[School history, do practical things] Xinjiang public security traffic control business "put" reform "put" new vitality

[School history, do practical things] Xinjiang public security traffic control business "put" reform "put" new vitality

People’s network Urumqi December 2nd (Li Long) On 2, the reporter learned in Xinjiang Public Security Organs "National Traffic Safety Day" news ventilation meeting, in recent years, Xinjiang Public Security Traffic Management Department has launched a car inspection, driving test, accident A series of reform measures such as management and Internet services. From 2018 to 2020, there were successfully implemented 6 batches of 55 public security traffic controls, "all measures continued to be precise and land, the traffic management business" once, nearly, online ", traffic control services more" Flat "" Intelligent "" refinement "makes the people’s sense of feelings, happiness, and safe feelings.

In 2021, the Xinjiang traffic control department combined "I have practical practical things for the masses", and 12 new initiatives have been implemented, and the traffic control services are more refined.

These measures include 4 simple political decentralization measures such as driver’s license, facilitate 3 customized service measures such as the elderly to handle three customization services, and five Internet services such as traffic accidents.

Adhere to the reduction and convenience, ready to do.

"Four Reduction" "One Window" "One Certificate" All Declaration It is more convenient for the masses to work in different places. Since the landing of reform measures, 31 million applications for application materials have been reduced. 8.47 million caids enjoy free inspection services, and thousands of people successfully apply for reduction.

Thousands of people enjoy the convenience of crossing the province’s differential exams, auto inspection, illegal treatment, and compensation certificates. Accumulates the cost of people in the masses nearly 300 million yuan.

Break the department, police, regional restrictions, and vigorously promote the county hometown multi-diversity. The 95% of the counties and cities can apply for small car registrations, 85% of the county and cities to achieve full subject exam, police room, police station, as well as postal, insurance, automobile sales enterprises, etc. 1231 traffic control service outlets cover all townships in the region It is convenient for urban and rural masses to do, multi-point, and open the "last kilometer" of the service the masses. Xinjiang Public Security Traffic Management Department is closely around "Internet +" reforming booth, fully open online appointment, replaces license and other 31 online business, and realize traffic management business "online office, palm office, telephone office", and the license is mailed home. The total number of visitors of the public security traffic control Internet service management has exceeded 100 million, "Traffic Management 12123" APP has more than 14 million APPs, and has more than 68 million business in business. The driving pipe network has more than 80% of the business, the illegal handling and accident site network business has more than 60%, and the masses have effectively felt the implementation of the traffic control service "not leaving home".

It is understood that "I do practical things for the masses" public security traffic control, the driving license is electronized, and the second-hand car off-site trading registration will begin to implement in the near future, and this year is fully landed in Xinjiang at the end of this year.

Traffic accident evidence materials online query will also begin to implement the year before the end of the year.

Zhu Tao, deputy detachment of the traffic police leader management detachment of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, said: "This year, the motor vehicle driver’s electronic service is implemented. At present, it has completed promotion applications in 11 land in Urumqi and Bazhou. 1.7 million people successfully applied.

Secondly, there is more than 200 parking roads in the new road in the new road in the new road, and there is more than 20,000 parking spaces in the new road.

At the same day, the autonomous regional public security department traffic police leader was released for 2021 "Xinjiang Good Traffic Police" "Xinjiang Good Secret Police" selection results, and issued 10th of the majority of the masses and drivers to the whole country. 122 "National Traffic Safety Day" proposal, I hope everyone will build, share, a road traffic environment of safe, order, smooth and civilized.

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Xinjiang Yixian County: Villages are more and more beautiful villagers seize business opportunities

Xinjiang Yixian County: Villages are more and more beautiful villagers seize business opportunities

Core tip: "After another 20 days, my farmhouse can be opened!" The yard in the villager Ma Guilan family of Allen Qu Village, No. 5, No. 5, No. 5, No. 5, No. 5, No. 5, No. 5, No. 5, No. 5, No. 5, No. 5, No. 5, No. 5, Xunqu Village, and the courtyard of the villagers of Allen Qu Village, No. 5, Xunxian County. Vegetables that are growing in flowers and vegetable gardens, looking at the railing of the flowers that are about to be made, Ma Guilan said happily.

Xinjiang News (Reporter Wu Zhijie Correspondent Ma Jing) After another 20 days, my farmhouse can open! Workers in the courtyard of the villager Ma Guilan’s house in Allen Qu Village, No. 5, Xunxian County are welding the railings of the flower pond, watching all kinds of flowers and vegetables in their own yards in the blooming flowers in their yards Ma Guilan said happily.

Ma Guilan has transformed from the family courtyard into a farmhouse this year. Since this year, Allen Qu Village, No. 5 Qiqu Township, Wuxian County has led the party building. Essence

Entering Allen Qu Village, a beautiful picture is presented in front of them. The green trees and red flowers are dotted with clean and tidy villages. The sense of happiness continues to improve. The environment is so beautiful, and we must make money when we open farmers. The appearance of Allen Qu Village has made many people who want to start a business to see the business opportunities. Ma Guilan is one of them.

A few years ago, she worked in the county restaurant and learned a good cooking skills. When she learned that the village was vigorously developing the rural tourism industry, she had the idea of ??opening farmhouses in her yard. At present, the preparations for the farmhouses of the Ma Guilan family are close to the end, full of hope for future life. Since the beginning of this year, the No. 5 Qu Township of Xixi County has implemented the Cross of Rural Rejuvenation, and strives to achieve high -quality and efficient agricultural agriculture, rural areas, livable and industrial, and farmers’ wealth.

It is understood that in the next step, the township will be equipped with express vehicles with rural rejuvenation, vigorously develop rural tourism, rely on the town of the West to develop the farming culture experience corridor, and develop Allen can into a modern agricultural picking garden, Huahai, farmhouse music, and farmhouses, and farmhouses, and farmhouses, and farmhouses, and farmhouses, and farmhouses, and farmhouses. Experience the rural tourism demonstration village that integrates vegetable fields and folk culture, and continues to promote agricultural efficiency, farmers’ income, and rural economic development.