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There are strong rainstorms in Guizhou and most regions of Jiangnan, high temperatures and rain in Henan, Shandong and other places

There are strong rainstorms in Guizhou and most regions of Jiangnan, high temperatures and rain in Henan, Shandong and other places

Original title: Guizhou and most regions of Jiangnan have high temperature and rain, Shandong and other places. According to the website of the Central Meteorological Observatory, on the 3rd to 6th, there are heavy rains in Guizhou, most of Jiangnan, and South China. For short -term heavy precipitation, local mines and other strong winds, such as strong convective weather; expected during the day on June 3, there are 35-36 ℃ high -temperature weather in southern Beijing, central and southern Hebei, most of Shandong, northern Henan, northern Anhui, northern Jiangsu, and other places Among them, the highest temperature in parts of southern Hebei, most Shandong, northeast of Henan and other places is 37-39 ° C. There are heavy rainstorms in Guangxi and other places in Jiangxi, Hunan, Guizhou. On the 6th, Guizhou, most Jiangnan, South China and other places have heavy rain, heavy rainstorms, accompanied by short -term heavy precipitation, local mines and storms. The cumulative precipitation of the region is 40-80 mm. Among them, there are 100 to 180 mm in eastern Guizhou, western Hunan and northern parts, central and southeast Jiangxi, southern Anhui, and parts of the central and northern parts of Guangxi, and northern Guangdong. The above; the maximum hourly precipitation is 30 to 60 mm, and the local area can reach more than 80 mm.

The strongest rainfall period is 4 to 6. It is expected that from 08:00 on June 3rd to 08:00 on the 4th, there are heavy rain in the eastern and southern parts of Guizhou, southeast Chongqing, western Hunan and north, north of Jiangxi, northern Guangxi, and northern Guangdong. There are heavy rainstorms (100-130 mm). The above -mentioned areas are accompanied by short -term heavy precipitation (the maximum hourly rainfall is 30 to 50 mm, and the local area can exceed 80 mm), and there are strong convective weather such as thunderstorms in the local area (see Figure 1).

The Central Meteorological Observatory continued to issue heavy rain blue warnings at 06:00 on June 3.

Tibet launched 12 local tour discount rewards measures

Tibet launched 12 local tour discount rewards measures

  On the 18th, the reporter learned from the press conference of "Several Measures on Starting Local Touring activities to promote the healthy development of tourism" from the Press Office of the News Office of the Tibet Autonomous Region Government. The tourism vitality in the area and boost the confidence in the tourism industry.

  According to reports, the implementation of these 12 measures is from May 19, 2022 to December 31, 2022. The main applicable objects are Tibetan household registration personnel, cadres aid Tibetan cadres, long -term Tibetan personnel and other people in Tibet for more than 14 days in Tibet; travel agencies, A -level tourist scenic spots (including temple scenic spots) in the district (including temple scenic spots), Star Hotel, Tourism and Transportation Enterprise and Airlines in the Aquarius area.

At the same time, the local tour with the "winter tour Tibet" policy subsidy does not cross, and enjoy one of the policy subsidies from Gao Gao.

  Preferential rewards (subsidies) measures include: 30 million yuan in tourist consumption coupons; the A -level scenic spots in the region for long -term medical workers, public security policemen, and special groups (active soldiers, disabled people) are free of tickets. Visitors have issued a level A or above scenic spots to reduce tickets for scenic spots to receive corresponding subsidies; the number of tourists in the organization area reaches 200 and more travel agencies will give corresponding funds awards, reaching the top 10 travel agencies in the region in the region, and each one will increase again. Ten 200,000 yuan award, a travel agency that organizes red travel along the G219 line, gives a reward of 100 yuan per person, attracts more than 100 people to participate in special products such as light vacation launched by travel agencies, and gives 50,000 yuan rewards; And the number of receptions reaches 1,000 star -rated restaurants, which gives 50,000 yuan subsidy at one time; according to the standard of 2 yuan per kilometer, medium -sized vehicles per kilometer, small vehicles per kilometer The preferential policies are implemented in accordance with the reform of the fare of aviation passenger transportation camps; the launch of credit support is innovative, and cadres and employees are encouraged to participate, strengthen tourism publicity and promotion, and optimize the process of the border traffic processing process.

  In order to allow tourists to enjoy a better travel experience, Tibet has currently cultivated relatively mature tourism routes. These lines include: Mount Everest Hometown Two -day Tour, Lebu Rhododendron is divided into three -day tour, experience beautiful villages (Lhasa -Milin -Jade Mai -Zedang -Lhasa), and enjoy "warm oxygen" (Nyingchi, Bomi, Lebu, Red River Valley) series tour, suburbs light vacation destination (Lin Zhou farm, Xiangxiong Mei Duo) series tour, north -Tibetan black tent slow enjoyment tour, Baton’s wrong hiking trip, and red The tourist boutique line "Brilliant Lhasa", "Revisiting the Red History, Inheriting the Spirit of Struggle", and Ali of "Finding Confucius".

(Responsible editor: Chen Mengmeng).

The city’s mass cultural activity sports competition starts

The city’s mass cultural activity sports competition starts

(Reporter Kang Yali) On the evening of May 27, the "Welcome Twenty End of the New Journey" led by the Propaganda Department of the Municipal Party Committee and sponsored by the Municipal Sports Bureau launched the city’s mass cultural activity sports competition in 2022. Yan Jianguo, member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and Minister of Propaganda, attended the launching ceremony and announced the launch of the event.

Deputy Mayor Wang Yun jumped the first basketball game.

It is understood that in 2022, the city’s mass cultural activity sports project covers basketball, football, Go, Go, chess, rope skating, Tai Chi, Judo, Boxing, Fishing, Rubik’s Cube, Hip -hop, Yangge, Tennis, Globe, etc. It involves farmers, employees, students, women, etc., including all ages of the old, middle, and young, with novel forms and colorful forms. During the competition, it will make full use of public stadiums, squares, parks, scenic spots, etc. at all levels.

The competition lasts from May to August.

Holding this event is to welcome the 20th National Congress of the Party, further enrich the people’s spiritual and cultural life, vigorously create a strong atmosphere of unity and forge ahead in the whole society, and help the city create a provincial civilized city with practical actions to help our city create a provincial civilized city. The vivid practice; the specific action to play a sports role to fight against the new crown pneumonia, and it is also a powerful display of the unity and hard work of the children of Linfen in the new era and the spirit of rising the spirit. A wonderful literary performance was performed at the launching ceremony. Subsequently, Hou Ma and Xiangning’s two basketball teams played the first game.

"Open China heeft meer kansen voor de wereld gebracht" – Zen – ContinCy-afdeling hield de 19e vijfde plenaire zitting van plenaire sessie

"Open China heeft meer kansen voor de wereld gebracht" – Zen – ContinCy-afdeling hield de 19e vijfde plenaire zitting van plenaire sessie

Het Centraal Comité van de Communistische Partij van China heeft de nationale ambassade, de buitenlandse Kamer van Koophandel en de Midden-Bedrijfsvertegenwoordiger van het 19e nationale commissie, inclusief meer dan 100 in China, november en 12 november. De senior diplomaten van de Land, evenals meer dan 100 instellingen en bedrijfsvertegenwoordigers van ‘s werelds grootste economie?n en’ s werelds top 500-bedrijven.

De verantwoordelijke kameraden en deskundigen van de centrale overheid hebben het "13e vijfjarensprogramma" met name volledig ingevoerd ", het Centraal Comité van de Communistische Partij van China heeft de veertiende vijfjarige planning van nationale economische en sociale ontwikkeling ontwikkeld. De Hoofdinhoud en verregaande invloed van het jaar van het jaar van het jaar "(hierna" voorgesteld "genoemd), benadrukken dat volgens de leiding van het Partij Centraal Comité van XI Jinping, China de openstelling zal uitbreiden de buitenkant, versterk de internationale samenwerking zoals "een riem helemaal", deel de ontwikkelingskansen met de wereld. Deelnemers prees de enorme prestaties in de "Dertien" -periode van China, wat aangeeft dat de 19e nationale vijfde plenaire zitting de blauwdruk van China’s "14e vijfjaren" en langere economische en sociale ontwikkeling van China weergeeft en loont meer aandacht aan de kwaliteit en voordelen van economisch ontwikkeling. Uitbreiden van de binnenlandse vraag, openen, wetenschappelijke en technologische innovatie, groene ontwikkeling, enz.

Vietnamese ambassadeur naar China Fan Fanye zei: "China maakte een zorgvuldige voorbereiding en onderzoek bij het ontwikkelen van het ontwikkelingsdoel," suggestie "is diepgaand, de langetermijnogen, niet alleen de toekomstige ontwikkelingsrichting van China aangeven, maar ook de regio van invloed is op de regio En zelfs de economische ontwikkeling van de wereld, terwijl het een verwezen is naar de ontwikkeling van de economische en sociale ontwikkeling in ontwikkelingslanden. "In het kader van de steeds complexere internationale omgeving, neemt de onzekerheid van instabiliteit toe," Aanbeveling "benadrukt dat China zich hoort Niveaus open, hoge vrede, ontwikkeling, samenwerking en win-win-vlaggen.

Bi Aren, president van de Amerikaanse Kamer van Koophandel, zei dat dankzij het buitenlandse open beleid van China steeds meer Amerikaanse bedrijven in China investeren. "Ik geloof dat de Amerikaanse bedrijven in de komende 100 jaar zullen blijven ontwikkelen in China.

"De ambassadeur van Oezbekistan naar China Saisham, zei dat China de derde ingang van de uitstraling had gehouden, die opnieuw bleek om de stevigheid van openstelling volledig uit te breiden.

"De markt van China is erg groot, wat belangrijke kansen biedt voor landen, waaronder Oezbekistan.

In de toekomst zal Oezbekistan partnerschappen blijven ontwikkelen met Chinees wederzijds voordeel. "Aanbeveling" stelt China voor om de bouw van nieuwe ontwikkelingspatronen te versnellen die de binnenlandse circulatie bevorderen als het hoofdlichaam, binnenlandse en internationale duale cycli, en de hete bespreking van de vertegenwoordigers van deelnemers worden. "Open China heeft meer kansen voor de wereld gebracht .

"De Uruguay-ambassadeur, zei RU Gris, zei dat Wufang het open initiatief van China sterk waardeert, zal actief de ruimte vinden voor complementariteitssamenwerking in het nieuwe ontwikkelingspatroon van China, en wederzijds voordeel en win-win te bereiken. Ambassador naar China zei dat het nieuwe ontwikkelingspatroon is Het bevorderen van de Chinese economie is gestaag ontwikkelen, het zal meer kansen cre?ren voor buitenlandse bedrijven om in te investeren in india, zal ook meer bijdragen leveren aan het economisch herstel en de ontwikkeling van de wereld. Tijdens het "14e vijfjarige plan" -periode zal China’s economische en sociale ontwikkeling De ontwikkeling van hoge kwaliteit bevorderen is thema.

Deelnemers zijn vol vertrouwen in de ontwikkelingsvooruitzichten van China, en kijken uit naar het bevorderen van de samenwerking met China’s verdere versterking, economische en handel, wetenschap en technologie, geesteswetenschappen en actief deelnemen aan de hoogwaardige ontwikkeling van China. Pereira, een ambassadeur in China, zei dat de afgelopen jaren de wetenschappelijke en technologische innovatiemogelijkheden van China de wereld indrukwekkend hebben gemaakt.

Vooral bij de preventie en controle van Neoguan Pneumonia heeft China veel bijdragen gedaan aan de versterking van de internationale culturele samenwerking in de ontwikkeling van geneesmiddelen, technologie-toepassingen.

Liu Yunfeng, Executive Vice President, Executive Vice President, zei: "Aanbeveling", stelt voor dat China de ontwikkeling van groene koolstofarme ontwikkeling zal versnellen en een belangrijke betekenis heeft van de ontwikkeling van de koolstofemissies in 2000.

"Bij het derde inkomen zullen het publiek en partners verplichtingen doen om constant te streven om koolstofneutralisatie te bereiken.

"De ambassadeur Kroati? in China zei dat China en Kroati? een goede samenwerkingsrelatie hebben gehandhaafd op het gebied van economische en technologische innovatie, maar ook communiceren en in de diepte communiceren op het gebied van culturele en sport.

"China benadrukt de buitenlandse culturele uitwisselingen en een multi-level beschavingsdialoog bij het plannen van ontwikkelingsdoelen, ik ben naar verwachting om nieuwe bevoegdheid te bevorderen om de samenwerking tussen de twee landen te bevorderen.


Carry out the successive power of the Long March Locked Rocket Launch of the International Moon Scientific Research Station 96.7%

Carry out the successive power of the Long March Locked Rocket Launch of the International Moon Scientific Research Station 96.7%

Yesterday, the news office of the State Council released the white paper of "2021 China Aerospace". This is the fifth aerospace white paper released by my country. The full text is about 10,000 characters. It introduces the leapfrog development results of Chinese aerospace since 2016, as well as the practical achievements that promote the modernization of aerospace governance and actively carry out international space exchanges and cooperation. Wu Yanhua, deputy director of the National Space Administration, introduced that in the next five years, it will be built in China Space Station to implement new major projects such as the fourth phase of the month and planet detection, and cultivate new formats such as space tourism such as space tourism.

Wu Yanhua, deputy director of the National Aerospace Bureau of the Long March Locked Rockets, introduced that in the past five years, Chang’e took the moon, Beidou Finger Road, Zhu Rong Fire, Sundy, Tianhe Xingxun, Goku’s wisdom to explore the mystery of the universe, Chinese aerospace aggressive forge ahead Create new achievements and achieve new leaps. From 2016 to 2021, China Aerospace implemented a total of 207 launch.

my country ’s carrier rockets have accelerated the renewal replacement. The new generation of non -toxic and non -polluting carrier rockets represented by the Long March 5 has been put into use. The commercial carrier rockets have continued to emerge, forming land and maritime diversified launch capabilities.

China Space Station was fully implemented, and six astronauts have settled in and opened the era of someone for a long time.

The third phase of the lunar exploration project was successfully ended, and it was achieved successfully. Among them, Chang’e -4 achieved the first monthly underwriting inspection and detection, and Chang’e 5 brought back 1731 grams of Monthly.

The analysis and research of the Moon soil brought by Chang’e 5 has deduced the time axis of the moon’s geological activity from 3 billion years in the original international 3 billion years to 2 billion years, which has made the moon younger about 1 billion years younger. Tianwen No. 1 realized the leap from Chinese aerospace from the moon line to the inter -planet detection, leaving Chinese marks for the first time on Mars.

The space infrastructure has been continuously improved, and the global satellite navigation system of Beidou has been completed and opened, and a system capacity of high -resolution on -ground observation systems.

At present, there are more than 500 satellites working in my country in China, which is widely served in economic and social development, and plays an important role in the construction of Ping An China, Beautiful China, and Digital China. Together with the construction of the International Moon Scientific Research Station, this white paper proposes for the first time to promote the community of shared human destiny in the field of air to carry out international exchanges and cooperation with a more active and open attitude. Wu Yanhua introduced that China and Russia jointly launched the International Moon Scientific Research Station based on their respective plans and plans.

The corresponding tasks of Chang’e VII and Russia’s Chang’e -6 and Russia planned to complete the survey before the construction of the station in about five years.

To complete the facility construction in about ten years, like the establishment of a small town, there must be energy systems, communication navigation systems, remote transportation systems, and heaven and earth round -trip systems, ground support systems and life support systems.

He also stated that China and Russia welcomed international counterparts extensively. After 2035, they will be scientific test on the moon according to the scientific and examination tasks of various countries and organizations.

In addition to the fourth phase of the moon exploration, my country will launch a number of new aerospace projects in the next five years. Wu Yanhua introduced that in the next five years, it will build a China Space Station and a high -resolution -to -ground observation system, implement new major projects such as planet detection, promote the development of heavy -duty carrier rockets, build a near -ground asteroid impact risk response system, and cultivate the marginal detection of the solar system. The project promotes the development of carrier rocket -type, continuously improves the national space infrastructure, and improves the ability of the space environmental governance system.

In order to promote the in -depth integration of space applications and digital economy, enrich application scenarios, innovate business models, deepen the comprehensive application of communication, navigation, and remote sensing information in order to promote the deep integration of space applications and digital economy. Cultivate the development of new space economic formats such as space tourism, space biopharmaceuticals, and space breeding. At the same time, the development of spatial astronomy, spatial physics, the moon and the planet science, space and earth science and other key areas to promote the development of spatial science satellites such as gravitational wave detection, Einstein probe, advanced Tianji solar observation, and other space science satellites. For platforms such as deep space detectors, we continue to carry out cutting -edge scientific exploration and basic research to give birth to more original scientific achievements. (Reporter Dong Xin) Keywords:.

"Double Olympics" added color smart technology to help "ice sail"

"Double Olympics" added color smart technology to help "ice sail"

"Ice" comprehensive upgrade facilities and equipment, providing quality entries and watch experience. Wang Jiayu went into the "ice sail" venue, in addition to the elliptical snow white ice of the game is "dazzling", the huge "panoramic pattern of" panorama surface "over the game is also very eye-catching, this is the world’s first-class, Asia’s largest surface high-defunting screen system.

It consists of four meters high and 8 meters wide, and there is 4 width, high-grade high-stroke, which forms a full-scale clear perspective, facilitating the race referee and athletes, and the audience. Understand the game information. "In order to meet the needs of Winter Olympics, we have improved the overall gait of venues, configured with panoramic mode curved panels, fully upgraded the lights and multimedia equipment.

"Jia Jianqiu, deputy manager of the National Gymnasium Introduction Winter Olympics Ice Hockey competition, demand, and in line with the venue for sustainable requirements. The application of indoor and outdoor integrated non-confusing facilities position service technology is also a highlight of the "ice sail" intelligent transformation upgrade. By applying magnetic navigation, The electronic fence, realized the high-precision navigation in the venue room. The Secretary General of the Venue Running Team Qi Dynasty, "With this service system, the audience can find the seat in the autonomous navigation; and the management personnel can also get the location information of the staff in the venue in real time. Once someone Enter the restriction area, the system will automatically send alarm messages to the managers and can help find the offshore. "" The control of the sound light sound effect has also achieved high intelligence, and only needs to control the whole through a tablet. "Qi, add to the feature of the ice hockey," Ice "venues, the auditorium seats, etc. also achieve intelligent upgrades, providing a comfortable and convenient participating experience for athletes and viewers. Environmental protection and energy saving The Green Winter Olympics National Gymnasium is one of the three major home halls of the 2008 Beijing Olympics. It is the largest indoor integrated gymnasium in Asia.

During the transition from Xiao Winter Olympics, the National Gymnasium will fully land the "green winter" concept. The maximum change in "Ice Sail" is from the racket. In order to make the ice quality in accordance with the Winter Olympics, the National Stadium invites international ironing master to participate, and produced the highest level of ice team in China, adding an ice hockey ice on the original game, and built a snorkel training hall . These two ice rows, a piece of work for the Winter Olympics, a piece of training in front of the game. "During the ice making process, we have the efficient use of resources as the core, fully practice energy-saving and environmental protection, ‘green Olympics’ philosophy.

"Jia Jianqiu introduced that two ice rinks used to use iron emissions to become zero-ice technology and environmentally friendly refrigerants, and configure low temperature ethylene glycol screw ice cream, which can convert heat generated during the ice-free process to ice rink. The heat energy required to prevent the dew heating, the ice-built-in-ice, the ice-watering car cleaning, etc., further saves energy, making the entire ice system more environmentally friendly.

With sustainable use as the guide concept, as a convertible ice hockey field, the two ice sides of "Ice" have a variety of size mode conversion functions, which can not only meet the requirements of the Winter Olympics, but also for the public after the game. Ice activities, pattern skating, daily training and various events.

Science and Technology Power Guarding Ping An Winter Olympics, a series of intelligent epidemic prevention "Black Technology" is unveiled in "Ice", providing better environmental conditions and security for all participants.

What is the size of Wuling Light?

What is the size of Wuling Light?

This model uses a naturally aspirated engine. The comprehensive fuel consumption of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology is/100km. The fuel consumption of 100 kilometers is between 6 and 8 liters. The amount of fuel consumption of the car is not only related to the car itself, but also has something to do with the driving conditions of the car and the driver’s driving habits.

If driving habits are not good and often drive on some traffic jam roads, the fuel consumption of 100 kilometers of the car will definitely rise.

If you want to reduce fuel consumption, you need to change your driving habits and try to drive on some smooth roads. When driving on the road of traffic jams, cars often need to stop and stop.

The car needs a lot of kinetic energy when the car starts from the static state. At this time, the engine needs to output a lot of power. If it is often stopped, the fuel consumption of the car will definitely increase. In addition, when driving on the traffic jam, some of the engines of the car are at idle conditions. The engine mileage of the car does not increase when the engine is at idle, but the engine has been consumed fuel. high. Personal driving habits have a greater impact on the fuel consumption of cars. When driving a car, if you want to improve the fuel economy, you need to avoid rapid acceleration and slow slowdown, and try to keep the car in a uniform state.

When using a car, you must also maintain your car on time, and you must use authentic oil and accessories. Maintenance on time can keep the car in a good state, which is also greatly helpful for improving the fuel economy of the car.

Anhui: Give full play to functions to strengthen judicial protection of minors

Anhui: Give full play to functions to strengthen judicial protection of minors

Give full play to functions to strengthen judicial protection.

While carrying out special protection for minor defendants, severely punish various crimes that infringe on minor victims in accordance with the law, and include civil and administrative cases involving minors involving minors into the scope of the case.

Of the 126 young courts in the province, 73 have achieved "two -way protection" of minor defendants and minors. Of these, 31 were "two -way protection" and "comprehensive protection" at the same time; the criminal cases that were simply accepted by the defendant were simply accepted to 28, and 14 other accepted criminal and civil cases accepted minors.

According to reports, in 2021, the courts of Anhui concluded a total of 10,343 cases of minor cases, of which 651 criminals, 9308 civilians, and 360 administrative administrations were reduced and parole of minor victim criminals. Among the 651 1018 of the 651 defendants in the effective judgment, social investigations, psychological guidance, court education, post -judgment visits, social observation, judicial assistance, etc. The famous minor defendant carried out social surveys and conducted a return to 298 453 for the minors who were not in prison. For litigation files for minor defendants who have been sentenced to less than five years of punishment and crimes, they are under the age of eighteen years old, strictly enforce the requirements of criminal records and create conditions for their return to society. (Responsible editors: Liang Qiuping, Bo Chenzhen) Share let more people see it.

"Cultural Meal" at the door

"Cultural Meal" at the door

 The chopstick dance non -genetic inheritance was guided on the spot. Recently, Ulan Muqi, Olan Mu, Ordos City, and Tuka Gaga, Tuka Town, has carried out the theme "National Unity Family, Cultural Revitalization and Mother" grass -roots volunteer service activity.

  In order to further promote the practical activity of "I do a practical work for the masses", Ulan Muqi rides in Wuxia Town, Tuka Town, Tuka Gagha, and set up a volunteer service assistance point. Check the instruments such as Yangqin, Sician, Sanxian.

Sha Ren Gaol, Secretary of the Party Branch of Huang Tao Ge Gacha, said happily: "In the future, we use these musical instruments to organize farmers and herdsmen to perform their own literary programs, and use practical actions to play the role of the literary team of Gacha Village, so that Gacha Cultural positions’ hot ‘, the masses’ moves’, and the cultural activity’ fire. "At the event, the Ulan Muqi of Ordos made a literary guidance for the Gacha Literature and Art Team, and established a long -term mechanism for helping work. It will provide services such as artistic counseling and equipment support for the Gacha Literature Team for a long time to improve the level of cultural facilities, art performances and literary and artistic creation of the Gacha Literature and Art Team. When I came to Gacha, the actor of the Wulan animal husbandry was indispensable to present a rich "cultural meal" for farmers and herdsmen. The programs such as Sailu Day "and" Wine Songs "took turns, pushing the performance to climax. The applause, cheers, and applause were constantly. A "drama" addiction.

  On the day of the event, Ulan Muqi in Ordos also issued legal books, scientific and technological practical books, rule of law propaganda materials, and on -site answers to farmers and herdsmen through suspension of banners, issuing the Constitution, Civil Code. Policies, national theoretical policies, legal knowledge, etc., effectively expand the depth and breadth of the combination of publicity and education and the cultural life of the masses, and become an effective carrier for the influence of the cultural creation of the rule of law and the expansion of the "rule of the rule of law".

(Reporter Wang Yuzhuo’s intern Feng Yu Photography Report) (Responsible editor: Zhang Xuedong, Liu Ze) Share to let more people see recommended reading.

"2022 Nieuwjaarsdag 钟 活动" Hield met succes Chen Dong Lord en Greetings

"2022 Nieuwjaarsdag 钟 活动" Hield met succes Chen Dong Lord en Greetings

De Chief Executive, Lin Zheng Yue, en de plaatsvervangend directeur van ons kantoor.

(Bron: "2022 Nieuwjaarsdag 钟 活动" Voorbereidingscomité) Deze website Nieuws Bao Lian Holy Land, Big Buddha Bell.

In de vroege ochtend van 1 januari, 2022, de "Big Buddha Zhongsheng, Buddha Xiangjiang – 2022 Nieuwjaarsdag Zhongzhong Prayer" werd gehouden. De Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Lin Zheng Yuexi, ik heb een vice-directeur Chen Dong’s rituele en groeten. De Chief Executive, Lin Zheng Yue, en de plaatsvervangend directeur van ons kantoor, Chen Dong, op 31 december 202, om 23:09, en uiteindelijk nam de klok net 2022.

  De Chief Executive, Lin Zheng Yue, stuurde de groeten van het nieuwe jaar, ik wens de mensen in Hong Kong in 2022 gezond en gelukkig; wens Hong Kong Society samen, die de epidemie overwint; Ik wens de nationale wind, bloeiende! Chen Dong, adjunct-directeur, zei in de zegen: "De klokken zijn melodieus, bad tot quanxiang.

Op dit moment, namens de centrale overheid in Hong Kong, wil ik de directeur van de centrale overheid vertegenwoordigen, die de directeur van Luo Huining vertegenwoordigt, zegende alle burgers van het nieuwe jaar, het zegende Hong Kong mooier morgen, Het grote moederland zegenen om te gedijen, mensen van Guotai! "Vervolgens hielden meer dan 500 burgers de lampceremonie te bidden voor Hong Kong, bidden voor het land, en wens het nieuwe jaar Hong Kong in New Hopes. Evenement passeerde ook de klokcultuurcollege, de lichten, bidden, bid, bid , lichten verschillende vormen van prestaties en andere vormen hebben de Chinese traditionele cultuur gepromoot.

Tegelijkertijd regelt het evenement zanger om uitvoeringen te zingen, met meer dan 50 Chinese muziekgroepbegeleiding, door TVB via een video-verbindingsmodus met burgers die deelnemen aan de centrale jachthaven, Centraal Marina, Centraal Marina, welkom, alle Hong Kong.