Saving high quality development services with high quality development services in procuratorial work

Saving high quality development services with high quality development services in procuratorial work

>> The highest inspection held the party group conveyed the study of the central economic work conference spiritual Zhang Jun requests the high-quality development service to ensure the high-quality development of the economy and social high-quality development time: 2021-12-1403: 40 Tuesday Source: Rule of Law Daily – Rule of Law Network 12 On the 13th of the month, the Supreme People’s Procuratorate held a party group meeting, conveyed the spirit of studying the spirit of the Central Economic Work Conference and Xi Jinping’s Important Speech at the Central Committee of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, further studying The spirit of the Plenary will study the current and future procuratorial work in accordance with the deployment requirements of the Central Political and Law Committee. Zhang Jun, secretary of the Supreme Review Party Group, presided over the meeting. The meeting conveyed the spirit of the Central Economic Work Conference and General Secretary Xi Jinping in the Central Committee of the CPC Central Committee for 35th. It is said that the spirit of the central economic work conference will be implemented, and the most important point in the comprehensive implementation of the rule of law of the Central Economic Work Conference is to ensure the high – quality development of the economy and society with high quality development services in the procuratorial work. Everyone forms a consensus: the high quality of the procuratorial work is to provide a higher level of political quality, business quality, professional moral quality to procuratorate, to supervise the case, to the procuratorate of scientific management, to the procuratorate To supervise the political effects, social effects and legal effects, to the procuratorates, the enthusiasm, initiative, and creativity of the prosecutor, clean, responsibility and officer entrepreneurship. Zhang Jun talked from the prosecutive, and in contramed the "Opinions on Strengthening the Legal Supervision of New Times", Zhang Jun, the Implementation of Practicing Practice and Practicing the Rule of Law and Its Implementation of the Spirit of the Central Economic Work Conference and proposes "High Quality" requirements. The Duty of High Quality Performing the Development of Economic and Social Development. To implement the requirements of coordinating development and safety, it is better to provide a strong guarantee for the "14th Five-Year Plan" opening office, especially to understand that high quality is a "small case" that is related to the back of people.

It is necessary to consider every "small case" around the people around the people. In particular, it is necessary to make full use of rhersion, less depreciation of prison judicial policies, maximize the conflict of contradictions, promote social harmony, and the Grunge Governance Basis.

High quality continues to deepen the inspection team education. Performing a new era procuratorial work heavier responsibilities, serving the high-quality development of the economy and society at the new starting point, and basically rely on people, relying on a hard prosecution.

Continue to grasp the rectification of the procuratorate education, but must grasp the end, the disease is sick, but also caught the front end and cure the disease.

We must deepen strict standards of scientific management, improve the quality evaluation criteria for the case of cases, and have a good job of prosecutors, reverse, and promote the prosecutive team to perform the political construction with the spirit of "seeking the Encyclopedia". Integrate into the procuratorial business, providing a stronger prosecution guarantee for economic and social development.

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The grassroots is here to see: "A full reincarnation"

The grassroots is here to see: "A full reincarnation"

In June of this year, the Jilin Provincial Federation of Trade Unions launched the organ cadres to go to the grassroots activities. The 15 provincial departments cadre into the five working groups into Bai Mountain Pine, and the body and the first-line employee and the grassroots union cadres are blended together. one place.

"First, we must make a new employment form worker to join the battle!" In Dongchang District, Tonghua City, the third squatting work group has been investigated, and the main direction is set.

Dongchang District has fewer production enterprises, catering services and small trade circulation enterprises. Among them, Tonghua Haishing Network Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Haidsheng Company) is hungry, the platform is in the local outsourcing company, with 183 out-selling distributors; Tonghua Xiaoyang Distribution Service Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Xiao Huang The company is managing the US group platform in the local 220 out of the sale. I will start to attack and start from Haysheng.

"Our leaders are not there." The first time I got on the Internet, the Working Group was stopped back by this sentence.

Once, it is no longer two times, or even three times … Working Group and Dongchang District Federation of Trade Union went to the appointment before paying the meeting, he finally arrived at the company’s head of the company, and discussed. Detailed explanation of union effects, enthusiasm introduction to the benefits of the company and employees, explain the "Trade Union Law" related to the "Trade Union Care", so that the other person is deeply moved. On August 11, Haidsheng Company officially established an union organization.

The first war, the Working Group immediately put a new round of battles, and fully promoted the small yellow people.

Communicate from the originating stationmaster, contact the regional manager, one wave of three fold.

Working Group and District General Union staff three five times, the other party replied "consideration". But everyone is not discouraged, still unremitting, until the other party recognizes from the heart, and finally consent. On September 1, Xiaohuang Company officially established trade union organizations.

"Trade Union organization is the ‘Mother’ ” ‘of the staff. What is the urgent need for you?" In the process of opening your heart with takeaway, the Working Group actively collects the appeal and is committed to helping to solve the first time.

"Tonghua is located in the mountains, rainy, especially this year, the most urgent need is raincoat rain pants.

"A lot of takeaway porsche will mention this.

The working group and the regional general trade union moved, immediately went to the market to choose, from the quality, style to comfort, the number of anti-gloss, a set of trials, a family contrast, repeated selection, and finally selected a professional manufacturer of Zhejiang and order More than 400 sets. "In the rain, Dongchang workshop warm you" "Dongchang Shenshi is a windshield for you" … September 23, in Dongchang District takeaway distributor concentrated in the ceremony, receive raincoats with these words After the rain pants, some takeaway little brothers can’t wait to do everything. "Getting, breathable, quality lever!" From the small yellow people’s takeaway, Wang Yugu, said, "The gift of the union is really intimate.

"" "403 out of the jurisdiction, from one income, to a full-reaching meeting, realize the full coverage of the meeting, inseparable from the provincial total third squatting working group to be diligent, the thunder’s work attitude.

"Huang Hui, Huang Hui, Cadial Cadres of Dongchang District, said. In the past 3 months, the footprint of the members of the Jilin Provincial Third Point Working Group, all towns, streets, communities in Dongchang District, according to the investigation and research, listing 12 items Work content, combined with the regional general union to break the wall, fully explore the problem of cracking the grassroots union work; on the other hand, enter the enterprise as a worker, ask questions to touch the truth, wholeheartedly make friends, serve the company, gain in the practice Many growth sentiments have effectively enhanced the masses’ work.

"Dedicated to serve the employees, never end. As a trade union cadre, we must bring the knowledge and skills from the grassroots, bring to future work, enjoy the sense of professional happiness in the efforts, in dedication Experience the professional honor.

"The third working group team leader Qin Dongxu said.

The first multi-human cabin nucleic acid collection station in Luzhou, Henan Province officially embedded

The first multi-human cabin nucleic acid collection station in Luzhou, Henan Province officially embedded

The public made a nucleic acid test in the multi-human cabin nucleic acid collection.Wang Yuli is provided according to relevant staff, and the square cabin nucleic acid acquisition workstation does not contact the outside world. The glass is observed, and the rubber handset is used to avoid direct contact with the sampling object.

At the same time, the medical staff do not need to wear thick protective clothing in the cabin, just with a surgery mask, and indoor thermostat is 26 degrees, avoiding high temperature weather care staff to sweat.

The staff in the cabin helps complete the sample packaging transfer work, complete process closed-loop management."The workstation is not intermittently collected in 24 hours, and the daily inspection can reach more than 3,000 people!" Mexuhong, head of the hot clinic, said that the use of workstations and the diversion of social testing personnel and hospitalized patients and accompanyingLet the public complete nucleic acid tests upon 3 minutes while reducing the risk of medical infection and improving productivity.

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Record the rural life short video online, the firefighters see problems at a glance …

Record the rural life short video online, the firefighters see problems at a glance …

Recording the family of rural lives in a short video platform, and let some people began to imitate him.

Under their shots, cooking, go to the ground, Divine Wall & Hellip; & hellip; this kind of rural life without a filter, real and ground, makes many netizens very good! But in these short video However, firefighters found some security hazards, but also remind everyone to pay attention to electricity and heating in winter.

In the video of the classmates, there is a pink porous plug-in, and Zhang Tongchi will use it with a rice cooker, plug in the hot kettle, and charging the phone or electric razor. However, the tank on this plunabarboard has been obviously burned, and there are several paragraphs; in the power cord connection of the wiring board, the external rubber has been broken, and the electric wire inside is exposed.

In this regard, Zixinglong, deputy director of the news propaganda department of Tongzhou District Fire Rescue Detachment, said that such a wiring board seems to be over-age, there is a double risk of fire and electric shock. The life of the wiring board is generally 5 years to 8 years, and it is recommended to replace it for 5 years.

There is already a jack that is burned black on the plugboard in the box, so the internal discontinuation or short circuit due to rust, elasticity, and the aging of the wire, and the power line have appeared in the power cord. Note that this tabbed board itself is not good or over-age, it should stop using it.

Qixinglong also reminded that the plugboard in the video is often connected to the rice cooker, and the kettle and other high-power appliances. If the use may cause the plugboard to overload, thereby producing overheating, the case where the circuit is blown, and it is very easy to cause fire.

In addition, in the video of the classmate, in order to warm, he sometimes put a pot of charcoal fire, but this behavior also has a safety hazard.

Qixinglong said: Use such an open-fire heating method, be careful to keep indoor ventilation, and should not be placed in the place where there is a burning material such as bedding. Qixinglong also referred to a gas heating warmer currently sold on the market. The bottom of this heater can be connected to the liquefied gas tank, and it is also a way to heating, so it is not appropriate to put in a closed space or personnel intensive place. If the ventilation conditions are not Ok, it is easy to cause carbon monoxide poisoning. As a firefighters, Qixinglong believes that these fire hazards in these videos that tell rural life may be the real scene in rural life. However, as a traffic anchor, it should also pay attention to the correct fire protection knowledge, and the demonstration role should be used. For the reminder of firefighters, on the latest video released by the students on December 10, the fire prevention and publicity got home payment for the prevention of winter safety.

Under the video comment, many netizens are all this: I found that the problem is immediately corrected, I hope to take more propaganda video, popularize more safety knowledge through this way. (Original title: Record the rural life short video online popular, firefighters see questions & hellip; & hellip;) Source: Beijing Daily Client Internship reporter Xu Yingbo Process Editor: U028 Copyright Notice: Text copyright is owned by Beijing News Group, unauthorized Do not reprint or adapt.

This village "turned into treasure", built "ice" "water" paradise

This village "turned into treasure", built "ice" "water" paradise

  Xinhua News Agency, February 22 (Reporter Wang Yufei, Xu Ziheng) Ice Sledge, Ice Kart, Ice on the Ice Octopus Turning … Changchun Citizens play with grandson with grandson.

  The ancestors played the ice of the ice, this is a water tourism project in the city of Zhongcun, namely Changchun Beicheng Water Park. Every snow season, here is "freezing" into ice park.

  Changchun Beicheng Water Park is a tourism project developed in Wuxing Village, Xinyuan Street, Xiangcheng District. Due to the scenery of the scene, only the specific entertainment project costs, this place is located in the city-rural joints, soon, many citizens Favused with the villagers.

  In the red say, when the park was completed five years ago, she often came to bend, now it has become her "Babao". "My family is next to the community. It is cold, standing in front of the window, overlooking the scenery, warm, take grandson to play here." Yuhong said.

  It’s hard to imagine that this net red ice and snow player is a bubble bubble. Huang Wenhui, director of the Wu Xing Village Administrative Office, introduced that it is used here for Irrigation farmland reservoirs. Later, with land demolition, farmers, reservoirs, reservoirs, and ecological environments have gradually deteriorated. "I went here, people haven’t arrived yet, and the smell will float first.

"Huang Wenhui said. In September 2016, Five-Star Village decided to open up new roads in the village collective economy – develop tourism projects. Transform the Jiji Reservoir into a leisure, entertainment, catering in the water park, Chen-year stinky and bubbles "change" into ecological tourism.

  "I didn’t expect to revenue more than 10 million yuan in the first year. This is the first tourist income in the history of Wu Xingcun. It recessed 20,000 tourists.

"Du Yibao, secretary of the Village Party Committee, said that many residents in Changchun come to card.

Although the paradise is open in four seasons, two-thirds of the annual income are from winter.

  "Here, in addition to entertainment facilities, you can fish in winter and summer.

Even if you don’t consume, you will take a walk in this.

"Changchun citizen Zhu Shiqin said. In recent years, this city of Zhongcun Scenic Area has also built a facility such as Light Bridge, large slide, and children’s indoor entertainment center, and has driven more than 60 villagers. Employment.

"Never use and go out, I can income of more than 40,000 yuan in the park for a year." The park is also said that this year’s Spring Festival holiday, the park can usher in hundreds of tourists every day, everyone has fun, The economy in the village, the village’s livelihood has added a good color.

The waters have become good, and the porpoise is back.

The waters have become good, and the porpoise is back.

  Tumble, nod, spray, 10 tits, when you jump out of the river, sometimes sneak into the water … There is a Yangtze River porpoise named "Water Giant Panda", and recently frequently appeared in Nanchang, Minjiang. "The return of the porpoise, gave the Natural Natural Rehabilitation Work in Nanchang City.

The relevant person in charge of the Poyang Lake Fisheries Bureau of Nanchang County, Jiangxi Province said.

  "Will n’t I have a rare animal such as elk, peach and water in the Nangchang ‘sea and green, and marked that the ecological environment quality of Jiangxi Province and Nanchang City has been further improved.

Sang Diongh, Dean of the Jiangxi Academy of Sciences, said. Nanchang water system is developed, and the water area accounts for nearly 30% area.

Since January last year, the Yangtze River is fully arrested in Jiangxi section and the Poyang Lake region; from May last year, the provision of all-round arrest in the Lijiang and Fuhe Nanxiao … The returning task is heavy, the arbitraries are wide, and the self-pressurization of Jiangxi Province. Provincial Agricultural Rural House and other relevant departments and Nanchang City work together to refine measures. Nanchang City New District issued 26 measures to implement accurate help of returning fishermen’s transition, Xihu District focused on building a returned regional environment, ecology, resources continued to long-term mechanism, Qingyun Zone strictly controlled the ban on fishing acquisition Market, flowing to the dining table … Jiangxi completed the return of the arrest of the prohibition in advance, realizing the disposal rate of fishing boats, fishermen’s refrigeration rate, age-age fishermen’s participation rate, labor capabilities and employment will fishermen employment rate 4 100%. Nanchang City strengthened the protection of rivers and shorelines such as Poyang Lake, Lijiang River, adhered to the repair of the waters, from January to October this year, and the water quality rate of the section of the Qingjiang, Fuhe Nanchang section reached 100%. Governing the water kung fu in the water, more on the shore, in the sky.

Nanchang City has a comprehensive rectification of water and water and gas environment in Nanchang City, and the total value of the unit production is 5 years aggregated.

Carry out the whole city’s solid waste pollution control, clean up, realize the closed-loop supervision of industrial solid waste; establish visualization, intelligent monitoring system, and retrospectively retrospective; strengthen the control of pollution of rural environment, and contaminated farmland safety utilization rate of more than 93%, The safety utilization rate of pollution blocks is more than 90%.

  Nanchang City continues to enhance the fineness of the gas management, scientific level, control and ozone synergistic control, and implement the "one park and one strategy" for the volatile organic governance of the Nanchang Economic Development Zone, High-tech Zone, Lijiang New District and other key parks. Key industries such as oil storage and marketing have implemented points to direct directors, emission reduction, tubes, dust, bans, cured smoke multi-pruning … This year, the average concentration of the city decreased year-on-year, ozone concentration decreased year-on-year %, The number of air quality is more than the number of days. (Editor: Mao Siyuan, Qiu Wei) Sharing let more people see.

The profit of my country’s industrial enterprises continued to grow steadily five months

The profit of my country’s industrial enterprises continued to grow steadily five months

  The data released by the National Bureau of Statistics on the 27th show that the country’s largest size, and the industrial enterprises above the country have achieved profit billion yuan, the year-on-year increase%, increased from January to May 2019, two years average growth%.

  Statistics show that from January to May, 39 profits in 39 industries increased in 41 industrial industries. Zhu Hong, senior statistician, Industrial Division, National Bureau of Statistics, said that as the overall situation of prevention and control and economic and social development continue to consolidate, the market demand is stable and restored, and the operating conditions of industrial enterprises have continued to improve, and the company’s profits continue to grow steadily.

  From May that month, the profits of industrial enterprises above the scale increased year-on-year, grew up by 2019, with an average growth in two years. "In May, nearly 70% of the industry profit increased year-on-year, the eight-standing industry profit exceeded the same period in 2019." Zhu Hong said, among which the profit of raw material manufacturing is rapidly increased, and the growth of consumer manufacturing industry and other consumer manufacturing profit increases. On the one hand, it is benefited from market demand recovery, and the price of mass commodity prices is from factors, in May, black metal, non-ferrous metal smelting and calendering, chemical raw materials and chemical manufacturing, petroleum coal and other fuel processing industry profit growth. The four industries have more than one percentage of industrial corporate profits over the industry. On the other hand, the demand for epidemic prevention drugs such as new crown vaccine and test reagents is strong. The profit of medical manufacturing has increased rapid growth. In May, the profit increased year-on-year, two years an average growth%, and accelerated in April and percentage points.

  "Overall, in May, the efficiency of industrial enterprises continued to restore the situation, but the company’s earnings unbalanced situation is more prominent, and the restoration base is still not strong." Zhu Hong said, in the next stage, to continue to promote reform and innovation, stimulate market main vitality, Helping companies to relieve difficulties, and strive to guide commodity prices to return to the fundamental regression, and promote the continuous and stable recovery of industrial economies.

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Solve people, warm people! Hengzhou police put "windows" into the people’s home

Solve people, warm people! Hengzhou police put "windows" into the people’s home

Xinfu Police Station’s household registration personnel go to the door to apply for an ID card for the masses.

Lin Lulu, on October 8, the Xinfu Police Station of Hengzhou City Public Security Bureau went deep into the jurisdiction, moved the "service window" to the masses, and took a photo of a patient with a sick and inconvenient group of small animal husbandry (name) The extensive praise of the masses in the jurisdiction.

Recently, Xinfu Police Station learned about Xiaimaima, the villager of the Village Committee of the Village Committee of the jurisdiction, is inconvenient to go out, but he has not yet handled an ID card, and everyday work has also produced many inconvenience.

After receiving the situation of small animal husbandry, the police actively carried out the practice of "I do practical things for the people", forward the "service window", and actively go to the small animal husbandry. On the afternoon of November 8, the police, the auxiliary police and the small animal husbandry and their families were approximately good time, and they carry relevant equipment to Xiaumu. Xiaomu’s home is far from the new Fu police, there is not easy to walk, it takes more than an hour, the police, the auxiliary police, in order not to let the little animal husbandry, they rushed over a few hours in advance.

At 4 o’clock in the afternoon, the police, the auxiliary police finally arrived at the home of Xiaomu, helping the small animal husbandry, got a good background, and collected qualified photos and handled relevant procedures for small animal husbandry.

After completing it, Xiaomu and his family have express their sincere gratitude to the police and the auxiliary police. Every "little thing" of the police office is a "big thing" in the people’s heart. Hengzhou police will continue to carry out practical activities "I am doing real things for the masses", rubbing a bright households in high-quality, efficient services, and sending a different warmth for the masses. (Lin Luo) (Editor: Li Minjun, Huang Yumi) Sharing let more people see.

The competition is the big warner

The competition is the big warner

[] From the means to the appeal, the US government has recently opposed China’s economic and trade game, indicating that international relations after the 21st century reached a new time node. This situation reflects this scenery – in today’s era, which direction should be in powerful? In the truth, in the World Economic Change, the big country game should be a competition that reform policies.

  In recent years, China’s reform represented by the tax cutting plan and the Chinese reform represented by "venting service" has not paid.

Along this logic, China and the beauty should comply with the comprehensive tax negative, who is better, who is open, and the innovation soil is thicker, who is more energetic, who is The physical economy is more prospect, and so on.

  Regrettably, the Trump government did not focus on the fade of the US economic virtualization, the industrial hollow, excessive consumption, but in turn, the road must be, the more narrow.

  In the new round of technology revolution, the world economy is facing the new and old kinetic energy conversion, the big country game should be the contest of the development strategy.

  For nearly ten years, major economies, including the United States, have successively proposed new development strategies, such as the US Advanced Manufacturing Partnership Program, Germany 2020 high-tech strategy, British Industrial 2050 strategy, Japan’s Internet of Things and robot strategy, no one I don’t want to use the fourth industrial revolutionary Dongfeng to realize the upgrading of home manufacturing.

  Nowadays, the Trump government does not ask for self-employment. Dash.

  In fact, in the "black swan", the "gray rhinoceros" is rapid, the global economic governance is increasing, the big country game should be the development of ideological leadership, international development and cooperation model innovation power and global public product supply capacity.

In other words, in the competition, in cooperation, it is competitive in cooperation, and cooperates through a benign competition, it is a new big country relationship for future.

In this basis, all that is conducive to the injection of positive energy for the big country, it is necessary to do "addition";

  As a main provider of global public goods, the United States has been playing important constructors of international trade multilateral mechanisms, mainstream payment tools and risk-saving assets, global capital allocation center and risk pricing center, global liquid valve, international cooperation development funds Important source and other important roles.

  Right and responsibility should be unified.

Regrettably, the Trump government gave up the responsibility of the big country under the "dissident" mentality, relying on the outside world to the United States, and the big economic and trade heroes and blackmail. The Trump government must recognize that any single-sided measures will lead to the loss of the United States, and will also accelerate the pace of countries seeking non-metallic substitutes.

Correspondingly, the Chinese leaders’ thoughts and "Human Destinum Community" thinking and "all the way" initiatives have no considerable attractive and competitiveness.

  Today, China’s vows "no one for any cost" anti-US economic and trade "domain" behavior. This is not only for the interest, but also for morality. While China defends their rights and interests, they are also fair in replacing all the rules and heavy reputation.

This is an open to the closed dispute. This is a strive for retrogression, this is a multilateral pair of unilateral disputes, this is the fair to overbearing.

  People don’t believe it, the country is not trustworthy. The big country should have a big country, and the big country game should also look like a look. As the top two heavyweight economies in the world, China and the United States really need a decent game, and the two parties of the game can avoid falling into the "Crappier Trap".

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Tianjin LNG adds two project construction in the second phase of the "bottom gas" in the heating season.

Tianjin LNG adds two project construction in the second phase of the "bottom gas" in the heating season.

People’s Network Tianjin On October 20th, it is recently, in Tianjin Binhai New District South Xinjiang Terminal, "Saratoga" from Oman’s "Saratog" is safely unloaded from Tianjin LNG, and it is expected that three LNG boat will be connected this month. Second, then connect to about 200,000 tons of LNG. These LNGs will be transported to the 8 provinces and districts of Beijing-Tianjin and North China through natural gas pipelines, and the eight provinces and districts in North China, providing sufficient "bottom gas" for the upcoming heating season. In the second phase of the Tianjin LNG second phase project in the east side of the production area, nearly 40 people jointly participate in the construction unit management personnel, supervision and construction personnel are busy in the construction site, put welding, anti-corrosion and other units, 462 groups, efficient Carry out the construction of storage tanks, receiving stations and excessive expansion engineering lines. The second phase of the project is the national gas infrastructure interconnection key project, which is also a key project of Tianjin. It is expected that all completion of the completion of the North China will effectively alleviate the relatively nervousness of North China Winter Natural Gas.

In the construction site of the storage tank, 6 220,000 large LNG storage tanks are being integrated, including 4, 5, 6, 8 vaulting of the vault version of the storage tanks, which are being welded, and the final preparation before the pneumatic ceiling is . It is estimated that the top 4, 8 tanks will be upgraded on November 15. After the end of November, all the storage tanks of 4, 5, 6, and after the completion of the work, the first time "two storage tanks will rise at the same time." "New records" and "completion of four storage tanks in half a month".

After the completion of the 220,000 square storage tanks, the gas storage capacity of Tianjin LNG will reach 15.40,000.

"Zhang Lin Song, General Manager Tianjin LNG, said that after all of the second phase of the project is completed, the single-day external capacity will reach 70 million natural gas. The annual processing capacity reaches 12 million tons, will greatly improve the natural gas insurance for North China.

"(Editor: Zhang Jingqi, Cui Xinyao) Sharing let more people see.