Structure is quietly changed, Shandong invests in "carriage" power stronger

4月 30, 2022 夜网

Structure is quietly changed, Shandong invests in "carriage" power stronger

Original title: Hai Wei’s impact, the structure quietly changed, Shandong investment "carriage" power is stronger in the first half of this year, Shandong GDP increased year-on-year, two years an average growth%, and the growth rate is super national average. As one of the "three driving carriages" of the economy, investment plays an important role. At present, Shandong fixed asset investment continues to recover, the structure is continuously optimized, the direction is increasing, and high quality investment is an important force to promote the high quality development of our province. Why do you want to focus on investment this carriage? In short, Shandong is in the macro situation complex and multi-change, and the expansion of consumption and exports under the dual pressures of the new and old kinetic energy conversion time, investment is more prominent to continue to drive the economy.

In the first half of the year, Shandong fixed asset investment increased year-on-year, two years average growth%, higher than the national percentage point, higher than the average percentage point in the previous four years, and the continued recovery of investment scale undoubtedly released positive signals. But more worthy of interest is that the construction of fixed assets investment in Shandong changes, quality is optimized. In the first half of the year, Shandong manufacturing investment growth%, industrial technological reform investment growth%, high-tech industrial investment year-on-year growth, social field investment stable growth, health, public facilities management, ecological protection and environmental governance investment increased in year-on-year,%,% and%. From the dimensions such as flow, distribution, and structures, Shandong’s investment flows to advanced manufacturing, digital economy, rural revitalization, ecological environmental protection, and people’s livelihood guarantees and other fields, and the high-quality color is increasing.

This not only reflects the changes in the current industrial structure of Shandong, but also to a large extent to ease the side effects of "investment excess" in the future.

In the long run, investment has a periodic feature, only to give full play to the decisive role in the resource allocation, let the project, the market explore the investment direction with its own keen sense of smell, in order to overcome the "short-term powerful and long-term fatigue". Shandong adheres to the promotion of effective investment and high quality promotion projects with quality projects. In the first half of the 1600 provincial key projects, the 1461 implementation items started during the year have started 1316, and the investment of 380.7 billion yuan in the year, accounting for the annual investment plan, which has greatly excessively realized "time over half, task over half". Under the strong driving of these key projects, the province’s investment continued the rebound momentum since the second half of last year, showing a recovery growth situation.

At present, Shandong’s consumer market continues to be good, fixed asset investment continues to recover, the import and export of goods is rapidly increased, "three driving carriages" is strong, and the economic and social development is stable and highly improved. Investment As a key variable on both ends of the connection supply and the demand, an important support for the net increased the net economy.

With the new old kinetic energy conversion of Shandong, it has entered a continuous recovery period.

In the future, the growth path of investment should not be a simple amount of addition, allowing the effective market to continue the depth of the government, in order to provide strong support for the continued steadyness of the economy.

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