September 11th, Shanxi Epidemic Prevention and Control Office issued a health prompt

5月 9, 2022 品茶

September 11th, Shanxi Epidemic Prevention and Control Office issued a health prompt

  Original title: [Cautiously do a good normalized epidemic prevention and control] Provincial epidemic prevention and control office issued a health reminder on September 10 After experts’ research, this epidemic is suspected of being a local dissemination caused by the entry of Singapore, Xiufeng Village, Putun Community Committee and Lanyou Community Committee of Xianyou County, and the Lanyou Community Neighborhood Committee. In order to continuously consolidate the difficulty of cultivation, resolutely prevent the epidemic input risk, maintain the development of normal social order and economic society, September 11, the provincial epidemic prevention and control office issued a reminder as follows: First, strict key personnel investigate the city From now, the personnel who have a history of Fujian Province in Fujian Province have been investigated, referring to the management of the Jinqi people in the middle-risk area, and there is a history of Fujian Province in Xianyou County, Fujian Province. To immediately report to the community (village), unit report, and cooperate with the land to implement nucleic acid detection and 14-day home isolation medical observation measures. If you don’t have home isolation, it is implemented in concentrated medical observation measures. All localities must compare the four-party responsibility, play the role of community volunteer service personnel, public security personnel, health and health personnel, and the implementation of the "four packs and one" grid management of the implementation of home isolation medical observer to ensure the isolation of home isolation. Second, strictly investigate the number of nucleic acid detection reports to all the transportation stations must be good in Jin Jinkou. Since September 11th, Fujian directly reaches the relevant airports in our province, the station "first fall", strictly inspected from Fujian into the Jinping The nucleic acid detection negative report in 48 hours.

Unable to provide, please cooperate with the local epidemic prevention and control department, the first drop, the first time for nucleic acid detection.

  Third, pay close attention to the dynamics of the epidemic, please pay attention to the changes in domestic existence dynamics and medium and high-risk zones, not necessarily, do not go to the epidemic in high-risk areas and case trajectories. If you have to go, please understand the prevention and control policy of your destination in advance, do your personal protection. After returning to Jin, take the initiative to report to the community (village) and unit reports, and cooperate to implement prevention and control measures. Once the symptoms such as fever, dry cough, fatigue, etc.

  Fourth, strengthen the school’s epidemic prevention and control Current positive value in the autumn, return to school, all levels must implement the subject responsibility of epidemic prevention and control, master the health status and itinerary of the 14 days before returning to the school in advance, college return school Teachers and students employees and primary and secondary schools in the history of the city, the history of the hidden institutions in the middle and high-risk regions, and the children’s returns to school, and they must strictly check the negative certificate of nucleic acid detection within 48 hours; return to the school, there are high high in 14 days. The teacher and student employees of the historic history of the tourism in the risk area, they will do nucleic acid detection as soon as possible; each school should set a relatively independent isolation observation site to carry out health monitoring. V. Sustainable implementation of key place prevention and control requires all relevant departments of the city to strengthen the supervision of "sent retail pharmacies, etc., supervise all kinds of medical institutions at all levels to strictly implement the pre-examination and first responsibility system, from stricting Do a good job in prevention and control, and resolutely keep the "zero infection" bottom line in the hospital.

  Metro, taxi, bus, etc. Public transport, hotel, catering store, library, business super, farmer’s market, scenic spot attractions such as public places, shadow theater, bar, Internet cafe and other entertainment venues must strictly implement the temperature measurement scan code (health code , Vaccination code), wearing mask, regular disinfection, etc. The number must not exceed the maximum load. 6. Accelerate the promotion of new crown vaccine vaccination new crown virus vaccination is the safest and most effective means to prevent neoguanpiral pneumonia, especially for the reduction of severe and death.

Elderly, especially those with basic diseases, is one of the most priority people in vaccination.

Ask the public to actively complete the vaccination of the vaccination.

All departments, various municipalities, and units must further strengthen organizational mobilization, supervise the system, in the region, and the unit personnel to vaccinate the vaccine as soon as possible, and strive to make a variety, it should be seeded, and accelerate the construction of all population immunization barriers.

  Seven, during the two sections, do not relax the Mid-Autumn Festival, National Day holiday, travel, visit relatives, gatherings will show a peak, the public still needs to continue to tighten the epidemic to prevent this string, be sure to consciously do "hard work, wear masks, often Ventilation, one-meter line, holding code travel ", go out, advocate the public spoons, eat all food, and advocate healthy lifestyle. If there is a travel plan, it should be reasonably planned, understand the information and prevention and control policies of the way, the destination new crown, and avoid travel to the epidemic, high-risk areas and cross-border travel. If you have symptoms such as fever, diarrhea, please seek medical attention in time and tell the doctor’s history. (Reporter Qin Yang).