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The first multi-human cabin nucleic acid collection station in Luzhou, Henan Province officially embedded

The first multi-human cabin nucleic acid collection station in Luzhou, Henan Province officially embedded

The public made a nucleic acid test in the multi-human cabin nucleic acid collection.Wang Yuli is provided according to relevant staff, and the square cabin nucleic acid acquisition workstation does not contact the outside world. The glass is observed, and the rubber handset is used to avoid direct contact with the sampling object.

At the same time, the medical staff do not need to wear thick protective clothing in the cabin, just with a surgery mask, and indoor thermostat is 26 degrees, avoiding high temperature weather care staff to sweat.

The staff in the cabin helps complete the sample packaging transfer work, complete process closed-loop management."The workstation is not intermittently collected in 24 hours, and the daily inspection can reach more than 3,000 people!" Mexuhong, head of the hot clinic, said that the use of workstations and the diversion of social testing personnel and hospitalized patients and accompanyingLet the public complete nucleic acid tests upon 3 minutes while reducing the risk of medical infection and improving productivity.

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Record the rural life short video online, the firefighters see problems at a glance …

Record the rural life short video online, the firefighters see problems at a glance …

Recording the family of rural lives in a short video platform, and let some people began to imitate him.

Under their shots, cooking, go to the ground, Divine Wall & Hellip; & hellip; this kind of rural life without a filter, real and ground, makes many netizens very good! But in these short video However, firefighters found some security hazards, but also remind everyone to pay attention to electricity and heating in winter.

In the video of the classmates, there is a pink porous plug-in, and Zhang Tongchi will use it with a rice cooker, plug in the hot kettle, and charging the phone or electric razor. However, the tank on this plunabarboard has been obviously burned, and there are several paragraphs; in the power cord connection of the wiring board, the external rubber has been broken, and the electric wire inside is exposed.

In this regard, Zixinglong, deputy director of the news propaganda department of Tongzhou District Fire Rescue Detachment, said that such a wiring board seems to be over-age, there is a double risk of fire and electric shock. The life of the wiring board is generally 5 years to 8 years, and it is recommended to replace it for 5 years.

There is already a jack that is burned black on the plugboard in the box, so the internal discontinuation or short circuit due to rust, elasticity, and the aging of the wire, and the power line have appeared in the power cord. Note that this tabbed board itself is not good or over-age, it should stop using it.

Qixinglong also reminded that the plugboard in the video is often connected to the rice cooker, and the kettle and other high-power appliances. If the use may cause the plugboard to overload, thereby producing overheating, the case where the circuit is blown, and it is very easy to cause fire.

In addition, in the video of the classmate, in order to warm, he sometimes put a pot of charcoal fire, but this behavior also has a safety hazard.

Qixinglong said: Use such an open-fire heating method, be careful to keep indoor ventilation, and should not be placed in the place where there is a burning material such as bedding. Qixinglong also referred to a gas heating warmer currently sold on the market. The bottom of this heater can be connected to the liquefied gas tank, and it is also a way to heating, so it is not appropriate to put in a closed space or personnel intensive place. If the ventilation conditions are not Ok, it is easy to cause carbon monoxide poisoning. As a firefighters, Qixinglong believes that these fire hazards in these videos that tell rural life may be the real scene in rural life. However, as a traffic anchor, it should also pay attention to the correct fire protection knowledge, and the demonstration role should be used. For the reminder of firefighters, on the latest video released by the students on December 10, the fire prevention and publicity got home payment for the prevention of winter safety.

Under the video comment, many netizens are all this: I found that the problem is immediately corrected, I hope to take more propaganda video, popularize more safety knowledge through this way. (Original title: Record the rural life short video online popular, firefighters see questions & hellip; & hellip;) Source: Beijing Daily Client Internship reporter Xu Yingbo Process Editor: U028 Copyright Notice: Text copyright is owned by Beijing News Group, unauthorized Do not reprint or adapt.

Solve people, warm people! Hengzhou police put "windows" into the people’s home

Solve people, warm people! Hengzhou police put "windows" into the people’s home

Xinfu Police Station’s household registration personnel go to the door to apply for an ID card for the masses.

Lin Lulu, on October 8, the Xinfu Police Station of Hengzhou City Public Security Bureau went deep into the jurisdiction, moved the "service window" to the masses, and took a photo of a patient with a sick and inconvenient group of small animal husbandry (name) The extensive praise of the masses in the jurisdiction.

Recently, Xinfu Police Station learned about Xiaimaima, the villager of the Village Committee of the Village Committee of the jurisdiction, is inconvenient to go out, but he has not yet handled an ID card, and everyday work has also produced many inconvenience.

After receiving the situation of small animal husbandry, the police actively carried out the practice of "I do practical things for the people", forward the "service window", and actively go to the small animal husbandry. On the afternoon of November 8, the police, the auxiliary police and the small animal husbandry and their families were approximately good time, and they carry relevant equipment to Xiaumu. Xiaomu’s home is far from the new Fu police, there is not easy to walk, it takes more than an hour, the police, the auxiliary police, in order not to let the little animal husbandry, they rushed over a few hours in advance.

At 4 o’clock in the afternoon, the police, the auxiliary police finally arrived at the home of Xiaomu, helping the small animal husbandry, got a good background, and collected qualified photos and handled relevant procedures for small animal husbandry.

After completing it, Xiaomu and his family have express their sincere gratitude to the police and the auxiliary police. Every "little thing" of the police office is a "big thing" in the people’s heart. Hengzhou police will continue to carry out practical activities "I am doing real things for the masses", rubbing a bright households in high-quality, efficient services, and sending a different warmth for the masses. (Lin Luo) (Editor: Li Minjun, Huang Yumi) Sharing let more people see.

Van Changning Oil Tea Town om de dorp revitalisering te zien

Van Changning Oil Tea Town om de dorp revitalisering te zien

  In het 19e nationale congres van de Pick Junlong, een landelijke revitalisatiestrategie, het Centraal Comité van de Communistische Partij van China, heeft de Staatsraad documenten uitgegeven over het ontwikkelen van landbouwplichtige gebieden, en bevordering van plattelandsrevitalisatie, een reeks initiatieven in het hele land.

Over het algemeen richten alle locaties gericht op het oplossen van de "drie landelijke" problemen, waarbij de modernisering van landbouwplichtige gebieden wordt bereikt en heeft bepaalde resultaten behaald. "Xiang" is een bewust zelfverbetering media-interview met het thema van landelijke vitaliteit. Op 16 november ging hij naar Hengyang Changning City. Hij ging naar Xiling Town "Oil Tea Town". Groot.

  Op de lokale, overheids- en industri?le boeren bouwden gezamenlijk gezamenlijk "Oil Tea Towns" en behaalde resultaten in landbouwplichtige ontwikkeling.

Onder de nieuwe situatie wordt de manier van doorvoer gebruikt en heeft Xilingstad een situatie gevormd in theeolieproductie, plattelandstoerisme, culturele erfenis. De boeren hebben het land overgedragen aan ondernemingen via landoverdracht, en het bedrijf geplant olie theebomen op de land, en huur vervolgens lokale boeren in om te bewaken. Olie theetuin of deelnemen aan gerelateerd werk. Tegelijkertijd maakt het ping van een huiswerk van een dorp ons zien dat de plattelandsverjonging een praktisch inkomen heeft gebracht voor lokale mensen. Kijkend naar de dorp Revitalisatie van het "Oil Tea Town" van Ping’an Village, Changning City, kunnen we geen rechte manier zien om het dorp te revitaliseren. Vanuit "Oil Tea Town" zag de auteur de productie van landbouwintensivatieplant, de erfenis van lokale landelijke culturen, de ontwikkeling van landelijk toerisme.

  De plattelandsvibratie is gericht op de ontwikkeling van de industrie. Via landcirculatie heeft Xiling Town een reeks olie-theesbomen, picking en andere procedures opgericht. Natuurlijk heeft Xiling Town veel vooruitgang op de productie van oliethee, is de uitbreiding van de industrieketen.

Het is duidelijk dat de lokale productie van olietheezaden in de lokale productie in afgewerkte olie wordt geproduceerd, waarvan de meeste naar andere plaatsen worden getransporteerd.

De auteur is van mening dat verdere uitbreiding van de industrieketen nodig is om meer ontwikkeling te bereiken. De auteur gelooft dat "Oil Tea Towns" het beste in de reeks industrie?n doen, moeten een landelijk toerisme zijn, en het plattelandsvoerisme is zwaar in drie "must".

  Er is "eten". De auteur als voedsel, denk aan dat tijdens de tour de meest aantrekkelijke ding lokale keuken is.

Vertrouwend op de karakteristieke landbouwproducten, ping een dorp heeft veel speciale snacks gemaakt, zeven azijn, soja-oliebakjes, saus en vodden gember, zoete aardappel. Tegelijkertijd trekt het toeristen aan om specialiteiten te eten in de rest van de Speel.

Daaropvolgende plaatsen kunnen hard werken in "Eten", produceren functies met karakteristieke producten, en denken aan "Oil Tea Towns" wanneer ze dit eten eten.

  Er is "spelen". Naast eten is het spelen, iedereen is in de vrije tijd, het is om te ontspannen. Er is acre oliethee in de Camellia-vallei, en u kunt in de winter van thee genieten, en u kunt "thee" kiezen wanneer de lente, u kunt komen om de wind te verzamelen.

In het ping van een dorp kun je Print Art kijken en je kunt zelfs leren om jezelf te leren om te graveren, leuk. Bij het ping van een dorp, denkt de auteur dat de meest lokale kenmerken een traditionele productie-productie zijn, die de oude methode van drogen, slijpen, stomen en olie, enz. Laten zien, groeit ook in de lol.

De auteur is van mening dat de auteur in dit verband ook ontwikkelingsruimte kan hebben, inclusief graafbare lokale culturele symbolen, zoals liedjes, cijfers.

  Er is "leven". Het "leven" hier verwijst naar het milieu, op het platteland, de meest betrokkenen behalve "eten" is "trek".

Onder leiding van de superieure overheid, heeft Ping een dorp actief de wc-revolutie gepromoot, die diensten leveren, zoals septisch zwembad-renovatie, de lokale toiletomgeving verbeterde en beschermde de ecologische omgeving terwijl het voldoet aan het goede leven van het volk. Bij het symposium vermeldde een lokaal overheidsmedewerkers dat "World Oil Thee Seeing Hunan, Hunan Oil The Thee Presentes Changning", Hunan is een van de moeder van theeolie, maar met succes opgericht "Olie-thee-steden", is het eerste huis.

Natuurlijk is Changsha Liuyang ook van plan om "Oil Tea Towns" te bouwen. Dit is echter ook het de moeite waard, waarom is het altijd onthouden, terwijl andere producenten met theeolie geen landelijke verjonging doen, niet duizend artikelen, elke plaats heeft een kenmerken van elke plaats, om je eigen kenmerken te vormen, om je eigen kenmerken te vormen, , de revitalisering van het land is ook duizenden mensen, ontwikkelende industrie?n, ontwikkelingsgebieden, op zoek naar de waarheid uit feiten.

Shijiazhuang will take a variety of ways to take advantage of the land.

Shijiazhuang will take a variety of ways to take advantage of the land.

Original title: Shijiazhuang will take a division to use good to remove the land and make up the facility blank nourish function Short board to make up the ecological weakness. Shijiazhuang will take a division. The land is taken. The land is recently, and the Shijiazhuang City has introduced "private charring construction, illegal construction Implementation of land use after demolition ", strengthen private routine, illegal construction, removal of land management, and promote the construction of livable environment, further optimize production, life, ecological layout.

The plan is clear, adhere to the principle of "scientific planning, due to local conditions, people’s livelihood, coordination layout, saving surplus land", combined with planning and land, through project construction, ecological greening, etc. Life, three spaces, speed up the facilities, replenish the functional short board, make up the ecological weakness, also space in the city, also green, in the people, and also publicly supported the society. In order to optimize the living space, supplemental facilities, the use of the land is implemented according to the plan, and the land is also built, it is suitable for green, and it is easy to remove, that is, clear, complete, ready to build, ie.

For non-operating land such as public service facilities, green space, road land use, in the private service, illegal construction is removed, and the land will be implemented in accordance with the plan; for the plan for commercial, living, etc. can be developed, according to "What to make for the replenishment of the urban function short board, supplement public service facilities according to the lack of public service facilities in the jurisdiction; Project, implanted new industries, new formats, build new economic growth points, properly resettle the masses, become new economic development engines, to help the provincial capital further innovate and develop, green development, high quality development. Implement the implementation of illegal construction in accordance with the principle of "things walking".

For non-operating land such as public service facilities, green space, road land use, from the corresponding competent department to organize the construction of the ground; for the planning of commercial, residential, etc., the land of the industry is organized by the governments Construction work. The private line is built, and there is no new illegal construction after illegal construction, and it is necessary to implement construction projects according to procedures.

All counties (cities, districts) in accordance with the administrative divisions, unified delegation of the first-class qualification design units to carry out private chaos, illegal buildings to demolish the block planning and design work, conduct high standard design, and after the approved, the government or corresponding authorities organized Implementation.

According to the relevant person in charge of the Natural Resources and Planning Bureau of Shijiazhuang City, it will increase the infrastructure and public service facilities, increase infrastructure and public service facilities, increase the infrastructure and public service facilities, increase the public space of urban square, green space, increase infrastructure and public service facilities. Beautify the environment, convenience Huimin, remarkably improve the urban style of transformation, and significantly improve the public service level of the residential area. (Reporter Ren Lishuang) (Editor: Fang Tong, Zhu Dragon Super) Sharing Let more people see the recommended reading.

Tomorrow! The strongest cold wave since the autumn will affect these areas

Tomorrow! The strongest cold wave since the autumn will affect these areas

Video production: Wang Xuexun People’s Network Beijing November 3 (Reporter Ding Yixin) According to the Central Meteorological Observatory, from November 4th to 7th, the cold wave is affected by the cold wave, and there will be a wind and cool weather in the northwest, and some areas have more Strong rain and snow, the eastern waters have wind. What is the strength of this cold wave? Which regions are covered by rain and snow? The reporter interviewed Zhang Tao, chief predictor of the Central Meteorological Observatory. According to Zhang Tao, this cold wave will bring cooling to northern Xinjiang at night at night on November 3.

On the 4th, the cold wave influence area is mainly the northern part of Xinjiang.

On the 5th, the South China and Western Regions of Xinjiang will be affected by the cold wave.

On the 6th, the cold wave is in the middle of the east, and the east has affected the entire North China, and the South is affected to the Sichuan Basin. On the 7th, the cold wave will affect the northeast, Huazhong, East China, Jiangnan, South China.

Overall, most parts of the country will be affected by this cold wave, the temperature reduction is generally above 8 ~ 10 degrees Celsius, the temperature drop in some parts of the northwest, North China can reach 12 ~ 14 degrees Celsius, and the temperature drop in some regions reaches 16 degrees Celsius. Especially the highest temperature is significant, the highest temperature drop in the northwest, North China, will even reach 20 degrees Celsius. This cold wave will not only bring cooling, but also with the wind. Xinjiang, Northwest China, North China, North China, North China In addition, there will be rain and snow. North China, East Inner Mongolia, Northeast China has a small rain to rain, some areas are large to blizzard, or rain. North China Plain is mainly based on rain, and there will be rain in the north of the plain. There is a high rain process in the south.

Zhang Tao said that from the perspective of influence range, cooling and minimum temperature value, this time this year is the strongest cold air process since the autumn, it is expected to reach the intensity of the national cold wave.

In this regard, he reminded that this cold wave caused the temperature to change dramatic, there is a large range of rain and snow weather, the feeling is very cold, the public needs to pay attention to the change of temperature, add clothes to the clothes, take relevant cold measures, and beware of colds.

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The central government convened the national grassroots management system reform experience exchange meeting

The central government convened the national grassroots management system reform experience exchange meeting

  On November 24, the Central Committee was held in Beijing to hold a national grassroots management system reform experience exchange meeting. The deputy director of the Central Organization Department and the director of the Central Committee, Zhou Zuyi attended the meeting and speaking, emphasizing the establishment department of all levels to develop socialism with Xi Jinping’s new era. The idea is guided, and the spirit of implementing the 19th National President of the Party of the Communist Party of China, conscientiously implement the decision-making deployment of the Party Central Committee on Building a Simple and Efficient Grassroots Management System, Strengthening the Modernization of Grassroots Governance System and Governance Capacity, Further Consolidation and Deepen Township (Street) Institutional reform, innovative grassroots management system.

  Zhou Zuyi emphasized that the department of institutions at all levels must carefully study the general discourse and instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping on Deepening the Reform of Grassroots Management, Strengthening the Construction of Grassroots Governance Systems and Governance Capacity Modernization, and Unifying Thoughts and Action to Xi Jinping General Secretary important instructions Discounted spirit and party central decision-making deployment, surrounding the improvement of grassroots institutional functional systems, enhances grassroots social management and public service functions, and further enhances the use of resources in the grassroots, improves grassroots service management efficiency, and continues to integrate optimization institutions and work strength. Promote resource management services to sink, establish a flexible and efficient employer system, and innovate the grassroots management system mechanism. Requires the highness of the institutions at all levels in the overall highness of the party and national undertakings, profoundly understand the importance and urgency of the grassroots management system reform, effectively enhance the sense of responsibility and mission, implement work responsibility, strengthen cooperation, and track guidance in time The spirit of the nail is implemented in various tasks. Cui Shapeng, deputy director of the central government, presided over the meeting. Zou Ming, Li Zieze, Central Organization Department, National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Central Committee, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Human Resources, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Agriculture The responsible comrades of all local groups participated in the conference.

Participants and major business directors participated in the meeting at the meeting of the sessiles and the Director of the Party Committee of Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps and the Director of the Party Committee of the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corporation. Beijing, Hebei, Jiangxi, Shandong, Sichuan, Ningxia and other six provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the Central Government, have made exchanges.

Vergeet de bruisende Mission Party-groep niet

Vergeet de bruisende Mission Party-groep niet

Bouw van beschermend onderzoek. Versterk het "Vierniveau Joint Houssy System" -onderzoek, Township en Party-leden van het dorp Second-level en kaders diep in 4 dorpen 32 Net-gebieden om zich te concentreren op buitenlandse mensen "tapijt" -oplossing. Volgens het rastergebied, terugkeren naar Lanzhou, Haidong, Xining, Xi’an en andere plaatsen om een ??uitgebreid onderzoek uit te voeren. In reactie op ander personeel heeft classificatie rekening vastgesteld, meldt het traject onmiddellijk en doe dan 3 nucle?nezuurdetectie, registratie, temperatuurmeting, controlecode, strikt het systeem "ZERO RAPPORT" en bepaalt u elke dag een speciale persoonsstatistieken. Resoluut lekt niet één persoon.

Versterkende begeleiding.

"Nieuwe tijden beschaafde partijleden motorfietspresentatie", gezamenlijke huishoudens-account, en dringt er bij voetgangers op aan mensen te verzamelen die geen maskers en aggregaten hebben gedragen.

Ga niet uit, doe niet naar boven, ga niet winnen, geen diner, slijtagemasker, moeilijk te hand, gemakkelijk te begrijpen taal om de epidemische preventie en controle te helpen, de massa’s te gebruiken om zelfbescherming te doen, een moment van aanraken in de massa. "Vrijwilligerswerk.

Om het werk van deze epidemische preventie en -controle en controle te waarborgen, streven de communistische partijleden in Jiang Qianxiang in Gande County om het voorbeeldige rol van partijleden volledig te spelen en het verschillende epidemische preventie- en controlebeleid van provinciale provincies resoluut te implementeren Doe altijd epidemie waar het is, waar is de figuur van de partij, waar de felle rode partijvlag fladdert, en het heeft een belangrijke bijdrage geleverd aan deze epidemische preventie en -controle.

(Bron: Gandi County Committee Propaganda Department) (Editor: Chen Mingju, Zhang Liping) Delen Laat meer mensen aanbeveling lezen.

Start op de 14e regel de werking van het lopende kaart

Start op de 14e regel de werking van het lopende kaart

Op woensdag 20, 2021, zal Beijing Youth News News (Reporter Liu Yang) morgen beginnen, de hele lijn van Jingang Metro-lijn 14 (Zhang Guizhuang Station – Shanzhuang Station) start de werking van het lopende kaart en het passagiersectie is 14 Lijnen, de westelijke sectie (Station Zhang Guizhuang – Station Zhang Guizhuang) en Oost-sectie (Peking South Railway Station – Shanzhuang Station), het segment zonder vervoers is het resterende segment 14 station – Jingfeng Gate Station). Tegelijkertijd, na de werking van de proefperiode van het doorlopen van de lire-kaart, is de 14e regel aangepast in het ochtend- en avondpiekverkeersinterval en de eerste en laatste bustijd, die handig is voor passagiers. Volgens de introductie van Jingang Metro. Op dit moment wordt de resterende proefwerkzaamheden in de 14e regel geleidelijk uitgevoerd, en het is gepland om de werking van het lopende kaart te starten, de proefperiode van de proefperiode, en het 14e regelwerk zal zijn De ochtend en ‘s avonds. Gebruikt 1: 1 Size Road Routering-modus om te draaien, waaronder het Dajiao-station is in het Shanzhuang-station van Station Zhang Guzhuang; het kleine verkeer bevindt zich in het zakelijke district Lize. Het vroege piekverkeersinterval van het oostelijke deel 14 (Beijing South Railway Station), zal worden ingekort van 3 minuten en 30 seconden tot 3 minuten, en het avondpiekinterval wordt van 4 minuten tot 3 minuten ingekort; bestaande paragraaf 14 westerse sectie ( Zhang Guzhuang Station – West Council Station) De ochtend en de avond van de ochtend en avond blijft gedurende 6 minuten, en het piekdrijfinterval wordt van 8 minuten tot 6 minuten ingekort.

Tijdens de proefwerking van de 14e regel zal de werking van 14 kolommen worden verhoogd en kan de capaciteit met 34% worden verhoogd door het aantal online treinen te verhogen en het optimaliseren van aandrijforganisaties, en de passagiers kunnen soepel reizen. Met het begin van de draaiterkaart van de 14e past de eerste en laatste busperiode van elk station ook aan, en er is alleen de groeiperiode van de westelijke secties van sectie 14 en het oostsectie van de oostsectie, zodat de metro is flexibeler en handig. Onder hen is de eerste bus vertrektijd in het westelijke deel van het West-Duan Duan naar het West Council Station 35 minuten van tevoren. De laatste bus vertrektijd is 20 minuten; het Station van de West-Raad naar Zhang Guizhuang Station Richting, de Late Bus-vertrek Tijd vertraagd gedurende 1 uur 28 minuten. De eerste bus vertrektijd van Beijing South Railway Station in Beijing South Railway Station is voorafgaand op 3 minuten van tevoren en de laatste bus vertrektijd is vertraagd. 5 minuten. Sourceph "Style =" Display: NONE ">.

Taiyuan City Apricot Ling District Market Supervision Administration Juhuan Regulatory Station investigates the cosmetics online transaction

Taiyuan City Apricot Ling District Market Supervision Administration Juhuan Regulatory Station investigates the cosmetics online transaction

  Original title: The huge round supervision station investigates the behavior of cosmetics online transactions to crack down on the use of network sales illegal cosmetics. On October 15th, the Huge Wheel Regulatory Station of the Taiyuan City, the Market Supervision Bureau of the Taiyuan City launched a cosmetics. "Source "risk investigation.In the inspection, law enforcement personnel focused on whether there is a sales illegal addition of cosmetics, counterfeit cosmetics, unlicensed cosmetics, unpaid cosmetics, unpassible non-special use cosmetics, unpassible non-special use cosmetics, unpassive non-special use cosmetics, unpaid-freeThe State Food and Drug Administration or the Provincial Food and Drug Administration announced or notified the unqualified cosmetics, suspended sales of cosmetics.Next, the station will further touch the base of cosmetic e-commerce platform operators and network sellers, effectively standardize the sales behavior of cosmetics network in the jurisdiction, and investigate and deal with illegal act according to law.

(Reporter Zhang Yong correspondent Xing Jinxi).