Beautify the environment, convenience Huimin, remarkably improve the urban style of transformation, and significantly improve the public service level of the residential area. (Reporter Ren Lishuang) (Editor: Fang Tong, Zhu Dragon Super) Sharing Let more people see the recommended reading.

September Nieuwe film, geschikt voor "Details"

September Nieuwe film, geschikt voor "Details"

Wacht even in de enquête.

Als er al lang geen reactie is, vernieuw deze pagina met de sleutelfilm van "Changjin Lake", "I en mijn vader", de markt zal de nationale dag, de markt binnenkomen of een golf van boxruimtes in te voeren Na de traag zomeruitrusting. In de stad van september hiervan, hoewel er een gebrek aan grootschalige invoer is, zijn er veel kleine en middelmatige binnenlandse films die verwachtingen waard zijn.

Vooral het Mid-Autumn Festival, worden vele soorten films vrijgegeven en het publiek kan een of twee kiezen wanneer uw vrijetijds is, ga naar de bioscoop "Details".

  [Key Aanbeveling] "Piekexplosie" Directors: LI JUN JUND SPEED: Zhu Yilong, Huang Zizhong, Chen-dynastie, Jiao Junyan Release: op 17 september staat een 10-jarige tunnel op het punt om te worden voltooid, be?nvloed door wereldwijde geologische veranderingen, Split, Aardbeving, een reeks geologische rampen zoals aardverschuivingen, modderslides, enz. De film wordt door Zhu Yilong gespeeld en is een grote productie vóór de nationale dag. [Love] "Ik ben met je geweest voor een lange tijd" Director: Lai Mengjie Starring: Li Wei, Shao Yusi, Cai Ruixue vrijgegeven: 9 september (Mainland China) Dit is een jeugdliefde komedie uit Taiwan, China.

De hele jeugd van "negen cakes" Zhao Lizhang wordt doorgebracht met de balkmunt. Twee groene mesia bamboe paarden worden vergezeld door groei, hun lachen en tranen zijn met elkaar gerelateerd. Na dezelfde universiteit zorgde er een reeks ongelukken ervoor dat munt de knappe anci?nniteit wegneemt.

"Negen cakes" kan niet worden opgelucht, besloot niet om te zwijgen, om te worstelen voor zijn godin, een achtervolgingsoefeningsnummer zonder eindpunten te schrijven. "MIJN JONGEREN HEEFT JE" DIRECTOR: LIN-opvang, SUN RUI SPEER: Wang Keru, Liu Dongqi, Li Huan vrijgegeven: 19 september, een universitaire militaire training, laat de vrouw Zhou Zhou en "Slak" Qiu Fei tegengekomen. Van de held naar de Verenigde Staten om dapper genoeg te doen, zal Zhang Yang’s Qiu Fei naar het hart van Zhou Zhou lopen. Toen de twee geniet van liefde, is Qiu Fei, die de persoonlijkheid convergeert, betrokken is bij een gevecht, en hij lijkt te verbergen welk geheim. Qiu Fei, die gedwongen werd om te laten vallen, omgedraaid en links in Zhouzhou Pain.

Tien jaar na zhou Zhou kennen de waarheid eindelijk, met de meest pijnlijke Miss Youth, ze kan deze liefde ophalen? [Comedy], "Daily Fantasy Guide" Director: Liang Dong Starring: Wang Yanlin, Jiaojun Yan, Gao Jie Release: September 19 Netwerk van dezelfde naam aangepast van de populaire strip.

Een schok na een ongeluk krijgt eigenlijk supermachten en communiceert nog steeds, het vermogen om zijn leven enorme veranderingen te laten ondergaan. Op dit punt is een schok herenigd liefde aardbei …… tijdperk van studentenleven in chaos een schok om terug te keren naar het oorspronkelijke leven, en nog steeds een prachtig verhaal begonnen.

  "Dog Fruit Theorem" Director: Zhou Chong Starring: Yu Qian, Jia Ice, Yin Xiaotian, Jiangmengjie, Liang Danni Release: 19 september Een liefhebbende grootmoeder dier, hun hersens in het onvermogen instellen om te zorgen voor puppy’s sap voor sap om een ??sap te zorgen nieuw gelukkig leven, maar de kans om thuis sap te maken, voelt verschillende emoties. [Literatuur] "is geweest om naar Sea Blue" Director: Jia Zhangke Starring: Jia Ping – WA, Yu Hua, Liang Hong, Su Tong, Mo Yan Release: 19 mei 2019, Tientallen schrijvers kwamen naar een klein dorpje Fenyang, Shanxi Ze zijn hier om te praten over landelijk en stedelijk, literatuur en realiteit.

Video’s op deze ouverture, symfonie tot 18 delen over het verleden China sinds 1949. Geboren in de jaren vijftig, drie schrijvers in het proces van de jaren zestig en de jaren 1970, YIA, Yu Hua en Liang Hongcheng de belangrijkste verteller voor de film, en hun dochter met de late schrijver Ma Feng, keek op individuele sociale verandering en familie zo wordt een spirituele geschiedenis van China overspant 70 jaar.

  [Family] "I Am Guardian" Director: Jing Ran Starring: Shang Taal Yin, Wang Yan Hui, Ching-Kuo Lin Zhe, Tian Yuan Release: 10 september op het Stone Road Amerika om te studeren tijdens haar gescheiden vader thuis en Levende de focus verschoven naar zijn nieuwe vrouw en pasgeboren zoon Cody-lichaam. Dus vader en dochter vervreemding, en niet op zoek naar genegenheid in de harten van Stone Road liet een litteken achter.

Ze probeerde een gevoel van behorend te vinden op het werk, alleen om visumcrisis tegen te komen.

Wanhopige gelegenheid, vervormde vader roept plotseling aan, vraagt ??haar om halfbroer Cody, Verenigde Staten Hepatitis C-behandeling te regelen. Om te verkrijgen van kortetermijnwerkvisa met behulp van de Amerikaanse broer, stenen weg tegen hun afgesproken.

Onverwacht, Cody voor haar behoeften en vertrouwen op ervaring om stenen roadfilm te maken die terugkeert naar het gezin …… "Beste foto" Nominated vorig jaar won het 23e Shanghai International Film Festival Aziatische New Talent Award. "Pearl" -directeur: Liyun BO in de hoofdrol: HU om echt vrij te geven: 15 september om de wensen van de moeder te voltooien, de parelzuster van plan is binnen een maand, dat wil zeggen, om een ??vriend voor haar 40e verjaardag te vinden. Op dit moment is haar werk ook bij een lage eb-periode, voelde ze de angst en het lijden van slapeloosheid. In één nacht dwaalt parels zuster in de kleurrijke stad Guangzhou, om haar eigen onderbewustzijn te vinden niet te accepteren, maar wil geen enthousiasme voor het leven verliezen. "Op mijn moeder alles," Director: Zhao Tianyu Starring: Xu Fan, Zhang Jing Instrument, Xu Yajun, Zhang Xin Yi, Chen Minghao Release: Mam september 19 Season Peizhen is de ziel van het huis waar haar is, zoals er twee plaatsen zijn Eenmaal, zoals kan voor iedereen zorgen. Onder haar alles, deze thuis ziet er goed uit, maar het is het niet. Ze heeft ook nog een gezicht in de wijk Peizhen Mother’s Eyes, haar dochter Li Mei is altijd de beste, maar ik weet het leven niet in Beijing. Seizoen PEIZHEN MEER BEGRIJPT NIET, DE ARTS ECHTGENOOT LI FANG Vanwege een fout, kan nog een paar jaar geleden de scalpel niet ophalen.

Onlangs met pensioen als een leraar in het kwartaal Peizhen, wanneer kan opgelucht lijken, maar werd gedetecteerd, kwaadaardige film won het 11e International Film Festival Beijing Tiantan Award "Best Picture" genomineerd voor vier ……. [Animatie] "Treasure Can Dream: Pikachu and Cocoa Adventure" Director: Yajima Tetsuo Voice: Matsumoto Rika, Otani Ikue, Hayashibara Megumi, Miki Shinichiro Release: 10 september, "Bao Can Dream" Serie van 23 film. Wanneer een crisisbos, as, pikachu en cacao samen om op te staan ??voor de bescherming van de bosschat, kunnen vechten.

Naast het gebruikelijke schattige afbeelding van schat kan dromen, de film richt zich ook op de karakterisering die verder gaat dan de verwantschap tussen De SA doodt zijn zoon en cacao-vriendschap. "Shan Hai Jing van de Lilliputians" Director: Kevin Munroe, Christian Camp Stem: Lan Feng, Jazing Yunhe, Liu Raben ET Release: 19 september Dit is een Chinese en multinationale samenwerking werkt.

De film aangepast van de legendarische Zhou Rao Lilliput Oude Chinese sprookje "Shan Hai Jing," de claims. Zhou Rao Lilliputian Prins Hammer Houten catastrofe in ongevallen onder leiding tot vader veranderde in steen.

Ten slotte ervoer hij de hele weg om risico’s te nemen, de vader en het koninkrijk opnieuw op te slaan.

  "Rock Tibetaanse Mastiff: Blue Light" Director: Marc Baldo-stem: Yang Tianxiang, een nieuwe wijnstok, Zhang Biyu Release: 19 september 2016 "Rock Tibetaanse Mastiff," het vervolg. Wave broer met partners om een ??park in de rots op te zetten genaamd "Blue Light" Rock Band, de band ging altijd gebruikte prachtige uitvoeringen die het enthousiasme van het publiek ontsteekt.

Daartoe heeft het platenbedrijf Mr. Leung voor zijn vriendelijke uitnodigingsgolfbroer zijn eigen recordbedrijf ondertekend. Zijn echte doel was echter eigenlijk Wave Brother "Blue Energy" te stelen om Sinister Conspiracy te bereiken.

Je kunt door de broer Liang Wave of Conspiracy zien om Rock Park te redden? Een muzikaal avontuur begint.

Reporter Li Li.

Tomorrow! The strongest cold wave since the autumn will affect these areas

Tomorrow! The strongest cold wave since the autumn will affect these areas

Video production: Wang Xuexun People’s Network Beijing November 3 (Reporter Ding Yixin) According to the Central Meteorological Observatory, from November 4th to 7th, the cold wave is affected by the cold wave, and there will be a wind and cool weather in the northwest, and some areas have more Strong rain and snow, the eastern waters have wind. What is the strength of this cold wave? Which regions are covered by rain and snow? The reporter interviewed Zhang Tao, chief predictor of the Central Meteorological Observatory. According to Zhang Tao, this cold wave will bring cooling to northern Xinjiang at night at night on November 3.

On the 4th, the cold wave influence area is mainly the northern part of Xinjiang.

On the 5th, the South China and Western Regions of Xinjiang will be affected by the cold wave.

On the 6th, the cold wave is in the middle of the east, and the east has affected the entire North China, and the South is affected to the Sichuan Basin. On the 7th, the cold wave will affect the northeast, Huazhong, East China, Jiangnan, South China.

Overall, most parts of the country will be affected by this cold wave, the temperature reduction is generally above 8 ~ 10 degrees Celsius, the temperature drop in some parts of the northwest, North China can reach 12 ~ 14 degrees Celsius, and the temperature drop in some regions reaches 16 degrees Celsius. Especially the highest temperature is significant, the highest temperature drop in the northwest, North China, will even reach 20 degrees Celsius. This cold wave will not only bring cooling, but also with the wind. Xinjiang, Northwest China, North China, North China, North China In addition, there will be rain and snow. North China, East Inner Mongolia, Northeast China has a small rain to rain, some areas are large to blizzard, or rain. North China Plain is mainly based on rain, and there will be rain in the north of the plain. There is a high rain process in the south.

Zhang Tao said that from the perspective of influence range, cooling and minimum temperature value, this time this year is the strongest cold air process since the autumn, it is expected to reach the intensity of the national cold wave.

In this regard, he reminded that this cold wave caused the temperature to change dramatic, there is a large range of rain and snow weather, the feeling is very cold, the public needs to pay attention to the change of temperature, add clothes to the clothes, take relevant cold measures, and beware of colds.

(Editor: Ding Yixin, He Yingchun) Share more people to see.

Seriously study the importance of the important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping in the new starting point in a comprehensive promotion of the construction of the trade union talent team

Seriously study the importance of the important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping in the new starting point in a comprehensive promotion of the construction of the trade union talent team

This newspaper (Reporter Zheng Li Zhu Xin) fully implemented the spiritual symposium of the Central Talent Work Conference on October 25.

The meeting requires that all levels of trade unions must conscientiously study the important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping at the Central Talent Work Conference, unifying thoughts and actions to the Party Central Committee on the major decision-making deployment of new era people, combined with the actual situation In the new starting point, in greater strength, a decreasing initiative to do a good job in trade union talent, strive to create a full-time cadre as the main body, and the business of the business that has a hard-filled travelers of the union of the business, one Patriotic dedication, the professional and technical talent team of innovation, a strive for excellence, pursuing excellent staff high-skilled talents, providing strong talent guarantee and intellectual support for high quality development in the new era. This meeting was held in accordance with Comrade Wang Dongming and the entire party group arrangement.

Zhang Maohua, member of the entire party group, secretary of the secretary, and the Minister of Organization, attended the meeting and speaking.

The meeting stated that General Secretary Xi Jinping was an important speech at the Central Talent Work Conference, which clarified the guiding ideology, strategic objectives, key tasks, policy initiatives in the new era, and issued a mobilization order that accelerated the strong country of building talents. We must conscientiously study the spirit of the important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping, enhance the "four consciousness", strengthen "four confidence", to achieve "two maintenance", put trade union talent work as a foundation, long-term strategy work Important position, earnestly fulfilled, adhered to reform and innovation, transforming the spirit of the Central Talent Work Conference into the power of union talent work.

The meeting emphasized that we must seriously combine the basic situation of the total talent team, sum up experience, look for insufficient, and lay the foundation for the work of the trade union talent. Together with the actual intensification of the union, study the idea of ??the high-quality development of trade union talents, form a sound and improvement of talent training system and system system; adhere to party management talents, highlight political standards, and ensure that trade union talents have always politically The action is highly consistent with the Party Central Committee; incentives, acting as a strong labor model, labor spirit, craftsman spirit, and better play the leading role of senior professional technical personnel; strengthen system construction, improve work mechanism, to effectively play, highlight professional advantages Building a platform, promoting more excellent talents stand out, motivate the majority of trade union talents to actively participate in work business and trade union work.

At the meeting, the total part of the Jingjin unit was mainly responsible for comrades and senior professional technical personnel representatives, and implemented the spirit of the Central Talent Work Conference, and played the intention of the training of trade union talents, and suggested suggestions. Senior experts directly in the center of the whole system, the special subsidiaries of the government’s special allowance in the post-service government, all the total professional and technical personnel representatives of all direct units of Beijing, the whole office, the organization department and the main responsible comrades of all direct units in Beijing, etc. forum.

The central government convened the national grassroots management system reform experience exchange meeting

The central government convened the national grassroots management system reform experience exchange meeting

  On November 24, the Central Committee was held in Beijing to hold a national grassroots management system reform experience exchange meeting. The deputy director of the Central Organization Department and the director of the Central Committee, Zhou Zuyi attended the meeting and speaking, emphasizing the establishment department of all levels to develop socialism with Xi Jinping’s new era. The idea is guided, and the spirit of implementing the 19th National President of the Party of the Communist Party of China, conscientiously implement the decision-making deployment of the Party Central Committee on Building a Simple and Efficient Grassroots Management System, Strengthening the Modernization of Grassroots Governance System and Governance Capacity, Further Consolidation and Deepen Township (Street) Institutional reform, innovative grassroots management system.

  Zhou Zuyi emphasized that the department of institutions at all levels must carefully study the general discourse and instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping on Deepening the Reform of Grassroots Management, Strengthening the Construction of Grassroots Governance Systems and Governance Capacity Modernization, and Unifying Thoughts and Action to Xi Jinping General Secretary important instructions Discounted spirit and party central decision-making deployment, surrounding the improvement of grassroots institutional functional systems, enhances grassroots social management and public service functions, and further enhances the use of resources in the grassroots, improves grassroots service management efficiency, and continues to integrate optimization institutions and work strength. Promote resource management services to sink, establish a flexible and efficient employer system, and innovate the grassroots management system mechanism. Requires the highness of the institutions at all levels in the overall highness of the party and national undertakings, profoundly understand the importance and urgency of the grassroots management system reform, effectively enhance the sense of responsibility and mission, implement work responsibility, strengthen cooperation, and track guidance in time The spirit of the nail is implemented in various tasks. Cui Shapeng, deputy director of the central government, presided over the meeting. Zou Ming, Li Zieze, Central Organization Department, National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Central Committee, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Human Resources, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Agriculture The responsible comrades of all local groups participated in the conference.

Participants and major business directors participated in the meeting at the meeting of the sessiles and the Director of the Party Committee of Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps and the Director of the Party Committee of the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corporation. Beijing, Hebei, Jiangxi, Shandong, Sichuan, Ningxia and other six provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the Central Government, have made exchanges.

Shanghai News National First Case! Hongqiao Airport enables close-range winding track

Shanghai News National First Case! Hongqiao Airport enables close-range winding track

Morning News reporter Zhong Hui reporter learned from the Tunnel Shares Shanghai Luqiao Group yesterday that Hongqiao Airport officially enacted the country’s first near-range winding runway. This move has enabled the plane to enter the area of ??the Hongqiao Airport, there is no need to wait for the time to travel outside the takeoff runway, but it is changed to a vertical direction, and the addition of winding until it enters the apron, greatly reduces the frequency of landing aircraft . At the same time, the takeoff runway does not have to get out of the air shuttle and empty out, which is beneficial to improve the efficiency of the control. Improve efficiency, reduce passengers to wait for trouble according to Shanghai Luqiao , Cross-face engineering, visual coverings and lighting engineering and other content.

Shanghai Luqiao has built a scheduling road bridge and asphalt cross-face project in the renovation project. Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport as an important airport hub, throughput ranking in front of the industry, almost every minute has flights to take off or landing. When the flight continuously or densely take off, the landing plane must continue to wait outside the take-away runway until the tower controller agrees to cross the runway.

Therefore, it is a long-term time to wait for a long time to wait for a long time. In order to let the passenger travel experience is more smooth, "winding the sliding mode" came into being.

Nowadays, after entering the area of ??the Hongqiao Airport West Airlines station, there is no need to wait for the time to travel outside the takeoff runway, but it is changed to the radius straight to slide, adding around until entering the apron.

At the same time, the takeoff runway does not have to get out of the controlling and release efficiency in order to pass through the aircraft. Since the construction area is located in the range of flight regions in Hongqiao Airport, the operation time is limited, the clearance requirements are demanding, and environmental control requirements are extremely complicated. In addition, since this is the new winding mode of the country in China, there is no relevant reference, which means that the builders are difficult to reach the difficulty construction of the super-super-busy airport.

Day and night, the small venue implementation "Water Construction" to ensure the construction of engineering construction, project team research operation standards, formulated optimization programs and a series of targeted, boldly innovative construction plans, through fine tissue, Careful arrangement, solid promotion, lay the foundation for runway winding construction.

During the construction process, the construction is a day and night, and the construction of the slideway bridge is fully promoted. Lian Tong North Round Sliding Road and New Walking Tag Bridge is the largest in the renovation project, and it is also "the most difficult bones".

Since the construction area is located in the running flight area, the proposed area is located in the airport, the minimum high height is only 5 meters, so the construction scheme must not only consider construction efficiency, safety and quality control, but also to ensure airport Operation itself flood prevention safety and high security. Before the construction of steel pipe piles under the lower part of the sliding road bridge, considering that the traditional vibrating sink will have an impact on the proximity line, authenticity, etc., advance to the construction process, introduce the resonant hydraulic vibration waters and pile equipment, and realize low impact. Construction. In addition, in order to ensure that the progress and rhythm of non-stop construction, the pile foundation operation time is strictly controlled at 1 o’clock to 5 am. The constructor and early planning, reasonably arranged each construction process to ensure efficient operation of construction operations, and the final pile foundation cycle is reduced from two months to 35 days.

In the construction of the sliding road bridge, the construction party overcome the steel pipe transport, multi-group mechanical synchronous water construction, multi-group mechanical synchronous water construction, and the lacy road bridge construction task, special airport, etc. Regional non-stop construction has accumulated valuable experience.

It is understood that after the smooth implementation of the Southern Waves, it will gradually achieve the use of Hongqiao Airport in the South Round around the airport, and it is developed in December this year. Sourceph "Style =" Display: None ">.

Tour ancient horses, I met the old time Fuzhou

Tour ancient horses, I met the old time Fuzhou

He Xiajun photographed the Qing Dynasty, the carved beam painted, and the streets of the Shang and Down, Fuzhou saved the memory of the "old Fuzhou". Some people say that flavor cuisine is in Hangzhou, and the ancient buildings are in the next Hang.

This is simple, but it is also a full picture of Shuanghang.

This ancient neighborhood has always been a folk, historiologists studying important places in Fuzhou business development history.

"Old Fuzhou Museum" is the most beautiful name to this block. The upper and lower Hangzhou, the merchants gathered in a hundred years ago, and he is bustling.

Many merchants have built a house in this housing industry, adding a rhyme to the Wenrena city of Fuzhou. Strolling, the heads of the streets have fallen, maybe some of the courtesy, is the home of the old man in the old city. Zhu Zifang, Zhu Zifang Anntai River, also left a strong color in Fuzhou history. In the rushing alley called "Navy Lane", this has come out of the naval name and other naval names such as Sazhen, Fang Boqian, and thus praise it. Located on the 22nd of Zhu Zifang 22, Sa’s former residence is built in the Ming Dynasty, and is a pair of Division of Sazhen Bing, which is also the place where Sap Town has lived. In the years, Sap Town has returned to Fuzhou many times, and still chooses to stay in Zhu Zifang. Between the alleys, the white wall is slightly, although there is a quiet, natural life scene.

Walk along an old alley, the long square alley, the road of the stone road shop extends, the breeze blows, the simple and elegant charm, and it is also filled. Druming Gu Ji Riling is Fuzhou’s summer resort, hundreds of years ago, attracted many foreigners to take this summer. They opened post office, hospital, photo studio, etc. on the Gaozhi Lingling.

Therefore, the number of villas are distributed on the Gulling.

On the Drum Ridge, in addition to visiting the beautiful natural scenery, you can also visit these old villas, listen to the stories that have happened here. On the night, overlooking the city scene.

If the weather is fine, you can put the lights in gentle eyes; if it is a cloud, it is another scene of dreams. Che Pefeng.

Town to "two to ensure" stroke (editorial)

Town to "two to ensure" stroke (editorial)

Original title: Town to "two to ensure" stroke (editorial) japan gold suicoo Jinxiu, the cloud is high and the sun. Today, the 11th Congress of the Communist Party of Henan Province opened in Zhengzhou, and we congratulate the victory of the General Assembly! The 11th Party Congress of the Provincial Party is an important node of the 100th anniversary of our party to open an important meeting held in an important moment of building a new socialist modernization in Henan.

The General Assembly will hide the great banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics, and in-depth implementation of General Secretary of Xi Jinping inspected the important instructions of Henan ‘s important speech, keeping the leadership, practicing the initial mission, and rejected the reform and innovation. The overall requirements of the five years, the goals, main tasks and major initiatives, depicting the new blueprints in building socialism modern Henan. Opening the eleventh party congress in the province, to move forward in the direction of the General Secretary of Xi Jinping, to ensure that the high-quality construction of the modernization of the high-quality construction, ensuring high-level realization of modern Henan, has a significant significance.

  Since the 10th Party CPC, under the strong leadership of the Party Central Committee of Xi Xi Ping, we firmly believe in the socialist thinking of Chinese characteristics in Xi Jinping, and in-depth implementation of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important instructions, and overtractically promote " The five-in-one "overall layout, coordinated the" four comprehensive "strategic layouts, overcoming the influence of intricate external environments, scientifically responding to the serious impact of new coronal pneumonia epidemic, adhere to the high quality of the party construction, and all the country It has built a well-off society, and the Central Plains will take a solid pace.

The high-quality development of our province has created a new situation. The new breakthrough in reform and opening up. The construction of democratic rule of law has been strengthened, and the construction of ideological and cultural construction has achieved new progress. The people’s livelihood is reached to the new level, and the new level of ecological protection is moving. Effectiveness, the Central Plains has undergone encouraging and profound changes, achieving the important results of the symbolic meaning, achieving the major leaps in the comprehensive strength, the people’s pride in the province, self-confidence, cohesiveness, is being intended to build a comprehensive construction society The goal of morality and modern Henan is brave.

  In today’s world, there is no big change in the past 100 years to accelerate the evolution, and the new round of scientific revolution and industrial change is in-depth development.

my country’s development is still in an important strategic opportunity. retreat.

Ensure that the admission is not out of the game, we must "two big in the event", closely grasp the new development pattern strategic opportunities, the new era promotion China’s high-quality development policy opportunities, Huanghe Basin Ecological Protection and High Quality Development History, in the Tighted Rod In the middle of the first, the new bureau was opened in the pressures, ensuring high quality construction modernized Henan, ensuring high-level realization of modern Henan. In the next five years, it is an important stage of building socialist modernization in Henan. It realizes the important stage of the second hundred years of struggle. We must horize the great banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics, fully implement the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and 19th Er, Sanzhong, Four China, the spirit of the Five Plenary Sessions, adhere to Marxism-Leninism, Mao Zedong Thought, Deng Xiaoping Theory, "Three Represents" important ideas, scientific development concept, Xi Jinping’s new era, China’s characteristic socialist thinking, comprehensively implement the party’s basic theory, basics The route, basic statement, and in-depth implementation of General Secretary Xi Jinping inspected the important instructions of Henan’s important speech, and overall the "five-in-one" overall layout, coordinate the "four comprehensive" strategic layouts, based on the new development stage, complete, accurate, and fully implement new development The concept, closely constructed the new development pattern strategic opportunity, insist on steady and advanced work, to promote high-quality development, to deepen the structural reform of the supply side, with the fundamental power of reform and innovation, to meet the growing people grow Good life needs to be fundamentally purposeful, leading to the "first responsibility" to lead and guarantee the development of "first essential", coordinating development and safety, ensuring high quality construction modernization Henan, ensuring high-level realization of modern Henan, take a solid step, Strive to write a more colorful chapter in the new era. The new blueprint is inspiring, and the new journey urges people. We firmly believe that the representative of attending the meeting will not be highly hoped, not responsible, with a high sense of responsibility, mission and full political enthusiasm, putting the party and the people’s career, and fighting for the first, more exciting mission and responsibility On the shoulders, earnestly fulfill the sacred duties, successfully completed the tasks of the conference.

The 11th Party Congress of the Provincial Party will definitely carry out the glorious history of Henan’s development with high-rise and innovation. I wish the General Assembly a complete success! (Editor: Huang Sha, Yang Xiana) Sharing let more people see the recommended reading.