The construction of China and old railways has been a breakthrough progress in super 100-meter four-line railway special bridge successful

5月 4, 2022 上海419论坛

The construction of China and old railways has been a breakthrough progress in super 100-meter four-line railway special bridge successful

On September 15, with the China Railway Fourth Bureau of China (National) Old (Pos) Kun (Ming) Wan () Railway Yuxi to the grinding section of the Nanxi River four-line bridge continuous beams to complete the contract concrete Pouring, successfully realizing the success of the bridge, "holding hands", became another 100mi special high bridge that realized the Singapore Bridge after the first Delunge River Trussing of the World Railway. Unblock laid a solid foundation.

Nanxi River Fourth Rail Bridge is a key control engineering, full length and hole arranged in the middle and old railway jade wear. For the form of double column 2 slopings, the main bridge adopts the form of a rigid structure, the maximum span is 128m. The old and old railways cross the most complex region of China, here, the mountains and rivers are interlaced, the cliff, and the maneuvens are fully developed, Yuxi is more than 500 kilometers, and the foreign Laos section is more than 400 kilometers. Bridge Tunneling 87% The railway is not in the hole, that is, in the air. Hua Sheng, Minister of Engineering, Department of Engineering, China Railway Fourth Bureau, said: "Nanxi Henan Bridge is a four-wire bridge, the construction is very difficult, and the two-column hollow thin wall of the construction involved, the two column jigue pier, large The span continuous rigidity is all the ‘block of road tiger’ that is successfully promoted. In order to ensure the smooth progress of the project, the project launched a number of special labor competition activities such as "Danjan 90 Days", which fully guarantees the transportation of logistics, and transfer the main force to the construction line, in safety quality management, key process construction, process monitoring, etc. In terms of strengthening on-site internal control management, help the construction site for the construction site, from the pile foundation, high pier, large-span continuously bousing, solve the problem of the top push, Zhang pull press, etc., etc., successfully completed The right, the left, the secondary cross-crossing, the continuous Liang Quanqiao joint dragon, created the conditions for the implementation of the Ferry beam node.

According to the China Railway Kunming Bureau Group, the Mojiang Section of the Duanjiang section of the Duanjiang section of the deputy commander, Wang Qingsheng, introduced that Nanxi River four-line special bridge He Long, the middle and old railway jade grinding section has accumulated%, the bridge completed%, each The construction project is fully promoted.

After the "One Belt" initiative, the old and old railway is proposed. The first one is mainly investing in China, using China Technical standards, using China Equipment and directly Unicom in China, the line is more than 1,000 yuan.

After the completion of the car, it is expected to achieve the evening from China Kunming to Laos. It is expected to open the car in 2021. People’s Daily reporter Shi family photography report.