The child’s mouth is a hand and foot and mouth disease? These knowledge help you identify

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The child’s mouth is a hand and foot and mouth disease? These knowledge help you identify

Will it be a hand and foot and mouth disease? How do parents say how herpes? Don’t panic, herpes are not equipped with hand and foot and mouth disease, kids herpes, and may be oral hypothetical herpes, oral stripped herpes, herpes, herpes, herpes.

Common types of fine introduction, mypes, herpes ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I. Herpes simple herpes oral hyphadiffeous with the infection of the human body, common assault, skin, eyes, blind, nervous system, etc., human beings are their natural hosts.

It can also be divided into primary herpes and recurrent herpes, among which primary herpes are more common in children, more common in children under 6 years old, especially for 6 months to 2 years. Multi-manifestation as acute herpes gadoxitis. It has four periods of the disease: 1 Precursive period of patients with herpes in patients with herpes before the disease. After 4 to 7 days, there is an acute symptom of fever, headache, fatigue, fatigue, plung pain, sore throat, etc., the mandibular and the lymphadenopathy, and the torque. The child gave a greece, refused, and irritated.

After 1 or 2 days, oral mucosa, adhesion gums and widespread edema.

2 The blisters in the oral mucosa is presented with small blisters in clusters, like needle size, thin, transparent and easier, forming a superficial ulcer. 3 The small blond sessions of the cluster clusters can cause large area erosion and can cause secondary infections. Covered yellow fake membrane. The skin and the skin around the mouth can also have similar diseases, and the sputum is formed after the blister.

4 The erosion surface of the healing is gradually narrowed, healed, and the whole course takes 7 to 10 days. Second, oral macrossed oral mucosa damage: It is easy to occur in the trigeminal neural distribution area, the blisters are short, and the velocity is the edge, shallow in the ulcer surface, the surface has yellow fake film coverage, limited to single side, severe toothache .

Will be the rash part, there is pain, itching, burning sensation, then flushing, the clustered miliary large small pilm, which is arranged in a stripped nerve distribution, and rapidly become a blister, and the blister can be fused into a large blister, blister Tone, clear and transparent, gradually become turbid or even blood, purulent, and after several days, the blister absorbs dry, 1 to 2 weeks, it is removed, and temporary erythema or pigmentation is left.

Generally do not leave scars, damage does not surpass the centerline.

What kind of processing suggestions will be given? (1) General treatment, give more diet and sufficient moisture.

Prevent secondary bacterial infection.

Do not rub the affected area and avoid blisters.

(2) Drug treatment 1 glucocorticoid can reduce the inflammatory reaction and swelling of surface nerve in acute phase, so that it is placed in pressure in the facial nervous bone tube of fixed pipe diameters, thereby reducing facial nectus edema threatening and is affected by facial nerve bone tube The degree of oppression, microcirculation barriers, therefore, glucocorticoid therapy for the primary and primary drug treatment of the disease.

Diabetes, tuberculosis, gastric ulcer and pregnant women are used with caution. Hypertension should pay attention to control blood pressure. 2 antiviral drugs can interfere with herpes viral DNA polymerase, inhibit DNA replication.

Commonly used cyclo (acyclovir), can also be used in Coblov, prcipulov or Wanlovir (Low). 3 neurotrophic drug vitamin B1 and vitamin B12 and other muscle injections or oral administration.

4 Improve the drugs of facial nerve microcirculation using ginkgo leaf extracts or other expansion blood vessels, improve the drug intravenous injection or oral administration of microcirculation. 5 Phase pain can be applied appropriately when painting pain. 6 Other transfer factors, normal human immunoglobulin injection. Third, the hand and foot and mouth disease have emergency, accompanied by heat, oral mucosa is scattered in herpes, hands, foot and buttocks appear, herpes, herpes, rash, rash, less liquid in the blister; oral mucosa is scattered with herpes, pain Obviously, some children can accompany cough, runny, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting and headache. At this time, the parents must not fall light, because the hand and foot and mouth disease can have severe cases: patients with clinical manifestations of hand and foot and mouth disease, with musculus or encephalitis, acute lateral paralysis, cardiopulmonary failure, pulmonary edema. Infants in the hands and foot and mouth diseases, although there is a typical manifestation of foot and mouth diseases. However, there is a fever with muscle clonic or encephalitis acute latex paralysis, cardiopulmonary failure, pulmonary edema.

Fourth, herpes, pharyngitis herpes, pharyngitis is an acute infectious disease, occasionally in adolescents and adults, more children aged 1 ~ 7 years old, the same child can be infected, the general course is in a week By two weeks. It is characterized by a thin pile blisters and ulcers that are mainly used in the phalocenger. It is manifested as a pharyngeal congestion. There are several internal oral mucosa (less than 1 to 2, up to more than 10) in 2 days. Gray white herpes, surrounded by flutter. After 2 ~ 3, the red halo intensifies, herpes zoster to form a yellow ulcer.

Such mucous ramp is more common in the tonsil precedent, or it can be located on the soft palate, hanging, tonsil, but not tired of the gum and the buccal film. Some hands and blood, children with herpes, the first symptoms, followed by red rash in the palm, foot, buttocks, etc.

The more older children can vote, and the throats can affect swallowing.

Infants and young children are showed that they are embarrassed, refused, and irritated.

Sometimes with headache, abdominal pain or myoblus, 1/4 of children under 5 years old can be accompanied by vomiting. It often has a sharp fever, and the time is 2 ~ 4 days, the heat is low or moderate, and the occasion is more than 40 ° C, even convulsions. 5. Herpeshed hinditis is a disease caused by oral mucosa infection caused by herpes simplex virus. It belongs to the herpes virus type I, and the penetration and gingival edge of the neighboring milk abutment.

Children under the age of 6 are high-income groups of herpes. Over 7 to 14 days. Scientific care is aimed at the above diseases, parents can help children do oral care and fever under the guidance: 1. Oral care 1, oral care needs to pay attention to the diet, general diet is mainly based on fluid or semi-fluid food, For example, rice soup, rice paste, etc., these foods are beneficial to digest, nor does it cause oral irritation. However, it is necessary to pay attention to the food temperature of eating, not too high, and can not eat hard, fried, greasy food. 2, the nursing oral mass needs to be rubbed with light salt water every morning, so that the oral virus can be used, and it is necessary to supplement the liquid in time, preferably a small amount of multiple times.

If the oral cavity already has an ulcer, some anti-inflammatory, repair the ulcer surface, and relieve painful drugs.

Second, heating care 1, physical cooling, if the temperature of the child has exceeds 37 ° C, then wipe the neck in the vicinity of the large artery, rear back, etc., which is allowed to take the amount of excess heat in the body. It is only possible to use my strength as appropriate when wiping, which can increase the speed of sweating, but do not excessive force to avoid rubbing. 2, the drug is cooling, if the child is heated by more than ° C, the drug can be used to cool down, the choice of the drug can be used to give the child to acetaminol or ibuprofen refactive, if a drug can be taken according to the doctor’s suggestion. If there is poor cooling, two drugs can be used to cool down, but it is necessary to pay attention to not less than 4 hours, and the amount of medication should be used. I believe that after the care of parents and patience, after cooling, it can control the condition, and then cooperate with certain drug treatment, you can treat the herpes of children.

At the choice of drugs, you should also listen to the doctor’s recommendations and cannot be blindly used. Do you have a parent, have you learned? This article was scientifically handled by Shen Jian, deputy director of the Pediatrics of Shuguang Hospital, Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

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