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[Mother Riverside China] Wushi Flag: Thick planting of civilized Volate reminds the flowers of civilization

[Mother Riverside China] Wushi Flag: Thick planting of civilized Volate reminds the flowers of civilization

A city is in the past, inseparable from the strong spiritual support; a city is booming, inseparable from the moral nourishment.

The beauty of a city is the beauty of the environment, the beauty of the fashion, the beauty of humanities, the temperature of civilization, the morality of morality and the highness of the spirit. In recent years, the Wushi flag has been in the past, and the trend is strong, and the tread is strong. Adhere to the improvement of urban quality, enhance the people’s sense of happiness, as the starting point and the foothold of the national county-level civilized city, The force, the wisdom of the whole people, the thick planting of the territory, and promote the creation of national county-level civilized cities, focus on building faith, Chongde to good, cultural and heavy, harmonious, people, people satisfied with the civilized city. Adhere to the creation of the people, both "good life" to "beautiful life" "home mouth is the landscape of the Wusheng flag People’s Square, there is a bird in the day, there is a beautiful night scene in the evening, the living environment is very comfortable." Zhu Lin, a resident of Hu Society.

The Wushi Flag People’s Square Water Landscape is an important part of the ecological water system in the Town Town of the Wujun flag. It is also a "water in the city, the city in the green, people in the scene" ecological livable environment Important measures, green water irrigation water in the square, water-visual water is introduced from the comprehensive mine of the surrounding coal mine, realizing turning waste into treasure, recycling, enabling the landscape experience and the ecological water system perfectly integrated, people and natural harmonious development.

The back street collar is cleaned, the urban fa?ade is cleaned, the business order "big rectification", garbage classification four-color bucket "stay" all residential communities, "CD Action" "Organization" "Does Waste" and other slogans become a restaurant " Standard ", order the dish, you can’t finish your packing … This pile, one piece of action, let civilization go deep into each corner. The "Embroidery Soft Fu" is enough to enhance the quality of the city, the funner is more beautiful, the more beautiful environment is more beautiful, and the color value is more clear.

It is a bright water and green trees, and the ear is a laughter. Today, walking in the Wuzuda Dadi, the flowers of civilization are in the streets, civilized results benefits thousands of households.

Adhere to the creation of Huimin, it is necessary to "increase the thickness" and "mention the temperature" Wushi flag to meet the needs of the masses on the needs of a beautiful life, and insist on the creation of the people, create the people, and create the starting point and the foothold of Huimin. Through a warm heart, the people’s livelihood is complemented, so that the city has "thickness" more "temperature", so that the masses live more beautiful. In response to the elderly, the Wu Xiqi 12349 conveniently established an old restaurant for the old center, not only solved the elderly to eat, but also built a communication platform, and the residents of the Zulu Town Wang Guiling said: "Eat well, The neighborhood is divided.

"For the convenience of the administrative examination and approval business, the administrative examination and approval business of the Wusheng Flag Government Service Center is 1546, and the residents are very surprised:" It is very convenient to do. "It is convenient to travel, the life is convenient, the work is worn, everyone is filled with the happiness of" people satisfied ". A touch of" Volunteer Red "warm a city. 21677 registered volunteers, 280 volunteer service groups, where to have Need, where the volunteers appear.

1 new era civilization practice center, 6 new era civilization practice, 75 new era civilization practice stations, 105 "I help you" new era civilization practice volunteer service point also has their figure, Wu Ji flag build volunteer service New positions, hatching volunteer service new organizations, opening the supply and demand chain of civilized practice, providing volunteer services for Huimin warm heart.

Up to now, all flags were up and down all kinds of organizations civilized practice of voluntary service activities at all levels of more than 3700 screenings, more than 30,000 people to volunteer, to benefit the masses of thousand people. Single point masses, party members orders, through the "you have difficulties you find me, I’m a party member I help you" collect online and offline feelings of public opinion, party members and volunteer service activities carried out more than 2,000 screenings, party members and volunteers to participate in a thousand times. Again gather together to spread the network of civilization, the use of Wushenqi release, a new era of civilization Wushenqi Practice Center, net in the letter uxin micro-channel public number, Wen Ming Wu trial Weibo, love uxin APP and other platforms, distribution network civilization topic, H5 proposal, original animation and other forms to carry out "our holiday" "boycott rumors network, build a network civilization" theme campaign to build online spiritual civilization Heights.

Adhere to lead the example, both "wide publicity" have to "dig deep" race against time and death battle, the critical moment, to come forward to save a young life with action whatever. July 8, 2021 in the evening, Dabra Wushenqi People’s Square in the dry river walk in the park, saw a child struggling in the waters of Hubei side, the situation is very dangerous, Dabra dry shoes and clothes off neither directly jump into the water to save the child ashore, repeated after cardiopulmonary resuscitation, the child slowly resumed breathing and consciousness. After the incident, Dabra dry saved a child from drowning deeds widely spread, we blown away by him, and Wushenqi Civilization Office recommended candidates "Erdos good man."

A typical is a banner, a role model is a benchmark. A group of people who influence a group of people a warm city.

Dabra dryness "mortal owed" positive energy of the light is lit, spiritual light to warm trickling reflects a moving character of the city. Wushenqi carefully selected tree always put moral models, the most beautiful uxin people, a new era of good teenagers and other advanced models as an important starting point, with the typical warmth of story around the masses, so that residents love the taste, from the sublime found in the ordinary little things and feel the power of example, and play the role of a typical radiation gathered positive energy, creating Zonta for good in society, so that the core values of socialism trial ground floor in black, root, flower and bear fruit.

As of August 2021, has emerged Wushenqi national moral models a district-level moral model 4, 9 municipal moral model, moral and exemplary level flag 23, appeared in the "China good list," 4, "Inner Mongolia good list "of 16 people," Erdos good list "of 22 people, won the" national civilized family, "the title of a" self-Qujiwenming family "title 2," municipal civilized family "title nine. Adhere to cultural projects that benefit both "free culture" and "kind of culture" artists, cultural products, cultural services …… interwoven feast shared culture of the people, the masses lit colorful life.

A city of civilization, not only in the "face", but also exists in the "lining", rooted in the culture.

Familiar song and dance "Aobaoxiangkuai" "Mary is the Wulanmuqi", full of profound meaning of the Mongolian drama "Prairie not fall song" "black satin waistcoat," a unique dance "frankincense Gone with the Wind," "Zhantan hot seat" … … these are widespread quality work is Wushenqi Wulanmuqi bring uxin culture "gift" of the people.

Wushenqi Wulanmuqi through the formation of the party’s innovative theory of "propaganda team", firmly cast the nation’s sense of community education "demonstration team", the party and the country ride out the policy of benefiting the people "propaganda team", " I can help you, "the practice of a new era of civilization" service "to meet people’s spiritual and cultural needs and enhance the power of the people" art team "and other teams, sent in to carry out cultural, send performances, screenings 25 service delivery, service of all ethnic groups of farmers and herdsmen the masses of 20,000 people, performances by theme, in the form of policy advocacy and counseling services and other activities, with the spread of civilized new art forms.

Library use Wushenqi position to carry out colorful activities, while increasing the variety of activities outside the museum screenings, the use of Chinese traditional festivals every year, World Book Day, Social Science Week outreach activities, such as reading month opportunity to actively carry out the "Wu Jin" activities, very earth enrich people’s cultural life. Which each year April 23 to carry out "scholarly uxin · Reading for All" Reading Month activities loved by the public, reading marketing activities during the event, also launched borrow books, send books, playing outstanding share engineering resources, but also recognition awards uxin outstanding individuals and organizations flags scholarly family, read Star reading of people, excellent grass-roots cultural administrator, branch library building "advanced branch" advanced "prairie House" and so on. "Elegant uxin · Reading for All" brand from the original one saplings grow into civilized Wushenqi loud brand.

Wushenqi "Reading Star" Wang Zhu Jie said: "Reading Month to create a good reading, reading good books, reading good social atmosphere read nourish my heart, the abundance of my world, I love them more.

"" Civilized city is reflected in the overall level of urban civilization comprehensive honorary title, but also the development of green Wushen intangible assets and strategic resources. Create a civilized city is essentially to promote urban development at a higher level, a higher level.

Wushenqi will closely rely on the people, fully mobilize the people, do not hesitate, do not slack off, and then encouraging, re-start, and constantly open up county-level civilized city created a new situation. "Wushenqi Committee Secretary Wang Jian said. Civilized city always on the road, standing at a new historical starting point, Wushenqi will be more firm belief temper before the line, the" small steps "leveraging" great civilization " continue to rally together to create, so that the achievements of civilization benefit thousands of families, so spend civilization uxin earth in full bloom, created to promote the formation of everyone concerned, everyone supports the creation of everyone involved to create a good situation county-level civilized city. ( Liang Yang Xiao Cao Yuxia side) (Editor: Zhang Xuedong, Ze) share to allow more people to see the recommended reading.