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The "anti-fraud" of the police officer is coming.

The "anti-fraud" of the police officer is coming.

Hebei public security anti-fraud police Chen Guoping: If you are deceived, timely alarm, give the police a accurate information, it is where your money goes to go.

The police will pay for timely, if this money can’t be paid, it is very troublesome later. Everyone knows that this new type of network illegal crime is new, and there is no contact, hidden hidden. If it is not funded, the difficulty of solving the case is very large. Everyone knows that this kind of crime is basically a gang, overseas, and has a certain difficulty.

So, really protecting our property or preventing.

Netizen questions: Chen police officer Chen Guoping: First of all, we remember, don’t greed, good color. Greed, good color is easy to be deceived, and there is also a big loss of greed and cheap.

Don’t be afraid of things, you must be awake. The link is not easy to point, for example, it is a text message, it is seen that the bank’s or the telecom department, remember, most of the links in the back is fake. The QR code should not be scanned, and the QR code can be "confirmation code", you will be lost at this time.

The verification code should not be easily telling other people, only you can know yourself. Verification code If you give others, all your passwords lose your password.

Netizen questions: Chen police officer, often see the case of being cheated on the Internet, and often stopping.

As a child, what should we do, can we effectively prevent parents from being cheated? Chen Guoping: The elderly are deceived and our young children have direct relationships.

Mainly because our young people are not concerned about the life of the elderly, Ignore the elderly, and the elderly may be deceived because the information is relatively occasionally. The method of lie to the elderly, mostly for fake health medicine, fake health food, fake health equipment, because many elderly people like health. In addition, "Our young people should instill some knowledge, thoughts, but not to ignore them.

We have to care, care for the elderly, and take a little more time to accompany them.

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Shanghai Traffic new regulations on the spot: 6 cars in one hour are persuaded that there are road traffic to reduce two or three%

Shanghai Traffic new regulations on the spot: 6 cars in one hour are persuaded that there are road traffic to reduce two or three%

Original title: Shanghai traffic new regulations on site: 6 cars in an hour are persuaded that there are road traffic decreases for two or three cents on May 6, the first working day after May Day holiday, and the inner rings in Shanghai began to foreign provinces and cities. Double license plate.

At the same time, yesterday is also the first working day after the official implementation of the Shanghai Nonim Motor Safety Management Regulations.

  According to observation, after the implementation of the new regulations, the inner ring traffic fell by 2 to 30%, while the situation of wearing a safety helmet reached 80%.

  Violation of the ban will be recorded in the intersection of Zhongshan North Second Road, Quyang Road, and the new traffic ban flag has been suspended in a significant position in the intersection, and the black word in white shows the specific time of the restricted period is 7 o’clock to 9 o’clock, 5 o’clock in the evening. To 7 o’clock, 2 square meters or so, very eye-catching.

  From 7:00, according to the observation, from the situation in Suyang intersection in Zhongshan North Second Road, there were 6 foreign-city licensees to enter the inner ring road, and they were exchanged after the traffic police interception. Persuade.

One of the drivers who drive the foreign label bus was stopped and said that he came over to travel, and he didn’t know much about Shanghai’s new limit measures.

Zhang Jun, the deputy captain of Hongkou Traffic Police, conducted informatto and explained the driver in detail, emphasizing that the foreign-name vehicle entered the inner ring, will violate the ban sign, will be 200 yuan after being captured by the electronic police, record 3 points Penalty.

Zhang Jun followed the left to turn the vehicle left, and continued to travel from Zhongshan North Road under the inner ring.

  According to the on-site police, there were many licensing vehicles in the intersection of the intersection, and the original Quyang Road passed through Zhongshan North Second Road. In the case of early peaks without traffic police, there will be the situation of the intersection, but from yesterday At the point of view, the flow rate is reduced by two or three, which should be a part of the exemplary vehicle driver to change the time or line of travel.

  According to the new limit rules, the morning and evening peaks are within 2 hours of limit, and the foreign market, the private car cars outside the inner ring shall not enter the inner ring, and the foreign market, the foreign market, the private car, must not travel on the road. . For violation of the provisions, the police adopted the "electronic police" law enforcement, 200 yuan for 200 yuan according to law, and remember 3 points. No cycling is the first working day after the implementation of the "Shanghai Nonim Motor Safety Management Regulations". Regulations stipulate that when driving and riding electric bicycles; when driving non-motor vehicles, they do not implement a mobile phone to answer a call, browse electronic devices, etc. to prevent safe driving. In the morning, the reporter saw in Quyang Road, Zhongshan North 2nd, the safety helmet wearing rate of non-motor vehicle drivers reached at least 80%.

  Due to the early peak travel and the time of school, the reporter saw that some primary and secondary school students sitting in the back seat of electric bicycles also wear a helmet.

It can be seen that most of the public has developed a good habit of driving non-motor vehicles wearing helmets.

In addition, the early peak hours did not see the phenomenon of catching mobile phones while riding a non-motor vehicle. Since May 1, in order to implement the relevant provisions of the Regulations, the city traffic police department has strengthened the on-site law enforcement and publicity and education work on the road. Strictly investigate the "reverse driving" " Driveway ", etc., etc. Self-respecting law method for law. From the perspective of on-site traffic management, there is a significant increase in non-motor vehicle wearing helmets in the city, and the phenomenon of non-motor vehicles has declined, and the public has highly proposed the driving behavior from the perspective of ensuring safety. Requires support and understanding. (Editor: Yan Yuan, Han Qing).

The construction of China and old railways has been a breakthrough progress in super 100-meter four-line railway special bridge successful

The construction of China and old railways has been a breakthrough progress in super 100-meter four-line railway special bridge successful

On September 15, with the China Railway Fourth Bureau of China (National) Old (Pos) Kun (Ming) Wan () Railway Yuxi to the grinding section of the Nanxi River four-line bridge continuous beams to complete the contract concrete Pouring, successfully realizing the success of the bridge, "holding hands", became another 100mi special high bridge that realized the Singapore Bridge after the first Delunge River Trussing of the World Railway. Unblock laid a solid foundation.

Nanxi River Fourth Rail Bridge is a key control engineering, full length and hole arranged in the middle and old railway jade wear. For the form of double column 2 slopings, the main bridge adopts the form of a rigid structure, the maximum span is 128m. The old and old railways cross the most complex region of China, here, the mountains and rivers are interlaced, the cliff, and the maneuvens are fully developed, Yuxi is more than 500 kilometers, and the foreign Laos section is more than 400 kilometers. Bridge Tunneling 87% The railway is not in the hole, that is, in the air. Hua Sheng, Minister of Engineering, Department of Engineering, China Railway Fourth Bureau, said: "Nanxi Henan Bridge is a four-wire bridge, the construction is very difficult, and the two-column hollow thin wall of the construction involved, the two column jigue pier, large The span continuous rigidity is all the ‘block of road tiger’ that is successfully promoted. In order to ensure the smooth progress of the project, the project launched a number of special labor competition activities such as "Danjan 90 Days", which fully guarantees the transportation of logistics, and transfer the main force to the construction line, in safety quality management, key process construction, process monitoring, etc. In terms of strengthening on-site internal control management, help the construction site for the construction site, from the pile foundation, high pier, large-span continuously bousing, solve the problem of the top push, Zhang pull press, etc., etc., successfully completed The right, the left, the secondary cross-crossing, the continuous Liang Quanqiao joint dragon, created the conditions for the implementation of the Ferry beam node.

According to the China Railway Kunming Bureau Group, the Mojiang Section of the Duanjiang section of the Duanjiang section of the deputy commander, Wang Qingsheng, introduced that Nanxi River four-line special bridge He Long, the middle and old railway jade grinding section has accumulated%, the bridge completed%, each The construction project is fully promoted.

After the "One Belt" initiative, the old and old railway is proposed. The first one is mainly investing in China, using China Technical standards, using China Equipment and directly Unicom in China, the line is more than 1,000 yuan.

After the completion of the car, it is expected to achieve the evening from China Kunming to Laos. It is expected to open the car in 2021. People’s Daily reporter Shi family photography report.

Ruikang Hospital Urology: Solving the health of the people, solving the suffering of the people

Ruikang Hospital Urology: Solving the health of the people, solving the suffering of the people

Branch team. Equipment Advanced Talent Complex Room features urinary stones, urinary tumors, prostate and urinary control, urinary formation and repair, pediatric urology, kidney transplant, etc.

Equipped with Japanese imaging equipment, bipolar plasma prostate vaporization, Japanese pledge electronic mirror, Switzerland EMS gravel system, German urinary flow mechanics system, automatic rapid immunoassay (IMX, TDX), biofluorescence microscope, Inverted phase difference microscope, constant temperature incubator, high speed centrifuge, low temperature centrifuge, deep and low temperature refrigerator, ultra-clean workbenses, electrophoretic instrument, UV color instrument, etc., a large number of high-precision medical, teaching, research instruments and equipment; now open bed 100 sheets.

Excellent professors, chief physicians, 8 associate professors, deputy chief physicians, 3 doctoral degree, is a relatively perfect in Guangxi District, less technical force, more advanced equipment, and a high degree of academic qualifications.

Professor of the discipline leader Gao Hongjun, engaged in urology more than 30 years, specializing in urology, especially kidney transplantation, filling the new technology of Guangxi Chinese Medicine System.

Characteristic advantage technology specializing in the kidney transplantation: minimally invasive receptacle: Pediatric urology: blood surgery rapid rehabilitation: scientific research innovation results Significant department presided over the Guangxi Science Research and Technology Development Fund, Guangxi Youth Science Fund, Guangxi Excellent College Talent Project and other Provincial Department 5 scientific research projects, 550,000 funds, main research directions are cavoscope to treat urology diseases, relatives living kidney transplantation and islet cell transplantation, in the "Chinese Terrace Migration Journal" "China Mixi Journal" "International Urological Journal" "The authoritative magazine has more than 50 professional papers, edited by an academic journal, the translation in English professional work. There were 23 scientific research awards above the provincial and municipal levels, published in the provincial, national core journals, more than 200 SCI papers.

Urology is responsible for the leadership of hospital leaders and discipline leaders.

On April 11, 2010, the Commission of Chinese and Western Medicine in Guangxi was established in Ruikang Hospital; in August 2012, Guangxi’s only "National Health Department inner mirror and minimally invasive medicine urology training base" settled in Ruikang Hospital; 2017 On April 15, China, China established a "Guangxi Urinemia Prevention Base" in Ruikang Hospital.

Not only that, in the future department will continue to use the "blessings of people’s health, solve the suffering of the people", focusing on the "National Continuing Education + Grassroots Chinese Medicine Forum", condensed, all breakthrough, constantly in the development of the discipline Breakthrough, benefiting the people.

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Shenzhen release typhoon white warning has a heavy rain

Shenzhen release typhoon white warning has a heavy rain

Original title: The city released typhoon white warning report learned from the Shenzhen Meteorological Observatory on June 11 that the disturbance cloud group in the central sea in the South China Sea is developed into tropical low pressure (6th, 13 meters / sec), center distance from Shenzhen The southwest direction is about 556 kilometers. It is expected that the tropical low pressure will move in the west northern direction to tend to sea in the southeastern part of Hainan Island, and the strength is slightly strengthened. The Shenzhen Meteorological Observatory has issued a typhoon white warning in the city (including deep-hosted) on the 11th.

  It is expected that the ride low-voltage peripheral circulation is affected. From the morning of the 12th, the rainfall tends to frequently, and there is a medium to heavy rain in 12-13, local rainstorm. On the 11th night to the 12th coast, the largest gust of the highland and the sea is 7-8, and the daytime wind gradually weakened on the 13th. Looking forward to the impact of the monsoon 14-16, there is still a significant rainfall.

  The Municipal Meteorological Observatory reminds the general public: Typhoon white warning signal has taken into force, enter the typhoon pay attention, please pay attention to typhoon latest news and defense notice in time. The largest gust is 7-8 on the 12-13 day, and the public will avoid sea activities, properly placing the balcony or the edge of the windowsill. Dragon Boat Festival holiday is frequent, there is a certain impact on traffic travel, please do planning. (Reporter Fang Sheng correspondent Hu Wei) (Editor: Chen Yizhu, Li Ying).

Ruili doet af en toe aan huisvesting voor mensen onder quarantaine

Ruili doet af en toe aan huisvesting voor mensen onder quarantaine

WorkersreceivefoodpreparedforpeopleunderquarantineformedicalobservationattheentranceofacentralizedisolationsiteinWandingtownofRuilicity, Yunnanprovince, onNov13,2021. [PhotobyWuXiaohui /] Ruili, asmallcityinYunnanprovinceexperiencingsporadicCOVID-19infections, ($ 328,500) forpeoplewhoarebeingquarantinedindesignatedareasbeforeleavingthecity ,, whichbordersMyanmaronthreesides ,, residentsmustueaving, includingreducingapplicants, thecityreported39locallytransmittedcasesand30importedcases, accordingtolocalauthorities. "Asofnow, nolocalcaseshavespreadfromRuilitootherareas," hoodsareaffectedbyviruscontrolregulations, themayorsaidthecityhasalsoissuedavarietyofsubsidiestotaling68millionyuan. "Wearealsoprocessingfundsallocatedtohelp58,300poorhouseholds , "Ervaccinesforchildrened3to11yearsoldinanefforttoestablisherDimmunity ..

Sichuan Education Poverty Alleviation Exercise and Developing "Fair and Quality Education"

Sichuan Education Poverty Alleviation Exercise and Developing "Fair and Quality Education"

  Representative of the National People’s Congress, the director of the Sichuan Provincial Department of Education, Zhu Shihong, received an interview with Xinhuanet. Xinhuanet Cao Peng photo "Sichuan will insist on wealth, people, Tilting to the poor, focusing on the inclinement of deep poor counties, guaranteeing the basic needs of education development in poor areas." The National People’s Congress, the Sichuan Provincial Department of Education, Zhu Shihong said, listen The government’s work report, his most concerned content is "developing fair and quality education." Sichuan’s efforts in the balanced development of compulsory education have long been there. According to reports, in the past 5 years, Sichuan "comprehensive change" (ie "comprehensive improvement in the poor area of ??the Poor Areas") Cumulative investment of 23.7 billion yuan, 126 counties (cities, districts) basic balanced through county compulsory education Development of national assessment; through the implementation of 15 years of free education, "one village one young" and other major reform projects, the Tibetan District 2012 is increased by 43% in the first three years in the first three years, and the high-middle stage is increased. 26 %. In the view of Zhu Shihong, education poverty alleviation is the policy of blocking the rules of intergenerational poverty. "This year, Sichuan Education Poverty Alleviation Plan will be arranged for 100 million yuan, which will help the province’s 161 poverty alleviation mission in the province, the poverty students can solve difficulties in studying difficulties, not due to poor," said Sichuan will increase education in poor areas. Investment efforts to ensure the basic needs of education development in poverty-stricken areas; promote the implementation of "comprehensive remelling" project, "National Areas Ten Years Action Plan", the size of Liangshan Education Poverty Alleviation Project, further improve the conditions of running schools; strengthen teachers training, improve education quality Implement a talent program, which has cultivated a batch of local talents who stayed in deep poor counties. The issue of "difficult to go to school" has a policy, and the issue of "learning is difficult" has become a focus. Many local primary and secondary schools in the afternoon wait for about three or more. At this point, most parents are still working, and they have no time to go home, "three or more difficulties" became a pain point that plagued some families.

  In response to this problem, Zhu Shihong said that in 2018, Sichuan will promote the pilot of "post-class hosting" in primary and secondary schools. Under the principle of parents, encourage the majority of primary and secondary schools to combine actual actual actual actual and reasonable determination of post-class service content, Take the initiative to take responsibility for post-class service.

  "Launched the secondary school student after-school service is an important measure to promote the healthy growth of students, helping parents to resolve students’ difficult problems." Zhu Shihong believes that "post-class hosting" is to further enhance education service capabilities, so that the people have more feelings and Happy people’s livelihood project.


Three squirrels: get out of a high-quality development

Three squirrels: get out of a high-quality development

The rapid development of nuts and casual snacks has achieved three squirrels. How to promote quality improvement, walk out of the new road, is the founder of three squirrel brands, the Chinese Food Industry Association Nuts Fried Care Professional Committee Executive President Zhang Yuyuan often thinks.

In October of this year, the Ministry of Commerce’s circulation industry promotion center issued the "New Consumption Times Recunition Trend Research" report, report, three squirrels "2016 to 2020, China’s nut sales first and far lead".

This undoubtedly became a strong annotation of three squirrels "nut industry leaders" identity. With rapid development of prosperous Internet channels, benefited from the driving and basic health knowledge of consumption upgrades in the past decade, the domestic nut industry has gradually developed, and the three squirrels have also grown from the people of the people in the past. Ten billion listed companies, and this reflective essence is the continuous development of China’s economy and the rapid expansion of the consumer market. Highly prosperous industrial trends have brought only the bonus of enterprises, and also brought "anxiety" of enterprise development.

How to cultivate the core competitiveness of the company? How to become incapacitated to the quality? How to achieve innovation? As a Chinese Internet snack enterprise, three squirrels do not satisfy existing achievements, but continue to ask for, with nutty categories as anchors, with quality improvement, and go out of a high-speed growth to high quality and efficient development. Effective transformation of new roads. When this new road is opened, three squirrels have three things.

First, the online line is connected and entered, and the second is to create a new model of industrial chain cooperation, and the third is to innovate leading the industry development. In the words of the founder of the brand, you can create a new brand on the line, but a complete commercial closed loop is not open. On the occasion of Tianjin Autumn Sugar this year, the three squirrels officially announced into the "moderate distribution" era, and the transfer channels under the power line.

From the line to the line on the line, the balanced development, whether it is for three squirrels or for the entire nut industry, will be an exploration of innovation, which will undoubtedly bring changes and innovations to the entire industry. In the new model of creating industry chain, three squirrels are actively exploring the industrial chain and horizontal consumption chain.

In the longitudinal extension of the industrial chain, three squirrels have created unsuccessful alliance factories, and the relationship between enterprises and suppliers is upgraded to an industrial consort, and the industry leading "cloud creation" system, transforming traditional supply chains with digital technology From the industrial chain head to ensure stability and efficiency, it is expected to create a world nut-building center in the future to promote the structural reform of the supply side of the whole industry. On the horizontal extension of the consumer chain, three squirrels participated in the entrepreneurial incubation platform of "food-related new consumption" sectors in the industrial advantage, and built bridges between regional development, capital flow and entrepreneurial talents. As the first "China Light Industry Nut Leisal Food Engineering Technology Research Center", three squirrels have proposed "from snacks to ingredients, from nuts to nuts", and will continue to conversion to source sources. Continuous product force.

In the past 5 years, the super nuts, vacuum packaging nuts, nuts, etc., which have been developed in five years. A series of new technologies such as new products, not only created new kinetic energy for business development, but also for industry development. New Thinking. Introducing the front-end consumption prosperity and back-end supply chain, promoted the prosperity of domestic nut industries, with industry prosperity and high quality development, three squirrels in the transition of "quality arrival", found a new new Road.

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The main content of Chinese characteristics archeology

The main content of Chinese characteristics archeology

[Learn to implement the socialist thinking of Chinese characteristics in Xi Jinping] Hundred Years of Chinese archeology has distinctive characteristics and has achieved the world-famous achievements.

Based on the awareness of predecessors, archaeological characteristics, Chinese style, and Chinese style, and Chinese style can be summarized as the following. First, Chinese archeology has a distinct historiological goal. Chinese archaeological students have been responsible for strong historical mission, which is a significant difference in the positioning of archeology as anthropology, or as a historical, anthropology and scientific archeology.

The reason is that China’s strong historical tradition and the Chinese people have a direct relationship with the long history of Chinese civilization. Since the late Qing Dynasty, the Chinese nation has been bullied by Western powers. The ancient history system is deeply suspected of denial, and the newly born archeology, especially the archeology of the new stone to the business, and the archeology is naturally emphasized. Re-emergency. Although Chinese archeology also rely on a variety of technological means to obtain information, it also combines humanology, ethnology, etc. Since the excavation of Yangshao Site in 1921, several generations of archaeologists have compliant the combance of Chinese archaeological cultural pedal pedestrians, in the exploration of the origin of Chinese civilization and early development, to solve China’s ancient history issues as the main goal.

The Chinese archaeological studies have a combination of literature records with evidence history, and there is ancient tradition. The literature describes the direct history comparison of ancient society, combined with the literature, and its interpretation value of archaeological materials is far from anthropology, and ethnographic indirect enlightenment comparable.

As soon as Xia Shang Archaeological, the excavation of the Anyang Yinxu ruins began in 1928, and empirical the history of the late business, negates the paradox of "Dong Zhou or above". The later studies will advance the Chinese Xin’s history to the early days of the Shang Dynasty or even Xia Dynasty. We also have made a lot of work in the investigation research on the archeology and the three emperors of the New Stone Age, and have achieved initial results. Second, revealing the Chinese civilization development context is always the mainstream of archaeological research with archaeological cultural compatibility combing methods.

General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: "A few generations of archaeological people are blue, unremitting efforts, and have achieved a series of major archaeological discovery, showing the origin of Chinese civilization, development of the contribution to the world civilization, in order to better understand the source, profound and profound Chinese Civilization has played an important role. "" If there is no Chinese five thousand years of civilization, what is the Chinese characteristics? If it is not a Chinese character, how can we have such a successful Chinese characteristic socialist road today? "Important discipline of General Secretary Xi Jinping will archaeological The significant social political significance is very clear. Revealing the Chinese civilization development context with archaeological cultural pedicure, which is always the mainstream of Chinese archeology, especially the new stone era and summer business. The Chinese archaeological cultural pedicure is combed in the overall field of view, and the purpose is to try to clarify the principal, context and structure of the origin and development of the Chinese nation and Chinese civilization. Su Bingqi, etc., proposed the pathological type of archaeological culture. .

Third, always use Marxism as a guiding ideology of archaeological research. Since the founding of New China, we have always used Marxism as the basic guiding ideology of archaeological research.

Marxist dialectical materialism, materialism history, Marxism about universal contact, about productivity and production relationship, economic foundation and upper building understanding, the theory of privatological and national origins, etc., for specific archaeological research, The construction of archaeological theory and method, analyzes numerous archaeological theories and archaeological geography, and has important theoretical guidance.

"District Type" "Heavy Flowers", etc., the understanding of the overall and local, main and secondary aspects, etc. The understanding is also affected by Marxism, especially the historical materialism. Chinese archeology pays special attention to the research of ancient society from the actual exertion of archaeological materials, which has always had a practical study style, which is also in accordance with Marxism ‘s fundamental views. (Author: Han Jianye, Department of History, Renmin University of China).

Shenzhen colleges and universities clearly return to school time and epidemic prevention requirements

Shenzhen colleges and universities clearly return to school time and epidemic prevention requirements

Original title: Shenzhen colleges and universities clearly return to school time and epidemic prevention requires NAC University to report.

Reviewing units for the summer vacation close to the end, when is Shenzhen to return to school? What is the requirements for returning? Recently, Shenzhen University colleges and universities have released returning to school notices, clearly returning to campus time and conditions. It is reported that the University of Shenzhen, Moscow University, Tianjin University Georgia Institute of Technology Shenzhen College has completed students’ return. Hong Kong Chinese University (Shenzhen): Back to school is required to submit an application on the second working day in advance August 24, Hong Kong University (Shenzhen) released the autumn semester return school notice.

It is reported that the freshmen and the second batch of graduate students who have not yet registered will arrive at school from August 30 to 31st, and the third batch of graduate new rewards will be carried out from September 2nd to 3. Undergraduate old and graduate students return to school from August 30 to September 6. When students return to school, they must submit them to the school in advance in advance in the "Visiting Port" applets, provide health code, trip code, after approval by the department, can be admitted to the school. Students who have a history of the city in the city, high-risk areas and high-risk areas in the first 14 days before returning, will not return to school. The urban low-risk zone and low-risk urban students in the middle risk can return to school. After 24 hours, the former must be detected within 48 hours. Nucleic acid detection.

Students who have been in Shenzhen within 14 days of return school do not have to detect nucleic acid detection. Overseas entry students conduct health management in accordance with the entry management policies stipulated by the government.

  Harbin Institute of Technology (Shenzhen): Students are divided into three batches of returning to school. Harbin Institute of Technology (Shenzhen) is divided into school in 3 batches of students, the first batch of students return to school on August 26, mainly 2021 master’s degree , Ph.D. and school partition exchange students and take the second degree of foreign students; the second batch of students return to school on August 28th to 29th, mainly, Shuo, Bo, the third batch of students on September 9 To 2021 undergraduate students.

  All returning teachers and students must return to residential land 14 days before the start of school, reduce out and aggregation, carry out self-health management, and conduct health monitoring and declaration.

At present, teachers and students who have a history of tourist history in the county or 14 days of high-risk areas or 14 days of high-risk areas, have been suspended. Shenzhen University: New Students reported that the reporter learned from Shenzhen University that the School of Economics, Law School, School of Management, the second phase relocation of Lihu Campus, was completed on August 23 to 25, and other colleges (Department) Students (older) will return to school from August 30 to September 1.

  Among them, students (including special investigators) of the history of the city’s hidden history in the top 14 days of return school must return to school on August 30, and do health management in accordance with Shenzhen related epidemic prevention regulations. There are students in the county (district) in the county (district) in high-risk areas in the first 14 days of return school, and students in the county (district) of high-risk areas (district) (district) (district) in the middle-risk areas are not returned.

From August 31st to September 1st, the rest of the students return to school.

New students will report on September 11, and the specific arrangements will be notified separately.

  All foreign provinces come (return to) Cantonese students employees, at least once, according to the epidemic prevention and control requirements, at least once nucleic acid detection, wherein the nucleic acid detection of students is carried out in a combination of self-arrangement and school organization. Southern University of Science and Technology: Before the report, green codes, trip, nucleic acid negative proves Southern University of Science and Technology University is on September 6th, the current undergraduate freshmen have completed the report on August 22nd, graduate freshmen will report on August 26. The undergraduate old and graduate students reported from September 4th and September 3, respectively.

The return campus time of international students and exchange students will be notified separately.

  Before returning to school and reported, Yue Kang code green code, the trip code, 48 hours, nucleic acid detection negative prove, undergraduate students’ approval, postgraduate studies have reviewed the conditions after reviewing the conditions, report. The school said that all teachers and student workers must return to residential land 14 days before the start of school (except for the residential land for medium and high risk areas and the county (district)), reducing outgoing and gathering, carrying out self-health management.

Back to school 14 days, there is a history of high-risk areas. Before returning to school, they are in the county (district) in the middle and high-risk areas, and they will not return school, and they will return school and report to the time for further notice.

  Shenzhen University of Technology: Examination Direct to Guangdong students must provide nucleic acid report Shenzhen University of Technology New students to the school to report the time September 11, freshman and parents must return to the family 14 days before the start of school, not necessarily no province, reduce out and aggregate , Carry out self-health monitoring and management. Other grades of students (old) reported registration time from August 24th to 31st. Students in the low-risk area of ??the epidemic, based on classified health management policies, to conduct nucleic acid testing and health monitoring, and return to school from August 24th to 31.

  All students, if there is a record in 14 days, or from the province directly to Guangdong, the nucleic acid test is required, with a 48-hour nucleic acid test report, and the students directly come to Guangdong from the province to arrive in 48 hours within 48 hours. Perform a nucleic acid detection.

  Shenzhen Vocational and Technical College: Back to school must hold "return code" Shenzhen Vocational and Technical College 2021 new students will be announced separately, other grades will be divided into campus from August 30th to September 3, and the inlet is reasonable and orderly Return school. Students in students, abroad students, high-risk areas, and their local market (county, district) are suspended, and they will be returned to the school after their local market (county, district).

Students who have been assessing to focus on the crowd will not return school; students with fever, cough, diarrhea and other symptoms, and exclude new crown virus infections, there is no need to return to school, and there is no symptoms to be treated, and they can return to school after approval. The school students must return to school through "I deep" uploading health code and trip screenshots. After verifying the situation and forms an approval code.

Students present the school code, campus card or ID card at the school gate and detect the body temperature normally. Shenzhen Information Vocational and Technical College: will return to school in Shenzhen Information Vocational and Technical College on August 28th, 29, 20, 20, 20, Shenzhen, 8, 20, 20, 20, 20 Class Shenzhen students return to school on August 29.

  Students who apply for returning must meet the following conditions: I have no respiratory symptoms such as hemoy, dry cough, and fatigue within the nearly 14 days; I have never reached the high-risk area or high-risk area in the epidemic in 14 days; I have not returned to China (entry) in the past 14 days (entry); I have not contacted patients with new crown pneumonia in the past 14 days, and the close contact person of the patient is diagnosed. If you don’t belong to the home observation or concentrated observer I have unvermptified patients with infectious diseases (such as flu, tuberculosis, etc.). Students with respiratory symptoms such as fever, dry cough, and fatigue in the past 14 days, have been diagnosed with non-newly chapp pneumonia by the hospital, and after the treatment of hospital diagnosis, after confirmation of the school medical office, they can return to school.

Only the student is allowed to enter the school, and the parents, delivery staff and vehicles cannot enter the school.

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