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Taiyuan double creation work steadily advanced

Taiyuan double creation work steadily advanced

  Original title: Taiyuan dual-creation work steadily advances this year, Taiyuan City has a good evaluation of the incubator assessment of national technology enterprises and dual-created carriers to cultivate high-tech enterprises, and the scientific and technological SMEs give a reward to create a good policy environment that encourages innovation entrepreneurship.Taiyuan Science and Technology Departments streamline various projects declared reports, reducing information filling and material transfer, mitigating the burden of enterprises and scientific research, giving research institutions and researchers greater sovereignty, and stimulating the innovation and creation of enterprises.As of the end of 2020, there were 135 provincial and above public space, including 27 national levels, an increase of 59% over the previous year; 30 provincial and above technology corporate incubators, an increase of 10% from the previous year.In order to further enhance the level of Taiyuan City, the Taiyuan Technology Enterprise Incubator Association is jointly established in Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei and other places to establish a northern hatching network, through cooperation with the Beijing-Tianjin Huiji, promote high quality development of regional incubation industry.

The National People’s Congress Standing Committee Moveholders held the second phase of the 2021 local legislation training course

The National People’s Congress Standing Committee Moveholders held the second phase of the 2021 local legislation training course

The National People’s Congress Standing Committee, the second phase of the 2021 local legislation training class released time: 2021-12-0716: 05 Tuesday Source: Rule of Law Daily – Rule of Law Network Rule of Law Daily News Reporter Zhu Ning Ning National People’s Congress Standing Committee legal work committee 2021 The second place of the year is open in Beijing today. Shen Chun Yao, director of the National People’s Congress Standing Committee, deputy director, Xu’an Board, Wu Zeng attended the opening ceremony.

Strengthening local legislation is an important measure to implement the spirit of the central government and the spirit of the CPC’s Work Conference and the National People’s Congress of the National People’s Congress, the National People’s Congress Standing Committee’s important task. This is the first time the National People’s Congress Standing Committee, the National Local Legislation Training Course, in addition to the main venue in Beijing, in addition to the main venue in Beijing. 5 days for the training class, from Heilongjiang, Hebei, Shanxi, Anhui, Hubei, Hunan, Guangdong, Guangxi, Sichuan, Guizhou, Yunnan, Qinghai, 171 states, Tianjin, Chongqing two municipalities The Legislative staff and part of the National Standing Committee and 17 grassroots legislative contact points, the Standing Committee, the Standing Committee, the Standing Committee, the Standing Committee, the regular training class is attached to the local legislation training course. Shen Chun Yao pointed out in the opening office. At present, the whole country is in-depth study of the party’s 19th China Plenary Session, and we must profoundly understand the significance of the party’s 100-year struggle and historical experience, and understand the party’s 100-year struggle. The initial mission, the socialism of Chinese characteristics enters the historical achievement and historical change in the new era, the history of the party’s hundred years of struggle, with the historical requirements for the future, vigorously promote the spirit of the great website, closely combined with the work, in the new era new journey The new achievements of legislators are made. To be awarded, acting as a mission, adhere to the people’s center, develop the whole process people democracy, strengthen and improve local legislation, and actively respond to the legislative practice to actively respond to and solve the hotspot between society concerned, maintain social fairness and justice, and enhance the people’s happiness , Feel, safe, better meet the people’s good life. According to reports, combined with in-depth study and implementation of the Party’s 19th National and 19th Er, Sanzhong, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth Plenary Session, in-depth study and implement the spirit of the rule of law of Xi Jinping, and study in-depth study and implement the spirit of the CPC Work Conference. Training class is carefully arranged in 9 lessons. Contents involve in-depth learning leadership leadership and experience in the leadership of national systems and legal systems, and study in depth to practice the rule of law of the rule of law, the authority, procedures and work of local legislation, legislative technical standards, civil class In implementing, administrative punishment legal system, constitutional supervision and filing review work. In addition, local legislation work experience and experience and experience in the construction of local legislative work experience and grassroots legislation points. Editor in charge: Zhang Meixin.

Shandong Dongying: Garbage classification is a new fashion of rural civilization

Shandong Dongying: Garbage classification is a new fashion of rural civilization

  Plexible garbage classification theme wall painted, put neat four-color trash can, clear and detailed garbage sorting knowledge … Along 005 county roads to Dongcun, Dongying, Dongying, Shandong Province, early winter village In the sun shine, it is very bright and quiet, and the big red propaganda slogan "to" do a good job in garbage classification, create a civilized new style "is introduced into the eye. "Since our village is created as the garbage classification demonstration point in the town, the garbage classification has become the popular topics of the villagers.

"Bay Yangcun New Times Civilization Practice Station Administrator Yang Caiyun wiped the garbage classification field in the cultural courtyard smiled," When the demonstration site just created, everyone just held a curious attitude. But I saw a four-color trash bucket that explained clearly propaganda columns and clean and tidy. Now, everyone sees the garbage of the hand, is willing to analyze and analyze the classification.

"Bay Yangcun colorful garbage classification wall painting, putting guidelines, propaganda slogans, recycling process, etc., let villagers understand garbage sorting in subtleness." Although I have also known that garbage classification, I don’t know specific, It is usually equipped with the garbage of the house and pour it directly into a trash. "The villagers Yang Qiang strongly put the classified garbage, came to the demonstration point." Now, harmful garbage, can recover garbage, etc. Develop good habits.

"It is understood that there is a demonstration point of garbage sort of bay, Yangcun, Niu Zhuang Town has been built, and the other 9 is under construction." Do a good job in the comprehensive rectification of rural environment, garbage classification is a key one.

"Su Shao Jie, the head of Niu Zhuang Town Sanitation Office, said. In order to effectively promote garbage sorting, let this work becomes an effective starting of rural gardens, road traffic and other environment, Niu Zhuang Town actively explores the garbage classification operation mode, forming a household classification, Village collection, corporate clearing recycling, the operating model of the town-level department supervision. Establish a long-term management mechanism for the establishment of a garbage classification resource-based work, to establish a garbage classification leading group, differentiated responsibility area, clear classification requirements in the demonstration village, clear classification requirements, implement package street, package Household management, incorporating garbage sorting into the village regulations, helping villagers develop good garbage classification habits.

"We divide the processing method of garbage classification into ‘two steps’ mode, the first step is to initiate the initial processing, and the villagers will buddica, and store the garbage bucket in front of each household.

The second step is that the cleaningist regularly hosted the unified points and subdivided into the garbage classification point.

This will solve the problem of inconvenient people to demonstrate to demonstrate. "Since the promotion of garbage sorting, Niu Zhuang Town has actively built demonstration sites such as Dong Pang Community, Bay Yangcun, and Hejia Village.

At the same time, give full play to the platform role of 36 new era civilization practices in the town domain, mobilize the volunteer organization to carry out the special activities such as garbage classification, cloud classroom, knowledge contest, create a strong atmosphere, so that the garbage classification is more deep into the hearts.

  "Now, when everyone comes to the cultural court to dance square dance, the garbage classification knowledge on the promotional column has become a habit. Everyone will join together, the topic has also increased this garbage is categorized, harmful garbage includes something The garbage classification has become a new fashion in our village! "Looking at the clean and tidy garbage classification demonstration point, Yang Qingyun is full of satisfied smiles. (Dongying District Government Affairs).

Suzhou two men pull the car door theft 200,000 cash only steals 70,000 to say that the amount involved is too large.

Suzhou two men pull the car door theft 200,000 cash only steals 70,000 to say that the amount involved is too large.

Original title: The two men implemented the car door to steal 200,000 cash only steals 70,000, and it was called the case. The amount involved in the case has recently, Suzhou Wuzhong police cracked a case of the burglary. In the face of 200,000 yuan in the car, the suspect only took 70,000.

Why is this? Mr. Qian said that the previous day he went to the bank to take 200,000 yuan in cash, it was installed in two bags, and hundreds of thousands of each bag. After getting on the bus, the two bags are placed on the coiled seat of the car. Mr. Qian put the car after the parking space of the community and did not take the money home.

When I was ready to go out the next morning, he found less than 70,000 yuan. The police in the first time of the police were adjusted in the community monitoring.

Surveillance shows that 3 o’clock in the morning, two strange men appeared in the communities living in Mr. Qian. The two were randomly pulled the car door and didn’t expect to kick out Mr. Qian forget to lock the door. One person quickly broke into the car, and the other person was responsible for the wind.

Subsequently, the two were drilled into the car together, and after searching, the two quickly fled the scene. According to the video relay, the police followed the suspect Wang and Li Li in Liangxi District and Jiangyin City in Wuxi.

Two people explained, they started from Wuxi on the same day, and came to Suzhou Mudu to carry the door theft. The suspect explained, they locked the crime targets in high-end communities such as villas, using security and negligence to take advantage of each other.

So, why do the two don’t steal all 200,000 yuan in cash? The police learned that the first thing Wang was looking for money in the car.

After discovered that there was a cash in the car, he did not take it immediately, but leaving the car with Li. Because the amount involved in the case is too large, the two negotiated after the decision, only took 70,000 yuan.

Subsequently, the two spent in Suzhou City, spent more than 60,000 yuan in two days.

At present, the suspect Wang, Li Mou has been taken criminal forced measures due to suspected stealing. Here, the majority of car owners are not "safe", don’t put the valuables such as cash, wallets in the car.

When leaving the vehicle, be sure to confirm whether or not to lock and avoid personal property. (Xiong Xuan Lin said) (this news copyright belongs to Jiangsu Province Radio and TV Station, please indicate the source) (Editor: Xiao Wei, Zhang Wei) Sharing let more people see.

Structure is quietly changed, Shandong invests in "carriage" power stronger

Structure is quietly changed, Shandong invests in "carriage" power stronger

Original title: Hai Wei’s impact, the structure quietly changed, Shandong investment "carriage" power is stronger in the first half of this year, Shandong GDP increased year-on-year, two years an average growth%, and the growth rate is super national average. As one of the "three driving carriages" of the economy, investment plays an important role. At present, Shandong fixed asset investment continues to recover, the structure is continuously optimized, the direction is increasing, and high quality investment is an important force to promote the high quality development of our province. Why do you want to focus on investment this carriage? In short, Shandong is in the macro situation complex and multi-change, and the expansion of consumption and exports under the dual pressures of the new and old kinetic energy conversion time, investment is more prominent to continue to drive the economy.

In the first half of the year, Shandong fixed asset investment increased year-on-year, two years average growth%, higher than the national percentage point, higher than the average percentage point in the previous four years, and the continued recovery of investment scale undoubtedly released positive signals. But more worthy of interest is that the construction of fixed assets investment in Shandong changes, quality is optimized. In the first half of the year, Shandong manufacturing investment growth%, industrial technological reform investment growth%, high-tech industrial investment year-on-year growth, social field investment stable growth, health, public facilities management, ecological protection and environmental governance investment increased in year-on-year,%,% and%. From the dimensions such as flow, distribution, and structures, Shandong’s investment flows to advanced manufacturing, digital economy, rural revitalization, ecological environmental protection, and people’s livelihood guarantees and other fields, and the high-quality color is increasing.

This not only reflects the changes in the current industrial structure of Shandong, but also to a large extent to ease the side effects of "investment excess" in the future.

In the long run, investment has a periodic feature, only to give full play to the decisive role in the resource allocation, let the project, the market explore the investment direction with its own keen sense of smell, in order to overcome the "short-term powerful and long-term fatigue". Shandong adheres to the promotion of effective investment and high quality promotion projects with quality projects. In the first half of the 1600 provincial key projects, the 1461 implementation items started during the year have started 1316, and the investment of 380.7 billion yuan in the year, accounting for the annual investment plan, which has greatly excessively realized "time over half, task over half". Under the strong driving of these key projects, the province’s investment continued the rebound momentum since the second half of last year, showing a recovery growth situation.

At present, Shandong’s consumer market continues to be good, fixed asset investment continues to recover, the import and export of goods is rapidly increased, "three driving carriages" is strong, and the economic and social development is stable and highly improved. Investment As a key variable on both ends of the connection supply and the demand, an important support for the net increased the net economy.

With the new old kinetic energy conversion of Shandong, it has entered a continuous recovery period.

In the future, the growth path of investment should not be a simple amount of addition, allowing the effective market to continue the depth of the government, in order to provide strong support for the continued steadyness of the economy.

(Editor: Nie Jun, Xing Manhua) Sharing let more people see the recommended reading.

The Great Victory of the Central Red Army "Taili" Battle

The Great Victory of the Central Red Army "Taili" Battle

After arriving in Wu Qi Town, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China immediately deployed the Kuomintang Cavalry Force of the Central Red Army.

On October 20th, Mao Zedong, Zhou Enlai and Peng Dehuai did serious research on the enemy, Mao Zedong demanded: retreating forces, do not bring enemies into the base.

After the meeting, Peng Dehuai was carefully deployed and personally directed this battle.

On the 20th, on the evening of October 19, the Red Army mainly entered the position of the position. A vertical team ambushed on the head of the headway, the two-way Chuan, Sanxuanchuan, on the left side of the enemy, the second column ambushed in the head of the headway, the mountain beam of the stone, in the opposite side of the enemy, the three column ambushed The bird’s nest beam on the east bank of the Luo River is in the front of the enemy.

The Red Army’s lower pocket tactics prepare the enemy of the whole. At 4 am on the 21st, the President mounted under this Du pear tree on the platform of the platform, holding a war mobilization meeting, repeated emphasizing the importance of making this kind of impression.

After the meeting, the Chair said to the security guard: When the gunshots are fierce, don’t wake me up, wake me again when you call the cold gun.

Explain that the Chairman is a victory. At 7 am on the 21st, the battle started. After more than two hours of fierce fight, the great victory of the "Taili" battle was finally obtained.

The battle was injured, and more than 2050 people were captured by the Kuomintang military cavalry. Among them, more than 1,000 people were injured, more than 1,000 people were captured, and the mashman, mortar gun, and the light machine gun dozens (very); seized more than 1720.

At this point, the Central Red Army cut off the "tail" that has been caught in the Long March, which announced that the conspiracy of Chiang Kai-shek chasing the Central Red Army was completely bankrupt, and also announced: the world-famous 25,000 miles long strife ended! (Editor: Peng Yuyi, Zhao Gang) Sharing let more people see.

Tibet Renb County Education Bureau Innovation Implementing "Party History Leading and Confucius" Project

Tibet Renb County Education Bureau Innovation Implementing "Party History Leading and Confucius" Project

This newspaper Shigati (Reporter Wang Chun) Since this year, Renbu County Education Bureau has conscientiously implements the party’s educational policy, fully implement the fundamental task of Lidshu people, and earnestly understand the party history education as the current first political task, explore the implementation of the party history Leading the Thinking of the Shengsheng "project, actively build" 1143 "thinking education system, that is, build a set of thinking and political curriculum system, build a part-time part-time teacher team, rich case, scene, practice, experiment four teaching The way, the three demonstration roles of party organizations, school team members, and party members, and promote the depth integration of school parties and education education and thinking education.

The Renb County Education Bureau always puts the party’s leaders as the fundamental guarantee of the intensive education of primary and secondary schools, and comprehensively strengthen the school’s history education and integrates the whole process of integrating it into the intensive education.

Improve the duties of the Education Work Committee, and will manage the party organizations in all kinds of schools in the county. According to the size of the school, the number of party members will reasonably set the party organization work organization, improve the rules of procedure of the school’s party organizations and decision-making procedures, and clarify the leadership responsibilities of the school party organization in the work of thinking education.

At present, the county education system has established one party committee, one party support, 14 party branches. In order to build a full-time, specialized combination, sufficient, high quality, high quality, political and hard-working, the county has strengthened the teaching management of the teaching of the Thinking of the primary and secondary schools. Through strict use, cultivate incentives, training evaluations, etc., the enthusiasm, initiative, and creative creativity of thinking and political classes. The county’s school actively established the leading cadres’ leading lecture system, and the school party organization secretary is at least a situation of a situation policy lesson. The party organization team members will talk about students at least a study period.

Around the classroom teaching, actively create a group of thoughts and political qualifications such as "the first lesson of school", thinking, and minimally class, organize the county’s intensive training, build the "Moral Education Characteristic Class", and guide teachers and students to carry out classroom discussions. Group debates ensure effective effectiveness of thinking education. Use a good case teaching mode, explore and promote the exemplary characters and advanced typical deeds of the national merits, and touch students’ thoughts through fresh cases.

Carry out on-site teaching, use the activities of living education base, "Primary and Secondary School Moral Education Hall", online teaching, "learning strong country" and other advantages. Carry out practical teaching mode, through the integration of integration education into the "first lesson", the theme class, the team, the national flag under the speech, theme speech, volunteer service, etc., constantly enhance the attractiveness and appealing . Explore experimental teaching models, encourage school teachers to use new technologies, new means, and innovate thinking and political classes.

Respect, see you here: 176 villages in Yancheng Tinghu District completed military honor room

Respect, see you here: 176 villages in Yancheng Tinghu District completed military honor room

All 176 villages in Yancheng District, Jiangsu Province, all built military honors (wall) respected, visible here ■ Si Ming Chinese National Defense News Special Journalist Shen is the honor of Xinglong Village, Nanyang Town, Minami City, Minham. Xu Wei took November 27th, Jiangsu Yancheng Industrial Vocational and Technical College, Jiangsu Yancheng Industrial Vocational and Technical College, Wu Yankun, returning to the hometown of Nanyang Town, Nanyang Town, Tinghu District, Yancheng City.

What made him like, in the village military honor room, he saw the "wearing military uniform", proud to overflow full of heart.

"When the soldiers were glorious, retired glory.

Xia Xijun, secretary of the Tinghu District Party Committee, and the first secretary of the Party Committee of the People, told reporters that villages (residential) generally establish military honors (walls), which is an important measure to create respect for military and advocating heroic atmosphere.

Although the honor room is not large, it has collected the military memory of the soldiers, and witnessed the glory of the soldiers who sacrificed the country.

At present, all 176 villages (residential) in the whole region built military honors (walls), nearly 30,000 booths, active officers and soldiers and retired soldiers have their own "honorary list".

At the beginning of this year, in order to showcase the fan of the active and soldiers and the retired soldiers, it is determined that the Tinghu District Committee of the Standing Committee of the Tinghu District Committee is determined that in all villages (residential) construction military honors (wall), promoting national defense Education has effectively implemented in the grassroots level. The area is included in the project into the "one hand project", clarifying the districts and retired military affairs bureaus leading, and the secretary of the party committees of the towns (streets), the grassroots armed forces and the retired military service station concretely grasped. Districts and people also put the military honor (wall) construction standards, requirements, completed time limit, and write into the "Standardization Construction Guidance Manual of the Grassroots Armed Forces", combined with the construction of the village (resident) militia (even) department.

"The office space is awarded the exhibition with a wall show. In short, we must build the military honor (wall) into a glorious position of the military, from the military national publicity position.

"The Minister of the People’s Armed Forces often introduced that after nearly a year of pilot and an orderly promotion, 176 villages (residential) military honors (walls) were all completed in August this year." Just contributing to national defense construction Whether it is a soldier, a soldier, a can’t settle ‘settled’ our honor room. "In the guidance of the retired soldiers, the secretary of the party branch of Xinglong Village, the reporter went into the village military honor room." Let the soldiers become the respectful career of the whole society "The red slogan is conspicuous and eye-catching, the wall posted the village’s active officers and soldiers, retired soldiers Photo and personal profile, as well as the story of the military history, defense knowledge, graphic, the show, the horse, belt, military old photos, kettle, bag, backpack belt, the kettle, the show, the backpack, the troops, the award, the medal, the medal "These old objects are not only the precious memories of veterans, but also the vivid textbooks for national defense education. "Yuan Zhun told reporters that since the establishment of openings in August, many villages (residential) soldiers (walls) became net red card.

"Let the soldiers are truly glory, and the social trend that really forms the army to support the army is to let the soldiers’ honors’ visible ‘.

The Queen army of the Yancheng Division Political Commissal said that next, they will promote the practice of Tinghu District with the city. In the city, we will vigorously promote the construction of military honor system in the city, solve the "three-after" problem and retired soldiers of the active soldiers. " "Question," Let the military have become a profession to the whole society "truly to practice.

Taihu Lake Open Zone to force "Double Recruitment Double Guide" drive industry innovation

Taihu Lake Open Zone to force "Double Recruitment Double Guide" drive industry innovation

  Zhong’an Online, Zhongan News Client Dunction in the Functional Film Industrial Town in the Taihu Economic Development Zone in Anqing City, the workers are doing construction, the construction site of each project, every enterprise production workshop, all in the development of Taihu Lake industry New chapter. "Taihu County provides a one-stop government service for our foreign enterprises, which makes us quickly develop here." Asked if he moved from Guangdong to Taihu Open District? Xu Bing, chairman of Anhui Fujin New Materials Co., Ltd., said: "" "" "" "" The second listed company. "Taihu Lake was established in July 2002, and March 2006 was upgraded to the provincial economic development zone, which is a national-level undertaking industry transfer demonstration area, the total planned area is about 11 square kilometers.

At present, there have been 89 domestic and foreign industrial enterprises, 70 production, forming a new material industry represented by Jin Zhang Technology, Huaqiang Technology, a circular economy industry represented by Guanghua Aluminum, is a represented by Huachuan and Jiayuan. The costume textile industry, the cultural industry represented by the five thousand years of Wenbo Park.

  In recent years, Taihu County has implemented "ten projects" in Taihu County. In response to the "difficult point" "pain points", we will advance innovation and development.

The county government has focused on "100 billion companies, thousands of industries" goals, vigorously promoted the construction of industrial platforms supplemented by the three professional parks of Economic Development Zone, Xuqiao, Chengxi, and Xiaoqi, forming "one district three gardens" development pattern . Strive to build a major new industrial base in the country’s well-known functional film new materials in 2025, and create a new business card for "China Membrane". Since 2009 Jin Zhang Technology settled in the development zone, the functional film new material industry has never been there. From small to large, it has become the fastest growing speed, industry benefits, and the largest industrial benefits in Taihu County.

At present, nearly 80 functional film and delayed enterprises, the products mainly cover optical film, insulating film, industrial packaging film, and functional film application industry, forming a new material, Jin Zhang Technology, and Film-rich materials. Take Huaqiang, Fang Zhou, Federal, etc.

  Behind these achievements, it is the strong support of the Taihu County Party Committee and County Government. The county party and government "one hand" took the lead in the first-place, focusing on key enterprises, focusing on solving problems, meeting with corporate running market, running, carrying out investment promotion, tighting the first industrial investment of functional film materials.

Organize expertise, hire industry experts, start construction of the county financial investment, build a functional membrane product testing and production public platform, provide accurate, standardized test data, enhance the competition of enterprises, especially leading enterprises Force and market value.

At the same time, strengthen policies, funds, talents, and land use.

Implementing the babysitting service, continuously promote the "Internet + Government Service", in the enterprise, real estate registration, construction permit, government service, power, market supervision, etc., let the masses and enterprises "only one door, up to one," .

  "We put forward the" Too Good "business environment brand, set up the business environment command dispatch center, unified accepted, hand, supervise the business environment complaints and problems, with ‘You don’t do, I will do you’ high pressure situation, The detailed department of the departure department is responsible, optimized the service, and serve as it.

"Chen Weixin, deputy director of Taihu Tuanfei District Management Committee.

  It is understood that in 2018, Taihu County has been approved by the provincial-level functional film new materials. In 2019, the provincial-level functional film new material characteristic industry cluster, 2020 "Membrane Industry Town" was selected for the provincial specialty town creation List, in 2021, the title of "Functional Membrane New Material Demonstration Base" is won the "Functional Film New Material Demonstration Base". At present, the functional film material is the first industrial industry in the county, which contributes an indispensable force for the development of Taihu County.

(Reporter Chen Qingpeng Yang Yu correspondent Zhu Shengyu Liu Can).

Resolutely curb the "two high" project blind development to ensure solid results "double reduction" work

Resolutely curb the "two high" project blind development to ensure solid results "double reduction" work

On August 27th, Chairman of the Autonomous Region presided over the 99th executive meeting of the government of the autonomous region. Studying the implementation of the State Council resolutely curb the blind development of the "two high" projects, the "double minus" work television conference spirit, research deployment promotion Open economic development. The meeting emphasized that the party center of Xi Jinping as the core of the party is highly attached to the "two high" project blind development work, and it is very significant for the "double-control" task to implement the "double-control" task.

All local departments should conscientiously implement the spirit of Han Zheng’s vice president, fully understand the importance and urgency of cleaning up the "two high" projects, and effectively improve the station, the big "country", and resolutely raise major political responsibilities, resolutely implement the major Political task.

In accordance with the speech of Chen Runer’s comrades, fully inspect the investigation, classify the formal opinion, list the detailed list, conduct research, speed up the rectification, to determine the "two high" projects for violations.

We must strict policy management, project access, energy-saving review, daily supervision, and then break, resolutely curb the "two high" project blind development. It is necessary to dare to move hard, strengthen the use of energy to war, supervise the assessment, and consolidate accountability, and resolutely complete the task of investigation and rectify the target task, laying a solid foundation for high quality development.

The meeting emphasized that reducing the workload burden of the compulsory education and the burden on the school training, which is related to the healthy growth of primary and secondary school students, and it is related to the people’s vital interest. To deliberately implement the party and the central government, the State Council "Double Reduction" decision-making deployment, according to the speech of Sun Chunlan, to reduce the burden to the core, improve the management mechanism, improve the management method, strictly control the total work, and effectively reduce the burden of the student; Increase the quality of classroom teaching, enrich the after-school service supply, better meet the diversified needs of students; with the focus of rectification, strict examination and approval, strengthen daily supervision, serious investigation and violation training, and resolutely curb the disorderly development of training institutions; High-quality goals, adhere to "Wulthusianda", earnestly improve the quality of school, and ensure that the students are healthy, happy and growing.

The meeting reviewed the "Opinions on Promoting the Open Economic Development of the Region", emphasizing the need to establish a new development stage, implement the new development concept, integrate the new development pattern, and accelerate the construction of an open economic system, and focus on replenishing the open short board.

It is necessary to focus on "nine key industries", increase the "introduction" "introduction", vigorously cultivate the main body of open market, and focus on promoting the development of open industries; with platforms such as China Ambo, collect more commodities, capital and Technology and other open elements, focus on promoting high-efficiency utilization of open resources; continuous deepening "venting service" reform, build a first-class business environment, and focus on facilitating the open mechanism to facilitate operation, and comprehensively enhance the scale and quality of open economy.

The meeting reviewed the "Tenth Five-Year Plan" of the Self-Governing Science and Technology Innovation "" The "14th Five-Year Plan" of the Autonomous Region, "demanded the implementation of the scientific and advocate strategy, talent strong zone strategy, innovative driving development strategy, and accelerating key commonality Technology, cutting-edge technology, modern engineering technology innovation, deepening scientific and technological achievements transfer transformation and promotion, providing scientific and technological support for high quality development.

It is necessary to fully implement the party’s educational policy, adhere to the education priority development strategy, implement the fundamental tasks of the Lidshu people, deepen the comprehensive reform of the education sector, and coordinate all kinds of education development, and strive to have a satisfactory education. The conference also studied the reform of the budget management system, and organized China (Ningxia) International Wine Cultural Tourism Expo. (Reporter Zhou Yimei) (Editor: Liang Hongxin, Jia Ru) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.