Tibet Renb County Education Bureau Innovation Implementing "Party History Leading and Confucius" Project

Tibet Renb County Education Bureau Innovation Implementing "Party History Leading and Confucius" Project

This newspaper Shigati (Reporter Wang Chun) Since this year, Renbu County Education Bureau has conscientiously implements the party’s educational policy, fully implement the fundamental task of Lidshu people, and earnestly understand the party history education as the current first political task, explore the implementation of the party history Leading the Thinking of the Shengsheng "project, actively build" 1143 "thinking education system, that is, build a set of thinking and political curriculum system, build a part-time part-time teacher team, rich case, scene, practice, experiment four teaching The way, the three demonstration roles of party organizations, school team members, and party members, and promote the depth integration of school parties and education education and thinking education.

The Renb County Education Bureau always puts the party’s leaders as the fundamental guarantee of the intensive education of primary and secondary schools, and comprehensively strengthen the school’s history education and integrates the whole process of integrating it into the intensive education.

Improve the duties of the Education Work Committee, and will manage the party organizations in all kinds of schools in the county. According to the size of the school, the number of party members will reasonably set the party organization work organization, improve the rules of procedure of the school’s party organizations and decision-making procedures, and clarify the leadership responsibilities of the school party organization in the work of thinking education.

At present, the county education system has established one party committee, one party support, 14 party branches. In order to build a full-time, specialized combination, sufficient, high quality, high quality, political and hard-working, the county has strengthened the teaching management of the teaching of the Thinking of the primary and secondary schools. Through strict use, cultivate incentives, training evaluations, etc., the enthusiasm, initiative, and creative creativity of thinking and political classes. The county’s school actively established the leading cadres’ leading lecture system, and the school party organization secretary is at least a situation of a situation policy lesson. The party organization team members will talk about students at least a study period.

Around the classroom teaching, actively create a group of thoughts and political qualifications such as "the first lesson of school", thinking, and minimally class, organize the county’s intensive training, build the "Moral Education Characteristic Class", and guide teachers and students to carry out classroom discussions. Group debates ensure effective effectiveness of thinking education. Use a good case teaching mode, explore and promote the exemplary characters and advanced typical deeds of the national merits, and touch students’ thoughts through fresh cases.

Carry out on-site teaching, use the activities of living education base, "Primary and Secondary School Moral Education Hall", online teaching, "learning strong country" and other advantages. Carry out practical teaching mode, through the integration of integration education into the "first lesson", the theme class, the team, the national flag under the speech, theme speech, volunteer service, etc., constantly enhance the attractiveness and appealing . Explore experimental teaching models, encourage school teachers to use new technologies, new means, and innovate thinking and political classes.

Respect, see you here: 176 villages in Yancheng Tinghu District completed military honor room

Respect, see you here: 176 villages in Yancheng Tinghu District completed military honor room

All 176 villages in Yancheng District, Jiangsu Province, all built military honors (wall) respected, visible here ■ Si Ming Chinese National Defense News Special Journalist Shen is the honor of Xinglong Village, Nanyang Town, Minami City, Minham. Xu Wei took November 27th, Jiangsu Yancheng Industrial Vocational and Technical College, Jiangsu Yancheng Industrial Vocational and Technical College, Wu Yankun, returning to the hometown of Nanyang Town, Nanyang Town, Tinghu District, Yancheng City.

What made him like, in the village military honor room, he saw the "wearing military uniform", proud to overflow full of heart.

"When the soldiers were glorious, retired glory.

Xia Xijun, secretary of the Tinghu District Party Committee, and the first secretary of the Party Committee of the People, told reporters that villages (residential) generally establish military honors (walls), which is an important measure to create respect for military and advocating heroic atmosphere.

Although the honor room is not large, it has collected the military memory of the soldiers, and witnessed the glory of the soldiers who sacrificed the country.

At present, all 176 villages (residential) in the whole region built military honors (walls), nearly 30,000 booths, active officers and soldiers and retired soldiers have their own "honorary list".

At the beginning of this year, in order to showcase the fan of the active and soldiers and the retired soldiers, it is determined that the Tinghu District Committee of the Standing Committee of the Tinghu District Committee is determined that in all villages (residential) construction military honors (wall), promoting national defense Education has effectively implemented in the grassroots level. The area is included in the project into the "one hand project", clarifying the districts and retired military affairs bureaus leading, and the secretary of the party committees of the towns (streets), the grassroots armed forces and the retired military service station concretely grasped. Districts and people also put the military honor (wall) construction standards, requirements, completed time limit, and write into the "Standardization Construction Guidance Manual of the Grassroots Armed Forces", combined with the construction of the village (resident) militia (even) department.

"The office space is awarded the exhibition with a wall show. In short, we must build the military honor (wall) into a glorious position of the military, from the military national publicity position.

"The Minister of the People’s Armed Forces often introduced that after nearly a year of pilot and an orderly promotion, 176 villages (residential) military honors (walls) were all completed in August this year." Just contributing to national defense construction Whether it is a soldier, a soldier, a can’t settle ‘settled’ our honor room. "In the guidance of the retired soldiers, the secretary of the party branch of Xinglong Village, the reporter went into the village military honor room." Let the soldiers become the respectful career of the whole society "The red slogan is conspicuous and eye-catching, the wall posted the village’s active officers and soldiers, retired soldiers Photo and personal profile, as well as the story of the military history, defense knowledge, graphic, the show, the horse, belt, military old photos, kettle, bag, backpack belt, the kettle, the show, the backpack, the troops, the award, the medal, the medal "These old objects are not only the precious memories of veterans, but also the vivid textbooks for national defense education. "Yuan Zhun told reporters that since the establishment of openings in August, many villages (residential) soldiers (walls) became net red card.

"Let the soldiers are truly glory, and the social trend that really forms the army to support the army is to let the soldiers’ honors’ visible ‘.

The Queen army of the Yancheng Division Political Commissal said that next, they will promote the practice of Tinghu District with the city. In the city, we will vigorously promote the construction of military honor system in the city, solve the "three-after" problem and retired soldiers of the active soldiers. " "Question," Let the military have become a profession to the whole society "truly to practice.

Three squirrels: get out of a high-quality development

Three squirrels: get out of a high-quality development

The rapid development of nuts and casual snacks has achieved three squirrels. How to promote quality improvement, walk out of the new road, is the founder of three squirrel brands, the Chinese Food Industry Association Nuts Fried Care Professional Committee Executive President Zhang Yuyuan often thinks.

In October of this year, the Ministry of Commerce’s circulation industry promotion center issued the "New Consumption Times Recunition Trend Research" report, report, three squirrels "2016 to 2020, China’s nut sales first and far lead".

This undoubtedly became a strong annotation of three squirrels "nut industry leaders" identity. With rapid development of prosperous Internet channels, benefited from the driving and basic health knowledge of consumption upgrades in the past decade, the domestic nut industry has gradually developed, and the three squirrels have also grown from the people of the people in the past. Ten billion listed companies, and this reflective essence is the continuous development of China’s economy and the rapid expansion of the consumer market. Highly prosperous industrial trends have brought only the bonus of enterprises, and also brought "anxiety" of enterprise development.

How to cultivate the core competitiveness of the company? How to become incapacitated to the quality? How to achieve innovation? As a Chinese Internet snack enterprise, three squirrels do not satisfy existing achievements, but continue to ask for, with nutty categories as anchors, with quality improvement, and go out of a high-speed growth to high quality and efficient development. Effective transformation of new roads. When this new road is opened, three squirrels have three things.

First, the online line is connected and entered, and the second is to create a new model of industrial chain cooperation, and the third is to innovate leading the industry development. In the words of the founder of the brand, you can create a new brand on the line, but a complete commercial closed loop is not open. On the occasion of Tianjin Autumn Sugar this year, the three squirrels officially announced into the "moderate distribution" era, and the transfer channels under the power line.

From the line to the line on the line, the balanced development, whether it is for three squirrels or for the entire nut industry, will be an exploration of innovation, which will undoubtedly bring changes and innovations to the entire industry. In the new model of creating industry chain, three squirrels are actively exploring the industrial chain and horizontal consumption chain.

In the longitudinal extension of the industrial chain, three squirrels have created unsuccessful alliance factories, and the relationship between enterprises and suppliers is upgraded to an industrial consort, and the industry leading "cloud creation" system, transforming traditional supply chains with digital technology From the industrial chain head to ensure stability and efficiency, it is expected to create a world nut-building center in the future to promote the structural reform of the supply side of the whole industry. On the horizontal extension of the consumer chain, three squirrels participated in the entrepreneurial incubation platform of "food-related new consumption" sectors in the industrial advantage, and built bridges between regional development, capital flow and entrepreneurial talents. As the first "China Light Industry Nut Leisal Food Engineering Technology Research Center", three squirrels have proposed "from snacks to ingredients, from nuts to nuts", and will continue to conversion to source sources. Continuous product force.

In the past 5 years, the super nuts, vacuum packaging nuts, nuts, etc., which have been developed in five years. A series of new technologies such as new products, not only created new kinetic energy for business development, but also for industry development. New Thinking. Introducing the front-end consumption prosperity and back-end supply chain, promoted the prosperity of domestic nut industries, with industry prosperity and high quality development, three squirrels in the transition of "quality arrival", found a new new Road.

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Shenzhen announced 2021 annual urban update and land preparation plan

Shenzhen announced 2021 annual urban update and land preparation plan

Original title: Shenzhen announced the 2021 urban update and land preparation plan This year, the land is completed 10 square kilometers. In 2021, the city completed urban update land supply task 300 hectares, completed the land edging task 10 square kilometers; through urban renewal and land preparation planning Educational facilities have a hectare, from 53,500 degrees … Journal December 1, "Shenzhen 2021 City Update and Land Convention Program" (hereinafter referred to as "Program") is issued by the new municipal government bulletin. "Plan" to prepare the focus of focus: aiming "the people’s livelihood" goal, promoting the construction of high-quality balanced public service system; increase housing security, earnestly improve the human living environment; continue to promote industrial space security work, promote high economic economics Quality development.

  According to the "Plan", the city has completed the city’s update land supply task 300 hectares, complete the land consolidation task 10 square kilometers; the city’s update is fully supplied 180 hectares, of which 110 hectares of living land is directly supplied; the city new urban update unit The planned scale is recommended to 560 hectares.

  In the sub-task, in the provision of the Ministry of Minsheng Facilities, 2021, the city has completed no less than 2 square kilometers of people’s livelihood facilities through the land, and the urban renewal and land preparation planning are all integrated with the area of ??basic education facilities, 53,500 degrees. And identified the people’s livelihood facilities project library that needs to be updated urgently. In terms of increasing housing security, the city has raised 31043 sets of public housing and supporting dormitory through urban renewal and land preparation planning, through the land consumption, not less than 2 square kilometers of living potential land.

  In terms of improving the quality of industrial space, the city’s new "Industrial Reform M0" update unit planned land is not more than 74 hectares, complete the municipal renovation area pilot project is included in the urban update unit plan, and complete the industrial land of not less than 5 square kilometers. Follow task.

  The "Plan" also disclosed that the city has arranged the land for hundreds of millions of land for 20021. On the project arrangement, 36 new land consolidated projects were planned, and 239 renewal projects were continued. It plans to arrange 15 new land consolidation interests, and continued to build 138 land consolidation interests; Three construction projects, 11 construction projects in the construction project; 9 single-column deep special partnership projects. (Reporter Lin Jixing) (Editor: Zhang Chen Mu, Chen Yuzhu) Share let more people see.

Taihu Lake Open Zone to force "Double Recruitment Double Guide" drive industry innovation

Taihu Lake Open Zone to force "Double Recruitment Double Guide" drive industry innovation

  Zhong’an Online, Zhongan News Client Dunction in the Functional Film Industrial Town in the Taihu Economic Development Zone in Anqing City, the workers are doing construction, the construction site of each project, every enterprise production workshop, all in the development of Taihu Lake industry New chapter. "Taihu County provides a one-stop government service for our foreign enterprises, which makes us quickly develop here." Asked if he moved from Guangdong to Taihu Open District? Xu Bing, chairman of Anhui Fujin New Materials Co., Ltd., said: "" "" "" "" The second listed company. "Taihu Lake was established in July 2002, and March 2006 was upgraded to the provincial economic development zone, which is a national-level undertaking industry transfer demonstration area, the total planned area is about 11 square kilometers.

At present, there have been 89 domestic and foreign industrial enterprises, 70 production, forming a new material industry represented by Jin Zhang Technology, Huaqiang Technology, a circular economy industry represented by Guanghua Aluminum, is a represented by Huachuan and Jiayuan. The costume textile industry, the cultural industry represented by the five thousand years of Wenbo Park.

  In recent years, Taihu County has implemented "ten projects" in Taihu County. In response to the "difficult point" "pain points", we will advance innovation and development.

The county government has focused on "100 billion companies, thousands of industries" goals, vigorously promoted the construction of industrial platforms supplemented by the three professional parks of Economic Development Zone, Xuqiao, Chengxi, and Xiaoqi, forming "one district three gardens" development pattern . Strive to build a major new industrial base in the country’s well-known functional film new materials in 2025, and create a new business card for "China Membrane". Since 2009 Jin Zhang Technology settled in the development zone, the functional film new material industry has never been there. From small to large, it has become the fastest growing speed, industry benefits, and the largest industrial benefits in Taihu County.

At present, nearly 80 functional film and delayed enterprises, the products mainly cover optical film, insulating film, industrial packaging film, and functional film application industry, forming a new material, Jin Zhang Technology, and Film-rich materials. Take Huaqiang, Fang Zhou, Federal, etc.

  Behind these achievements, it is the strong support of the Taihu County Party Committee and County Government. The county party and government "one hand" took the lead in the first-place, focusing on key enterprises, focusing on solving problems, meeting with corporate running market, running, carrying out investment promotion, tighting the first industrial investment of functional film materials.

Organize expertise, hire industry experts, start construction of the county financial investment, build a functional membrane product testing and production public platform, provide accurate, standardized test data, enhance the competition of enterprises, especially leading enterprises Force and market value.

At the same time, strengthen policies, funds, talents, and land use.

Implementing the babysitting service, continuously promote the "Internet + Government Service", in the enterprise, real estate registration, construction permit, government service, power, market supervision, etc., let the masses and enterprises "only one door, up to one," .

  "We put forward the" Too Good "business environment brand, set up the business environment command dispatch center, unified accepted, hand, supervise the business environment complaints and problems, with ‘You don’t do, I will do you’ high pressure situation, The detailed department of the departure department is responsible, optimized the service, and serve as it.

"Chen Weixin, deputy director of Taihu Tuanfei District Management Committee.

  It is understood that in 2018, Taihu County has been approved by the provincial-level functional film new materials. In 2019, the provincial-level functional film new material characteristic industry cluster, 2020 "Membrane Industry Town" was selected for the provincial specialty town creation List, in 2021, the title of "Functional Membrane New Material Demonstration Base" is won the "Functional Film New Material Demonstration Base". At present, the functional film material is the first industrial industry in the county, which contributes an indispensable force for the development of Taihu County.

(Reporter Chen Qingpeng Yang Yu correspondent Zhu Shengyu Liu Can).

The main content of Chinese characteristics archeology

The main content of Chinese characteristics archeology

[Learn to implement the socialist thinking of Chinese characteristics in Xi Jinping] Hundred Years of Chinese archeology has distinctive characteristics and has achieved the world-famous achievements.

Based on the awareness of predecessors, archaeological characteristics, Chinese style, and Chinese style, and Chinese style can be summarized as the following. First, Chinese archeology has a distinct historiological goal. Chinese archaeological students have been responsible for strong historical mission, which is a significant difference in the positioning of archeology as anthropology, or as a historical, anthropology and scientific archeology.

The reason is that China’s strong historical tradition and the Chinese people have a direct relationship with the long history of Chinese civilization. Since the late Qing Dynasty, the Chinese nation has been bullied by Western powers. The ancient history system is deeply suspected of denial, and the newly born archeology, especially the archeology of the new stone to the business, and the archeology is naturally emphasized. Re-emergency. Although Chinese archeology also rely on a variety of technological means to obtain information, it also combines humanology, ethnology, etc. Since the excavation of Yangshao Site in 1921, several generations of archaeologists have compliant the combance of Chinese archaeological cultural pedal pedestrians, in the exploration of the origin of Chinese civilization and early development, to solve China’s ancient history issues as the main goal.

The Chinese archaeological studies have a combination of literature records with evidence history, and there is ancient tradition. The literature describes the direct history comparison of ancient society, combined with the literature, and its interpretation value of archaeological materials is far from anthropology, and ethnographic indirect enlightenment comparable.

As soon as Xia Shang Archaeological, the excavation of the Anyang Yinxu ruins began in 1928, and empirical the history of the late business, negates the paradox of "Dong Zhou or above". The later studies will advance the Chinese Xin’s history to the early days of the Shang Dynasty or even Xia Dynasty. We also have made a lot of work in the investigation research on the archeology and the three emperors of the New Stone Age, and have achieved initial results. Second, revealing the Chinese civilization development context is always the mainstream of archaeological research with archaeological cultural compatibility combing methods.

General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: "A few generations of archaeological people are blue, unremitting efforts, and have achieved a series of major archaeological discovery, showing the origin of Chinese civilization, development of the contribution to the world civilization, in order to better understand the source, profound and profound Chinese Civilization has played an important role. "" If there is no Chinese five thousand years of civilization, what is the Chinese characteristics? If it is not a Chinese character, how can we have such a successful Chinese characteristic socialist road today? "Important discipline of General Secretary Xi Jinping will archaeological The significant social political significance is very clear. Revealing the Chinese civilization development context with archaeological cultural pedicure, which is always the mainstream of Chinese archeology, especially the new stone era and summer business. The Chinese archaeological cultural pedicure is combed in the overall field of view, and the purpose is to try to clarify the principal, context and structure of the origin and development of the Chinese nation and Chinese civilization. Su Bingqi, etc., proposed the pathological type of archaeological culture. .

Third, always use Marxism as a guiding ideology of archaeological research. Since the founding of New China, we have always used Marxism as the basic guiding ideology of archaeological research.

Marxist dialectical materialism, materialism history, Marxism about universal contact, about productivity and production relationship, economic foundation and upper building understanding, the theory of privatological and national origins, etc., for specific archaeological research, The construction of archaeological theory and method, analyzes numerous archaeological theories and archaeological geography, and has important theoretical guidance.

"District Type" "Heavy Flowers", etc., the understanding of the overall and local, main and secondary aspects, etc. The understanding is also affected by Marxism, especially the historical materialism. Chinese archeology pays special attention to the research of ancient society from the actual exertion of archaeological materials, which has always had a practical study style, which is also in accordance with Marxism ‘s fundamental views. (Author: Han Jianye, Department of History, Renmin University of China).

Sixth Medical Center "Upgrade" otolaryngology head neck surgery medical department

Sixth Medical Center "Upgrade" otolaryngology head neck surgery medical department

"’Hardware’ has, ‘software’ should also keep up.

Say, the patient is most expecting to be better and efficient medical services! "The Director Yang Shiming, the Department of Medicine, said that 31 exemptions from the clinic, new deafness, thyroid, otitis media, tinnitus, etc., further extended the range of high quality medical services, so that the majority of officers and men enjoy the whole army Expert medical services. In order to alleviate the pressure of the diagnosis, let the doctor have more time for patients’ diagnosis and treatment, the medical department has led the care team to conduct specialist training, and the total number of external auditors is taken out, the nasal sinus is mixed, replace the trachea, etc. The specialist treatment of more than 3,200 cases.

Outpatient as an important "window" for medical services, the high and low quality of service directly affects the patient’s medical experience. After the upgrading of hardware and software in the outpatient area, the medical department has increased by nearly three times higher than the year-on-year, complete pure tone, nasal function inspection, endoscopic biopsy and other inspections, and patient satisfaction is significantly improved.

Resolutely curb the "two high" project blind development to ensure solid results "double reduction" work

Resolutely curb the "two high" project blind development to ensure solid results "double reduction" work

On August 27th, Chairman of the Autonomous Region presided over the 99th executive meeting of the government of the autonomous region. Studying the implementation of the State Council resolutely curb the blind development of the "two high" projects, the "double minus" work television conference spirit, research deployment promotion Open economic development. The meeting emphasized that the party center of Xi Jinping as the core of the party is highly attached to the "two high" project blind development work, and it is very significant for the "double-control" task to implement the "double-control" task.

All local departments should conscientiously implement the spirit of Han Zheng’s vice president, fully understand the importance and urgency of cleaning up the "two high" projects, and effectively improve the station, the big "country", and resolutely raise major political responsibilities, resolutely implement the major Political task.

In accordance with the speech of Chen Runer’s comrades, fully inspect the investigation, classify the formal opinion, list the detailed list, conduct research, speed up the rectification, to determine the "two high" projects for violations.

We must strict policy management, project access, energy-saving review, daily supervision, and then break, resolutely curb the "two high" project blind development. It is necessary to dare to move hard, strengthen the use of energy to war, supervise the assessment, and consolidate accountability, and resolutely complete the task of investigation and rectify the target task, laying a solid foundation for high quality development.

The meeting emphasized that reducing the workload burden of the compulsory education and the burden on the school training, which is related to the healthy growth of primary and secondary school students, and it is related to the people’s vital interest. To deliberately implement the party and the central government, the State Council "Double Reduction" decision-making deployment, according to the speech of Sun Chunlan, to reduce the burden to the core, improve the management mechanism, improve the management method, strictly control the total work, and effectively reduce the burden of the student; Increase the quality of classroom teaching, enrich the after-school service supply, better meet the diversified needs of students; with the focus of rectification, strict examination and approval, strengthen daily supervision, serious investigation and violation training, and resolutely curb the disorderly development of training institutions; High-quality goals, adhere to "Wulthusianda", earnestly improve the quality of school, and ensure that the students are healthy, happy and growing.

The meeting reviewed the "Opinions on Promoting the Open Economic Development of the Region", emphasizing the need to establish a new development stage, implement the new development concept, integrate the new development pattern, and accelerate the construction of an open economic system, and focus on replenishing the open short board.

It is necessary to focus on "nine key industries", increase the "introduction" "introduction", vigorously cultivate the main body of open market, and focus on promoting the development of open industries; with platforms such as China Ambo, collect more commodities, capital and Technology and other open elements, focus on promoting high-efficiency utilization of open resources; continuous deepening "venting service" reform, build a first-class business environment, and focus on facilitating the open mechanism to facilitate operation, and comprehensively enhance the scale and quality of open economy.

The meeting reviewed the "Tenth Five-Year Plan" of the Self-Governing Science and Technology Innovation "" The "14th Five-Year Plan" of the Autonomous Region, "demanded the implementation of the scientific and advocate strategy, talent strong zone strategy, innovative driving development strategy, and accelerating key commonality Technology, cutting-edge technology, modern engineering technology innovation, deepening scientific and technological achievements transfer transformation and promotion, providing scientific and technological support for high quality development.

It is necessary to fully implement the party’s educational policy, adhere to the education priority development strategy, implement the fundamental tasks of the Lidshu people, deepen the comprehensive reform of the education sector, and coordinate all kinds of education development, and strive to have a satisfactory education. The conference also studied the reform of the budget management system, and organized China (Ningxia) International Wine Cultural Tourism Expo. (Reporter Zhou Yimei) (Editor: Liang Hongxin, Jia Ru) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.

Shenzhen colleges and universities clearly return to school time and epidemic prevention requirements

Shenzhen colleges and universities clearly return to school time and epidemic prevention requirements

Original title: Shenzhen colleges and universities clearly return to school time and epidemic prevention requires NAC University to report.

Reviewing units for the summer vacation close to the end, when is Shenzhen to return to school? What is the requirements for returning? Recently, Shenzhen University colleges and universities have released returning to school notices, clearly returning to campus time and conditions. It is reported that the University of Shenzhen, Moscow University, Tianjin University Georgia Institute of Technology Shenzhen College has completed students’ return. Hong Kong Chinese University (Shenzhen): Back to school is required to submit an application on the second working day in advance August 24, Hong Kong University (Shenzhen) released the autumn semester return school notice.

It is reported that the freshmen and the second batch of graduate students who have not yet registered will arrive at school from August 30 to 31st, and the third batch of graduate new rewards will be carried out from September 2nd to 3. Undergraduate old and graduate students return to school from August 30 to September 6. When students return to school, they must submit them to the school in advance in advance in the "Visiting Port" applets, provide health code, trip code, after approval by the department, can be admitted to the school. Students who have a history of the city in the city, high-risk areas and high-risk areas in the first 14 days before returning, will not return to school. The urban low-risk zone and low-risk urban students in the middle risk can return to school. After 24 hours, the former must be detected within 48 hours. Nucleic acid detection.

Students who have been in Shenzhen within 14 days of return school do not have to detect nucleic acid detection. Overseas entry students conduct health management in accordance with the entry management policies stipulated by the government.

  Harbin Institute of Technology (Shenzhen): Students are divided into three batches of returning to school. Harbin Institute of Technology (Shenzhen) is divided into school in 3 batches of students, the first batch of students return to school on August 26, mainly 2021 master’s degree , Ph.D. and school partition exchange students and take the second degree of foreign students; the second batch of students return to school on August 28th to 29th, mainly, Shuo, Bo, the third batch of students on September 9 To 2021 undergraduate students.

  All returning teachers and students must return to residential land 14 days before the start of school, reduce out and aggregation, carry out self-health management, and conduct health monitoring and declaration.

At present, teachers and students who have a history of tourist history in the county or 14 days of high-risk areas or 14 days of high-risk areas, have been suspended. Shenzhen University: New Students reported that the reporter learned from Shenzhen University that the School of Economics, Law School, School of Management, the second phase relocation of Lihu Campus, was completed on August 23 to 25, and other colleges (Department) Students (older) will return to school from August 30 to September 1.

  Among them, students (including special investigators) of the history of the city’s hidden history in the top 14 days of return school must return to school on August 30, and do health management in accordance with Shenzhen related epidemic prevention regulations. There are students in the county (district) in the county (district) in high-risk areas in the first 14 days of return school, and students in the county (district) of high-risk areas (district) (district) (district) in the middle-risk areas are not returned.

From August 31st to September 1st, the rest of the students return to school.

New students will report on September 11, and the specific arrangements will be notified separately.

  All foreign provinces come (return to) Cantonese students employees, at least once, according to the epidemic prevention and control requirements, at least once nucleic acid detection, wherein the nucleic acid detection of students is carried out in a combination of self-arrangement and school organization. Southern University of Science and Technology: Before the report, green codes, trip, nucleic acid negative proves Southern University of Science and Technology University is on September 6th, the current undergraduate freshmen have completed the report on August 22nd, graduate freshmen will report on August 26. The undergraduate old and graduate students reported from September 4th and September 3, respectively.

The return campus time of international students and exchange students will be notified separately.

  Before returning to school and reported, Yue Kang code green code, the trip code, 48 hours, nucleic acid detection negative prove, undergraduate students’ approval, postgraduate studies have reviewed the conditions after reviewing the conditions, report. The school said that all teachers and student workers must return to residential land 14 days before the start of school (except for the residential land for medium and high risk areas and the county (district)), reducing outgoing and gathering, carrying out self-health management.

Back to school 14 days, there is a history of high-risk areas. Before returning to school, they are in the county (district) in the middle and high-risk areas, and they will not return school, and they will return school and report to the time for further notice.

  Shenzhen University of Technology: Examination Direct to Guangdong students must provide nucleic acid report Shenzhen University of Technology New students to the school to report the time September 11, freshman and parents must return to the family 14 days before the start of school, not necessarily no province, reduce out and aggregate , Carry out self-health monitoring and management. Other grades of students (old) reported registration time from August 24th to 31st. Students in the low-risk area of ??the epidemic, based on classified health management policies, to conduct nucleic acid testing and health monitoring, and return to school from August 24th to 31.

  All students, if there is a record in 14 days, or from the province directly to Guangdong, the nucleic acid test is required, with a 48-hour nucleic acid test report, and the students directly come to Guangdong from the province to arrive in 48 hours within 48 hours. Perform a nucleic acid detection.

  Shenzhen Vocational and Technical College: Back to school must hold "return code" Shenzhen Vocational and Technical College 2021 new students will be announced separately, other grades will be divided into campus from August 30th to September 3, and the inlet is reasonable and orderly Return school. Students in students, abroad students, high-risk areas, and their local market (county, district) are suspended, and they will be returned to the school after their local market (county, district).

Students who have been assessing to focus on the crowd will not return school; students with fever, cough, diarrhea and other symptoms, and exclude new crown virus infections, there is no need to return to school, and there is no symptoms to be treated, and they can return to school after approval. The school students must return to school through "I deep" uploading health code and trip screenshots. After verifying the situation and forms an approval code.

Students present the school code, campus card or ID card at the school gate and detect the body temperature normally. Shenzhen Information Vocational and Technical College: will return to school in Shenzhen Information Vocational and Technical College on August 28th, 29, 20, 20, 20, Shenzhen, 8, 20, 20, 20, 20 Class Shenzhen students return to school on August 29.

  Students who apply for returning must meet the following conditions: I have no respiratory symptoms such as hemoy, dry cough, and fatigue within the nearly 14 days; I have never reached the high-risk area or high-risk area in the epidemic in 14 days; I have not returned to China (entry) in the past 14 days (entry); I have not contacted patients with new crown pneumonia in the past 14 days, and the close contact person of the patient is diagnosed. If you don’t belong to the home observation or concentrated observer I have unvermptified patients with infectious diseases (such as flu, tuberculosis, etc.). Students with respiratory symptoms such as fever, dry cough, and fatigue in the past 14 days, have been diagnosed with non-newly chapp pneumonia by the hospital, and after the treatment of hospital diagnosis, after confirmation of the school medical office, they can return to school.

Only the student is allowed to enter the school, and the parents, delivery staff and vehicles cannot enter the school.

(Reporter Wang Yu Guo Yuti Intern Lu Zi Fan) (Editor: Zhang Chenmuse, Chen Yizhuang) Sharing Let more people see the recommended reading.

Shanxi Lingqiu: Good scenery for good scenery

Shanxi Lingqiu: Good scenery for good scenery

  Xinhua Net Taiyuan August 24th For Shangbei Yulian in Beiquan Village Then it is to sell peach, plum, hawthorn, walnuts. Shangbeiquan Village is an administrative village in Hongshi Township, Lingqiu County, Shanxi Province, four-sided Hedes, sufficient water source, and "stuffy small Jiangnan".

For decades, the village has been in accordance with economic forests, ingredients forests, and the forest, and the ecological construction and green economy win-win industry policy will plan the 11th largest categories of peach, apricot, walnut, and hawthorn. Dried fresh fruit varieties have become the largest economic forest base in the county.

  At the same time, the village vigorously developed ecotourism, and organized the "Extraordinary Tourism Summer Evening" "Passionate Destinum Summer Evening".

In 2016, the village launched the "Shanshui Beiquan" real scene performance.

  A good scenery has been exchanged for a good scene. In 2020, there were 200,000 visitors to visitors, and tourism income was 4 million yuan.

Yan Yulian said that Shangbeiquan Village has 170 people living in the village, 5 acres of household economic forests, the fruit produced in the village, not selling, many families have only 10,000 yuan in economic forests. (over).