Russian InterContinental Missile Analysis: Strong Power, Baxin

5月 3, 2022 品茶

Russian InterContinental Missile Analysis: Strong Power, Baxin

A source of the Russian Defense Industry revealed that advanced "Salmat" Jingji Intercontinental Ballistic missile plans for the first time this fall.

According to Tassho, the news said that as part of the multi-flight research and development test, "Salmat" first launch may be carried out this fall, the second launch will be carried out at the end of 2021. The Salmat missile has the first time of the Salmat missile. At the end of 2009, the Sashun of the Russian Strategic Rocket soldiers will announce that Russia will develop new heavy-duty liquid intercontinental missiles to replace will be retired. Replace R-36M2 "Satan". After this, the Markayev National Missile Center began the advance research of new missiles and successfully won project bidding. In 2014, the Russian Defense announced that the new ballistic missile is expected to be deployed around 2020, and formally disclose its code to RS-28. This also announced that the development of Salmat has entered the depth experimental phase. In the Russian "Army" Forum held in 2019, the Russian military disclosed some of the performance characteristics of this new Intercontinental missile, including its payload close to 10 tons, 18,000 kilometers of range, and the bouquet fuel reached by 178 tons. High-altitude orbital changes to deal with increasingly advanced missile defense systems.

With its strong power, Salmat will get more changes in changes.

The RS-28 ballistic missile adopts a liquid rocket engine, and therefore has the advantage of a ratio, and its unit weight propellant produces greater. This makes Salmat to have directly attacked the ability of the United States, which also made it a title of "American Nightmare".

According to the news disclosed by the Markiev National Missile Center, the "Salmat" missile can carry 10 weight or 15 medium-sized nuclear warheads, and the range is more than 10,000 kilometers. At the same time, on the target of different distances, Salmat will be equipped with different grades of charge warheads. On this basis, there is also an adequate bait device on this basis to improve its battlefield survival.

As a Russian army in recent years, the high supersonic weapon has entered the incorporation of Salmat has a more sharp "arrow". According to the 2019 Russian "Army" Forum, Salmat can carry a series of re-enter the aircraft, including "pioneer" high ultrasound gliding carrier. With the use of high ultrasound speed weapons, the NATO’s ballistic missile defense system has experienced a severe test, which not only faces a shortened warning time, but also a problem that the warhead trajectory is more difficult to capture, but also makes NATO to consider upgrading its system. Standard "series of air defense missiles.

USU’s ballistic missile defense issues or will appear new cracks as a national security defense, the ballistic missile defense has always been the focus of the national defense expenses such as US Europe, and is one of the important projects of NATO security cooperation.

However, after the previous president Trump took office, the US priority strategy of sought after makes NATO defense cooperation, and the ballistic missile defense project is also one of them. Due to the complexity and high technical barriers of the ballistic missile defense system, most European countries can only rely on NATO defense power systems, incorporating into the US ballistic missile defense circle.

In the Trump period, on the one hand, the US government requested NATO’s Member States to increase national defense budget expenditures, and the other aspect required countries to share the military expenses in European military fees and the defense projects in Europe in Europe, including ballistic missile defense projects.

This makes the NATO, especially those countries in Europe, have expressed dissatisfaction, and in the Middle Eastern European countries that have a high-income, NATO countries encountered more resistance.

In addition to the differences in funding expenditure, the United States dominated NATO Eastward plans to deploy road errozon systems in some countries in Eastern Europe, as well as standard series of air defense missiles, as early ballistic missile warning platforms. And this also increasing the dissatisfaction of the local people, and these military facilities will increase the tensions in the region, and will become the first batch of cracked targets in the possible nuclear war.

As a new generation of Intercontinental ballistic missiles in Russia, it will inevitably lead to strong reactions in the United States. (Editor: Chen Yu, Huang Zijuan) Sharing let more people see.