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Baoji Wi-Fi Training Agency goes to the building to sell more than 100 parents 800,000-time fees training institutions – Baoji News

[Abstract] "The course has not finished, the training agency goes to the building, the person in charge is lost, the time fee does not know who to retreat." Recently, Baoji’s many parents to China Business News – Second, Si-Si Information reflected, they said they In Baoji High-tech Zone, a wireless star education training institution has reported a cultural class training course to the child. Suddenly, this training agency went to the building, and more than 100 parents pay more than 800,000 class hours and no one has been solved. "The course is still not finished, the training agencies go to the building space, the person in charge is lost, and the class time is not to know who to retreat." Recently, Baoji’s many parents to China Business News – Second Siti News reflected, they are in Baojiu An area called wireless Star Education and training agencies reported a cultural class training course to the child. Suddenly, this training agencies went to the building, and more than 100 parents paid more than 800,000 class time and no one was decided. Training agencies went to the floor to involve more than 100 people on November 9th, China Business News – Second Siti Information reporter came to the wireless star education and training institution on High-tech Avenue, Baoji City, and the door of the training institution has been posted. The housing rental information, and the Ma Ying Education Group of the Baoji City High-tech Zone Teacher Bureau also posted the training agency on November 4th, the Baoji High-tech Teacher Bureau has developed the program to handle it. Fiscal parents 松江哪里有服务 registered in the Education Sports Bureau (high-tech) or Ma Ying Town Education Bureau (Spring Primary School).

  More than 10 parents have gathered in the site, and the reporter dials the training institution’s rental house landlord. It said that the training institution has leased for nearly three years, according to the contract on September 15, but she Contact Many times have not received a call, and they are also counting on the rental fee and property fees.

  Ms. Jia, Jiasi said: "On July 30 this year, a 20,000 yuan course has been purchased three times in the wireless Star Training agency. On November 3, parents said that training institutions closed in the group. I am in contact with responsibility. The person drove in the past, and found that it was already going to the building. The person 魔都娱乐会所 in charge was also lost. "Subsequently, the at the scene said to the reporter that the child has more than 2 years here, some this year Completed, some or even a lesson did not.

More than 100 people involved in refund, preliminary statistics, nearly 10,000 yuan. The person in charge of the training institution is incremented by the teacher. Teacher recommends that the legal procedures issued by the training institution show that due to the influence of the epidemic and "double minus" policy, the campus cost is high, leading to business, the campus is suspended, the specific time Please wait for the notice. If the registration and refueling students have arranging the refund of the original refund policy, please contact the specified phone if you register with refund.

  According to a parent 上海龙凤桑拿419论坛 and Baoji area, Teacher Li, the parents, if they do not contact, they can take the legal procedures, and the Xi’an Headquarters is also closed because of the holiday questions, and her headquarters is only linked on the staple. For parents’ questioning, "Double Reduction" policy has been implemented, but parents have also been tuned in August, she doesn’t have a positive statement, I suggest parents to take legal procedures as soon as possible.

  Subsequently, the reporter called many times the agency legal representative, the head of the Baoji campus, and the contact information left, but it has been in an unattended state. The education department has been involved in the current refund and registration, the wireless Star Training Institution is also the Xi’an Lianhu Wireless Star Culture Training Center Co., Ltd., in Baoji Registration Organization, Shaanxi Wireless Star Education Technology Co., Ltd. Baoji Branch, the agency In 2019, he conducted a private school office license in the Baoji High-tech Industrial Development Zone Education and Sports Bureau. The content of the school is mainly the training of amateur cultural courses, which is valid as of July 2022.

  Baoji City High-tech Zone Teacher Bureau, the Ministry of Preschool Pub, said: "There have been more than 130 parents’ refund information. It is initially involved in the amount of more than 80,000, and now, it has been reported to the Market Supervision Administration, the High-tech Public Security Bureau. At present, it is actively communicating. The next step will discuss the representative of the legal person, and ask the parental refund question. "The lawyer recommended that parents sue the Senior partner of Shaanxi Hengda Law Firm, well-known public welfare lawyers, if this education The training institution is not a purpose of illegal occupancy of others, but because of improving or other reasons for the midway, this belongs to civil disputes, and parents can only file civil lawsuits to the court as victims. If this education and training institution starts with illegal occupancy of others, this has been unable to operate, concealed the facts, still charges the parents ‘money, and the parents’ money, such as a criminal case, this education and training institution And the person in charge is suspected of fraud or contract fraud, parents can report to the local public security organ to maintain legitimate rights and interests as victims. Zhao Liang Shan said, as parents choose to file civil lawsuits to the court, each parent should be separately prosecuted.

If this education and training institution has no property, parents can provide clues to the court to determine whether the education and training institutions have suspected property transfer. Therefore, it is recommended that parents will prose as soon as possible to maintain their legal rights. Hua Shangxin reporter Wang Peimin Source: Hua – China Business News.


2021 National Sailing Championships and National Kite Board Championship Opening

The event is started.

The organizer is mapped by the People’s Net. December 12 (Meng Fan) On December 11th, the National Sailing Championship and the National Kite Championships and the National Sailing Championships opened in Haikou.

Subco, Minister of Water Center, General Administration of Physical Education, said Suko, deputy secretary-general of China Sailing Sailing Sports Association, said: "Well-Haikou waters, beautiful sandy, rich wind resources, attracting national teams and provinces and cities in the winter training, Haikou has a good Sports industry hardware foundation and climate, location advantage.

It is mainly to test the training level of the national athletes through the highest level of events, excavate and cultivate excellent young players. In the Haikou, we have a good fortune foundation, and rose the horn of the Paris Olympics. And drive the industrial development of Hainan International Tourism Island Water Sports, continue to introduce more events in Hainan.

"Hainan Provincial Tourism and Cultural Radio and Television Sports Department, Mai Yongwang, said that 上海喝茶微信 in order to ensure the smooth progress of the event, Hainan Provincial Tourism and Cultural Radio and Television Sports Department and Haikou Municipal People’s Government, take the establishment of the work department, and coordinate all competition guarantees Work, especially athletes’ safety and epidemic prevention and control work, ensure the physical health and life safety of all participants. Talking about the three major sailboats landing Haikou for promoting the development of water sports in Hainan Province, Mai Youwang said: "Sailboat The windsurfing project is a key water sports program of Hainan Province. The three major sailing events landed in the sea, which allowed the province to compete with the national team and other provinces and city’s excellent athletes. It has great improvement for the strength of sailing 上海品茶暗号 winds and windsurboats in Hainan Province. help. At the same time, the beautiful coastal natural scenery of Haikou and the West Coast will attract many tourists to come to the tourism game, promote and enrich the connotation of Hainan sports tourism. ".


Casting Great Wall Iron Police is a loyal guard

Casting Great Wall Iron Police is a loyalty guards Badaling Police Station 60 years such as a day guarding Great Wall Ping An Visitor Safety Published: 2021-11-1610: 34 Tuesday Source: Rule of Law Daily – Legal Network □ Rule of Law Daily full Media reporter Zhang Xuezhen Jinqiu October is the most beautiful in Badaling The season, the mountains of the mountains, the winding Great Wall and the mountains of the mountains make up the charming picture.

Tourists are like woven, and there is a "police blue" embellishment, silently guarding. In the past 60 years, the first generation of "Great Wall Guard" – Beijing Public Security Bureau, the police officers of the Badaling Police Station of the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau have always fighting in maintaining political security, guarding the frontier of the Great Wall, serving Chinese and foreign tourists, with practical action to ensure more than 170 countries. More than 500 heads and government heads, more than 8,000 national ministries above the world, and more than 200 million Chinese and foreign tourists are absolutely safe in the Great Wall tour.铿铿 Rose Tiandi blouse Hua Ba Daling police station police tube implementation diligent called "Shangcheng".

This kind of saying is very close: the mountains are booming, the road is poor, patrol, the road to duty is on this steep "dragon". "Shangcheng" is not easy, but it is the daily day of the police. Recently, the "Rule of Law Daily" reporter followed the political commissar of the Badaling Police Station, Wu Yu Xuan, the captain of the Women’s Police, came to the main inspection ticket of the Great Wall Scenic Area. After holding with the player Li Wei, the two simply communicated a few words and started "Shangcheng".

"Tourists have always been a lot, our police are all in the middle, let the land with armrests on both sides to visitors." Wu Yaxuan told reporters that in order to reduce the damage caused by the long-term climbing, the police will develop The habit of S-type route. Wu Yuxuan and Li Wei are unhealthy look at the scenery, and only the safety hazards that the tourists are not paying attention to.

"Young guy, don’t go over, come back" "Girl, the bag zipper is open" "Baby, don’t cry, the police aunt help you" … "In addition to going downhill is the top and bottom steps, don’t take advantage of what the material of the material is Grinding.

"Li Wei said that the Great Wall’s policeman is the mouth and shoes. The same words don’t know how much it is repeated. The same road does not know how much it goes. For the police, the most difficult winter and summer are the most difficult.

Winter Great Wall is too cold, wearing more legs can’t bend; summer is too hot, the first-class sweat pants are wrapped in the legs, do not step back.

There is no tree yin, exposure everywhere, the ground temperature can reach 60 degrees Celsius.

One year, there are tourists who have thrown in the North 8th Floor, and Wu Yuan took the water away.

The road is especially steep, she wants to hold the next railings, but they are too hot.

When I just walked to the tourists, Wu Yuxuan was heat stroke. At the end of September 2013, Wu Yuxuan has just finished the child for 4 months, and he came to the Badaling Police Station, and since then, I started 6 points to 7 points on the post.

When the National Day holiday is the most concentrated, the opening time of the scenic spot is 6 o’clock in advance, and the space has also been done, and the North 12th floor is all open.

Tourists have a better experience, and the workload of the police station is increased, and the police have reached 12 hours a day. Wu Yuxuan leads the police to engage in the easily congested Tower, North Floor, North Fourth Floor, South Fourth Floor, until the last visit in the scenic spot. After the work, Wu Yi Xuan also "tired". Serving the masses will never stop the Treatment of the Baidaling Police Station mainly serve the service and help, the child, the old man is lost, the loss of items is the most common.

Li Wei said that every time you encounter these troubles, the mood of tourists is very anxious, and the female police have naturally more intimate, and it is more advantageous when dealing with such issues. In 2018, the Badaling Police Station established a woman’s police team, and now it has become the characteristic brand. The woman’s police team has 6 policewares, with average age 33, they know foreign languages, first aid, good communication, and can also have suffering.

"The formation of a woman’s police force is to give full play to the advantages of the flexible law enforcement, so that Chinese and foreign tourists can feel the warmth of the Chinese police.

Wu Yaxuan said.

The reporter learned that the Badaling Police Station not only has a woman’s police brand, but a hundred-year-old patrol group is also a bright landscape in the Great Wall. This police group consists of two olders over the age of 50, they have experienced rich, listening to the area, Transfer contradiction disputes are more master.

Not only that, but also the party member pioneers, the youth commando, the police of different age groups have played their respective advantages and went to guard the Great Wall. The reporter also noted that the police of the Badaling Police Station daily patrols in addition to wearing "eight major pieces", they will bring a "first aid package", including quick-acting saving pills, sugar, Yunnan white medicine, wind oil, etc., as long as tourists may use If the police have brought themselves. In the police station, the maternal and child seating station, convenience service station, foreign language translation station, tourist advisory station, ready to provide tourists with all kinds of help. Unicoming behaviors such as Great Wall have been attaind attention. In this regard, the Badaling Police Station and the scenic department related departments have implemented the prevention of combating work measures to form a "Fast-proof of intentional damage". "Punishment is not the purpose, we especially don’t want to see that tourists come to the Great Wall, carrying a punishment." Yang Jianqing, director of the Badaling Police Station, said that the police station will prevent work in front, from tourism bus to the ticket gate and scenic spot In the conspicuous position, you have to do a way to carry out publicity and education that prohibits unsolicientation.

As one of the three major host responsibilities of Winter OA, Yanqing public security responsibilities are significant.

Yang Jianqing told reporters that in conjunction with the reception of the Great Wall tourists during the Winter Olympics, the police station strengthened the political training, law enforcement training and service training. It has a targeted police training, continuously improving the service capabilities of the police, and strive to provide a more high quality and efficient for Chinese and foreign tourists. Serve.

Under the context of epidemic, the Badaling Great Wall Scenic Area is still implemented in real-name system, and the tourists in the scenic spot are in order.

Every day, the police station is in the post, and the police came to the unit less than 7 o’clock, guarding the key parts of the scenic spot and started a day. At the beginning of the Great Wall Police Spirit Great Wall, the party construction was taken off the feet of the Great Wall Police Spirit. Here, it is the most beautiful "alarm" station.

In 1960, the Badaling Police Station was established and was responsible for maintaining the order of the scenic spot.

In the construction, the police station has served as the value of "casting the Great Wall Iron Police, and the Loyal Guard" as the value. Before going to success, the fire inheritance, successfully completed the task of work, ensuring absolute safety in the Badaling Great Wall and Chinese and foreign tourists, showing the Capital police and A good image of Chinese public security. Walking into the police station will be surrounded by a strong police camp culture atmosphere. The walls of the corridor are built into a clean government culture, and they can see a model spirit, party history education, and clean government culture and other exhibition boards. Here is the first education showroom at the city’s first police station.

January 10 this year is the first people’s police festival. At 8 o’clock in the morning, the Eight-Badaling Police Station Education Exhibition Hall, all the police heard the spirit of the important training in the party flag and the police, and rereaded the police oath. Recalling the development history of the police station and the glory, several old people’s eyes are humid.

"To carry out the practice of ideological and political work, we must establish ‘Six must talk about’ system. I am sometimes a political commissar, sometimes a friend.

"Wu Yuan said. Yang Jianqing said that behind the police 上海市水磨全套洗浴中心 team that can play" hard "and can play" winning ", it is inseparable from the strong leadership of the party organization.

In recent years, the party branch of the Police Station will guide the whole police officers to firmly establish the "China Police" "Great Wall Police" awareness, organize a variety of formal education activities, and put the party construction and police camp culture to embedding.

Taking the education and exhibition hall, "One City, a two hall" is the party building education position, and constantly enhances the sense of responsibility and honor of the police. It is understood that there are 31 civilian police in the Badaling Police Station, 27 of which are party members.

This collective has been honored 6 times, and the 上海贵族宝贝419自荐区 collective three-class work was 11 times. 18 were awarded the honorary title of the people’s satisfaction political and legal units, and several times were rated as an outstanding party branch, the Capital Advanced unit.

In 2021, they were awarded the "National Workers Pioneer" "Beijing Advanced Basic Party Organization" "Beijing Public Security Bureau Advanced Grassroots Party Branch" and other honorary titles.

Editor in charge: Liu Ce.


Expert: Encourage fertility, should also take care of different children.

People’s Network Beijing November 25 (Fang Tang Zhujiang) Recently, the National Bureau of Statistics issued the "China Statistical Yearbook 2021" (hereinafter referred to as "Statistical Yearbook").

Data show that the national population birth rate in 2020 is ‰, the first fell below 10 ‰, and the natural growth rate of 上海低端品茶 the same period is only ‰. "Compared with previous data, this year’s natural growth rate is the lowest in recent decades." Lu Jiehua, a member of the Central Committee of the Jiu San Society, said Lu Jiehua, a professor of the Peking University Social Science, said the impact of the low growth rate and aging of the population will 上海喝茶资源微信 be possible Time to enter my country’s negative growth phase in advance. In addition, the data of the "Statistical Yearbook" part of the "Marriage Registration Situation" shows that 2020 marriage registration is a minimum since 1985; the divorce rate is ‰, it is a high position. The seventh national population census data shows that in the past decade, my country’s annual average annual growth rate is%, which is a percentage point in 2000 to 2010 annual growth rate.

"A series of problems affecting fertility, the most resolved is the cultivation problem and education.

Lu Jiehua believes that the current raising and education cost is high. It is necessary to reduce costs through active and effective supporting policy measures to change the current fertility rate. "Strong observation" column discovered that all localities are actively exploring all kinds Encourage fertility policy. On November 25th, Shanghai passed the "Shanghai Municipal Population and Family Planning Ordinance", fertility leave from 30 days to 60 days, and enjoy 98 days of maternity leave according to relevant laws, female workers to give birth If there is a 158-day holiday, in addition, the regulations encourage employers to take flexible vacation and elastic work measures to take care of infants and young children, support family planning, raising; Linzhi County, Linze County, Linzhi County, Optimized Fertility Policy Promote the implementation opinions of the long-term balanced development of the population (trial) "for the birth" of a child "" two children "" three children ", respectively, give a single birth allowance for a single fertility allowance of 2000, 3,000 yuan and 5,000 yuan respectively.

According to the Ministry of Statistics, the age of marriage registration women in my country has increased year by year, while 34 years old and inclusive, whether it is a rapid decline in the scale or proportion.

The trend of late marriage and late infertility and infertility is also highly coincident.

At present, the infertility rate of young children in my country has climbed to about 12% -18%.

Difficulties in elderly, increasingly decreasing problems, giving birth to the promotion of secondary reproductive technology.

Recently, Shanghai, Hebei, Henan, Tianjin, Guizhou, Anhui, Shaanxi, Shanxi, etc. have released "human auxiliary reproductive technology application plan (2021-2025).

According to data released by the National Health Committee, as of December 31, 2020, there were 536 medical institutions approved by human reproductive auxiliary technology. "Our eyes can’t only pay attention to the ‘two children’ three children ‘, it is necessary to realize the foundation of’ a child ‘is a pyramid.

Lu Jiehua said that encouraging birth policies should also take into account the family of different children. Only if the family will give birth to the first child, they can transfer their enthusiasm for "two children" "three children", thus curbing the population natural growth rate Situation. Does my country have disappeared? Lu Jiehua believes that the number of population bonus has not completely disappeared, but the future needs to conversion to quality population dividends.

my country can pass the law of demographic changes, and extend the time of population and growing, and summarize historical experience, and avoid walking, so that my country has always maintained the sustainable development of social economy.

爱上海同城对对碰 (Editor: Fang Shuqin, He Yingchun) Share more people to see.


Guizhou Straight Organ Committee: Leading the Rural Revitalization

On November 9, 4 of the executive Deputy Secretary of the General Administration of China, and four people visited Qingshan Village, Majiang County, visited the work of the Working Committee, and held a symposium in the village team. In the Gongshan District of Guizhou Province, he visited the Working Committee to coordinate 6.5 million yuan in Qingshan River Channel governance project in Qingshan Village. And the Village Task Force recently implemented the help of the help project.

The 上海外滩419会所电话 meeting pointed out that we must effectively change the ideological concepts and working methods of the residents in the village, and adhere to the high quality development.

The village will help to promote the high quality development, and to give the poor to prevent the regeneration, it is better to play the role of the enriched lead and drive in the village.

Comprehensively promote the revitalization of rural villages, everyone should be open, work mode should be changed, and to consolidate the resulted out of the resulination, industrial revitalization, etc., driving the country’s comprehensive revitalization.

The meeting requires that the Village Task Force and the First Secretary of the Village should be courageous to take responsibility, relying on the work of the local party committee, pay 上海喝茶的地方老司机 attention to the active role of the "two committees" of the village, move the active and enthusiasm of rural grassroots cadres.

To achieve the "Help," "None Appearance", the responsibility of the resident in the village to help rural resident. The meeting emphasized that it is necessary to adhere to the party construction and promote the revitalization of the country. The residents in the village have to highlight the leadership role of the party’s construction, the revitalization of rural residences, the key in the party, the key in the people, and the village will build the party to build the party. It is necessary to put the construction of the village organization in the heavy weight of the resident work, more prominent position, build the village branch, cultivate the party membership, good education, good management, work hard, strive to make the village Party members can lead to production. After the meeting, the Village Task Force organized business training and deployed recent related work. (Editor: Bai Xiang delivery: Zhang Cheng pays: Zhong Ming).


Concentrate strength, strong party, up and down

A few days ago, the party committee of Tianjin Dongli District Taxation Bureau actively explored new forms of learning education, through "on-site concentration + video connection", carried out the party committee theory learning center group and office party branch, military city tax office party branch Learning the linkage activities, further promoting the education of party history and education. At the Link, party members focus on the series of special propaganda reports will learn videos.

The party committee theory study center group members have talked about the experience of the experience, and the ban on the basis of politics, the grasping of the grassroots and the three aspects of strictness, pointing out the construction of the taxation of the 上海快餐发廊 Taxation, the tax, iron army, the construction of loyalty and cleaning.

The Secretary of the Party Branch of the two participating schools also shared the experience of learning through live reports and video connectivity. "Through the study of the center of the party committee, we feel that they have a rigorous study attitude and the strong learning atmosphere, and also see that they are in theoretical reserves and ideological understandings." Participate in the completion of the activities, the military grain The Youth Party Member of the Party Branch said. (Editor: Tang Xinyi, Wang Hao) Sharing let more people 上海喝茶上课群wx see.


County name analysis: How much is Yongji Gu?

Yong Ji Gu said that Pu 坂, also known as Zhaizhen, Puzhou. Yongji chink, when the Qin Jin said, it is the political, economic, cultural and military center in 上海乌克兰新茶 the ancient river.

In January 1994, the city was dismissed and affiliated to the city. There are five old peaks, Puji Temples, Zhiliang Ancient City, Tang Kaiyuan Iron Niu, Crash Building and other tourist attractions.

都 坂 济 古 古 古 古 古 古 古 古 古 古 古 古 古 古 古 古 古 古 古 古 古 古 古 古 古 古 古 古 古 古 古 古 古 古 古 古 古 古 古 古 古 古 古 古 古 古 古 古 古 古 古 # According to the "Emperor Century" record: "The old is in Pu, Yu Du Pu," therefore, in the period of the tribal alliance, Pu 坂 zone is the political, economic and cultural center of Huaxia civilization.

Zhi’s seal Yongji was also become a Zhizi, because of the Spring and Autumn Period, Zhiliang (now Yongji Ancient City) is the sea of ??Jinci Zi.

According to "地 地": "Zhi Bo City in Pucheng, Yusheng County Northwest 40 miles." "The 上海水磨工作室 historical image (Jin Guo map in Spring and Autumn Period)" records: "智" is now Yongji.

Located in the ancient city of Ancient City Village, Yongji City, Shanxi Province, is built for the Jindang Chi Chi, Jindu, Jin Guoqing. After the death of Zhizhi, the city is broken.

Puzhou and Yongji Yongji ancient prolutes; then called Zhaizhen; North Zhou Ming Emperor changed to Puzhou, "Take Pu]." In the sixth year of Qing Yong (1728), the promotion of Puzhou is the Pozhou, Yu Guo, Yongji County, "Yongji", is beginning to start. Yongji County is famous in the ancient water conservancy project in the territory. According to the first month of Beizhou Baoding (562), the state people have opened the river channel in the east of Pucheng City, and the river water is widely irrigated, and is named 爱上海同城shlf Yongji Canal. [Edit: Du Junxia] Share:.


Changzhou has 68,036 people out of the test results are all negative

Original title: Changzhou have 上海普陀会所论坛 a test result 68,036 people all negative November 4 morning, Changzhou City, epidemic prevention and control headquarters held analysis will be judged.

Reporters learned from the conference, at present no new confirmed cases of local and asymptomatic infection, and the cumulative investigation into close contact times are in close contact with staff isolation control in place, completed the first nucleic acid testing samples, test results out of 68,036 people have been detected The results were negative. Implementation of the "big iron net" dragnet investigation Changzhou City health committee of the Party committee, deputy director of the Municipal Administration of Traditional Yao Cheng, as at present, Changzhou by "big data + + grid iron feet" three-dimensional prevention and control mode, cumulative investigation into close contact with confirmed cases and asymptomatic infection of 903 people, including 720 local people, isolating 720 people, 720 people of nucleic acid samples, the test results were negative; field 183 people, have made an investigation letter.

Cumulative adhesion adhesion to investigation 1282, 1282 spacer, wherein the concentrating spacer 1281 people, one person at home isolated nucleic acid samples 1282, 1262 nucleic acid negative, the results to be the 20 people.

At 0:00 on the 4th to 15, the nucleic acid sample Changzhou city has 106,420 people, 68,036 people have been out of the test results, the results have been all negative. WIZ is an important industrial enterprises gathering place, a total of more than 10,000 types of enterprises in the park. Wu first time to set up four high-tech grid, all the 312 cadres of all deep mesh carry out investigation. Relying on the core area "4 Pack 1," three-dimensional, full coverage of the grid epidemic prevention and control system, the majority of high-tech zone grid members to fully carry forward the "iron feet," the momentum, composed of 16 mesh group, to carry out carpet, pull an intensive investigation.

Open up "code yellow" staff dedicated sampling points in order to strengthen the epidemic risk involved in crowd management, timely and effectively blocking new crown pneumonia epidemic transmission, Changzhou Tianning delineation lanling street Jiuzhou New World Garden Jun Xi, Lan Ling Tianning street workers’ village south, Wujin District Wu Tong Royal City is in risk areas. With confirmed cases of asymptomatic infection or track activities have temporal and spatial coincidence staff Fu "code yellow", managed according to Su Kang code "code yellow" staff.

Timely and effective manner to provide transcoding services to meet the staff turn "green code" condition "code yellow" for the Changzhou opened a special code yellow nucleic acid testing personnel dedicated sampling points, opening time is November 5 –20 days.

In addition to the risk areas art, sealing control area, control area for centralized isolation, isolation home medical observation has less than personnel, often in other health code "code yellow" in the art, to be "code yellow" specific nucleic acid sample point to participate in testing.

Health code "code yellow" people with my ID card to register with the village (neighborhood) or cell after filing participate in the "code yellow" nucleic acid testing, the village (neighborhood) or cell should facilitate its round-trip.

It is reported, code yellow attended at least three times a nucleic acid detection, and 3 samples each time interval of more than 24 hours, such as test results were negative, you have to be where the village (neighborhood) committee for, after examination by the district can be converted "green code" (city in Jiangsu province endowed only). Sealed off the area door-to-implement strict home quarantine Currently, Changzhou city in three risk areas and nucleic acid testing positive who once lived nine sites were included in the scope of the sealed off area. Sealed off the area to implement "closed area, stay at home, service door."

For sealed off communities, Changzhou Public Security jointly streets, communities, health health, property, and other 上海浦东品茶快餐 components control group of volunteers, door-to-implement strict home quarantine measures.

24-hour patrol strengthen internal control district, and clear the streets, community management and control borders, the establishment of a bayonet necessary to ensure that "not only into."

Tianning deputy head tube Li Fong, Tianning organization nearly a thousand government workers sinking sealed off and control area, 24-hour point responsible for the maintenance and emergency handling emergency order their daily lives, for 2634 residents and distribution of meat and vegetables with heart-warming packs, distribution once every two days. Items residents to buy their own or relatives sent to take place centralized storage, centralized time distribution measures. Lan Ling Street control area is the largest control 上海spa论坛 area Changzhou, involving 12 communities, three villages, about 80,000 residents. The region is subdivided into 59 basic control unit, set up 59 corresponding working groups, each with cadres, policemen, community workers, etc., actively carry out propaganda to persuade residents and service support work. Currently, Changzhou food, vegetables, meat, eggs and milk and other necessities of life adequate supplies, prices stable, orderly market, the public "basket" worry-free guarantee.

For special groups, poor people for medical treatment, medicines and other needs, ensure timely detection, a key response. □ reporter Cai Wei Fan Yuxian (Editor: Xiao Xiao, Tang Lulu) share to allow more people to see.


Guangxi launches beauty salon institution to formulate and use illegal cosmetics special inspection

Regulators traverse the illegal propaganda of cosmetics through the network management. Zeng Yuanji Photographed Guangxi Food and Drug Administration took the lead in organizing beauty salons to formulate and use illegal cosmetics special inspections. In recent months, there have been 181 illegal violations, ordered to rectify 242, and the penalty is not amount of 10,000 yuan. It effectively combats the illegal business behavior of cosmetics to ensure consumers. According to the "Measures for the Administration of Cosmetics Production and Management", the beauty salon institutions must not formulate cosmetics themselves, and they must not fill, fill the contents of cosmetics.

However, the interests of interests, the beauty salon, privately prepared the 上海闵行区会所预约电话 complaints of cosmetics.

In June of this year, the Guangxi Food and Drug Administration issued "Carrying out the beauty salon institutions to formulate and use the special inspection of illegal cosmetics", requiring the city’s large-scale hairdressing place and other business enterprises, with hair dye, special cosmetics for special cosmetics. Conduct a comprehensive inspection around 5 aspects of product legitimacy, product label identification, import, account management and product quality.

The Autonomous Region Bureau established 7 working supervision teams, with 28 business backbone, cross-examination of 14 or 28 counties (districts). And joint market supervision, public security and other departments dispatched 6,713 law enforcement officers, inspect 3723 home times, severely crack down on 上海不准不开心 preparation, use illegal cosmetics illegal acts, investigate and impose unqualified quality, illegal to add and use anti-limit materials. Cosmetics.

Strictly check the cosmetics of counterfeit, counterfeit, and illegal declared the efficacy, rectifying operations without approved the number of special cosmetics and imported cosmetics.

Strictly investigate the use of expired products and production and operation "three no" product behavior, standardize the beauty salon business institution cosmetics business reassurance and account management behavior. In special inspections, the problem is found 2603 bottles (box). On-site supervision and destruction of nearly 200 boxes (bottles), pick up 100 cosmetics business units, sample samples 116 batches, detection of problems samples, a batch of illegal violations The unscrupulous merchants of the production and operation were treated, and there was a good standard for business behavior of the beauty salon institutions in the district.

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Guangxi Social Sciences Literary Tips Party History Party History "Flying into the Home"

Guangxi Social Science Forum on the spot.

Since the study of the party history and education, Chen Hao has adopted the spirit of the Social Sciences of the Autonomous Region to highlight the characteristics of "world", and play the advantages of "joint", and put the Guangxi Social Science Forum as a social science knowledge popularization and party history. The combination of education and the carrier, organize socialist experts to go deep into the grassroots, with party history for the theme of the present, through the form of the party members and cadres, and promote the party history "Flying into the home". " Up to now, there are 10 Guangxi Social Science Forum, and there are more than 2,000 people in the scene. It has achieved better social response and active results, and strives to promote the education of party history.

Concentrate the "link" "link" forces to ensure the quality of the forum.

In the Social Sciences of Autonomous Region, in the organization, the Social Science Forum in Guangxi, to highlight the characteristics of "world", play the advantages of "joint", fully mobilize and condense the intelligence and strength of the social organization of colleges and universities, social organizations. Forming the autonomous region Social Science Union hosting, tracking guidance, all relevant college social technology associations, social organizations, to ensure the successful organization of Guangxi Social Science Forum Series Activities. At the same time, the leaders of the autonomous region, the socialist experts in the field of party history, guarantee the high quality and high level of the forum brand.

Focus on the topic of the party and highlight the characteristics of the forum.

In the Social Sciences of Autonomous Region, in the organization of Guangxi Social Science Forum, the Social Science Forum is organized, focusing on the main line of the party history, with major events in party history, important conferences, important people as entry point, combined with Guangxi red resources, the party’s Guangxi History, reviewing the party’s 100-year extraordinary history, the great achievements of the Song Party, let the people of the majority of party members and cadres feel the hard history, huge changes, and brilliant achievements.

For example, the Guangxi Social Science Forum held in Rongxian Senior Middle School, "the Strong Strong Minmetal Guangxi", "in the Liuzhou Institute of Technology, in the Liuzhou Institute of Technology," Gui Southeast Anti-Japanese Armed Uprising and Guangxi Communist Party " And bloody "is the subject of the subject, and only reviews the extraordinary history of the party, combined with the actual number of Guangxi, highlighting the characteristics, which is conducive to the introduction of the party members and cadres and the masses for the construction of new era. Socialism. .

Pay attention to people classified to ensure effective purposes.

In the Social Sciences of Autonomous Region, in the organization of Guangxi Social Sciences Forum series, according to different regions, different industries, different groups, pay attention to each other in terms of the content and form of the forum, and strive to promote the party history and education to go deep into the masses. And go deep into the heart. For example, in the characteristics of ordinary residents, the Guangxi Social Sciences for Guangjin City in Jiangnan District, Nanning City, the "Reviewing Party History" is the title of "Reviewing Party History" as the title of the question. Through the informative example, in-depth disclosure, education leads the masses to deepen The Historical understanding and grasp of the party, understanding and understanding the party ‘s theoretical understanding.上海外卖工作室

In response to the characteristics of teenagers, the Guangxi Social Science Forum is the title of "learning party history, keep the beginning, picking up the class", and add event atmosphere with songs, dance, recitation, scenery, etc., and strive to talk about the story of the party. The story of the revolution, the story of the hero, the emotion of the young people, love the party, patriotic, love socialism, let the red gene, the revolutionary fire.

For example, for the characteristics of corporate party members and cadres, the Guangxi Social Sciences Forum is the title of the title of "the Party’s three thirty years and the new era – the Chinese Communist Party of the Communist Party of the Communist Party of China" is the title of the subject, and the education leads the enterprise 上海千花mm自荐 party members and cadres. Always keep the revolutionary fearless spirit, drums into the new journey, and work hard to enter the spirit of the new era. (王仲菊) (Editor: Chen Lulu, Ye Bin) Sharing let more people see.