Sichuan Education Poverty Alleviation Exercise and Developing "Fair and Quality Education"

4月 24, 2022 上海419论坛

Sichuan Education Poverty Alleviation Exercise and Developing "Fair and Quality Education"

  Representative of the National People’s Congress, the director of the Sichuan Provincial Department of Education, Zhu Shihong, received an interview with Xinhuanet. Xinhuanet Cao Peng photo "Sichuan will insist on wealth, people, Tilting to the poor, focusing on the inclinement of deep poor counties, guaranteeing the basic needs of education development in poor areas." The National People’s Congress, the Sichuan Provincial Department of Education, Zhu Shihong said, listen The government’s work report, his most concerned content is "developing fair and quality education." Sichuan’s efforts in the balanced development of compulsory education have long been there. According to reports, in the past 5 years, Sichuan "comprehensive change" (ie "comprehensive improvement in the poor area of ??the Poor Areas") Cumulative investment of 23.7 billion yuan, 126 counties (cities, districts) basic balanced through county compulsory education Development of national assessment; through the implementation of 15 years of free education, "one village one young" and other major reform projects, the Tibetan District 2012 is increased by 43% in the first three years in the first three years, and the high-middle stage is increased. 26 %. In the view of Zhu Shihong, education poverty alleviation is the policy of blocking the rules of intergenerational poverty. "This year, Sichuan Education Poverty Alleviation Plan will be arranged for 100 million yuan, which will help the province’s 161 poverty alleviation mission in the province, the poverty students can solve difficulties in studying difficulties, not due to poor," said Sichuan will increase education in poor areas. Investment efforts to ensure the basic needs of education development in poverty-stricken areas; promote the implementation of "comprehensive remelling" project, "National Areas Ten Years Action Plan", the size of Liangshan Education Poverty Alleviation Project, further improve the conditions of running schools; strengthen teachers training, improve education quality Implement a talent program, which has cultivated a batch of local talents who stayed in deep poor counties. The issue of "difficult to go to school" has a policy, and the issue of "learning is difficult" has become a focus. Many local primary and secondary schools in the afternoon wait for about three or more. At this point, most parents are still working, and they have no time to go home, "three or more difficulties" became a pain point that plagued some families.

  In response to this problem, Zhu Shihong said that in 2018, Sichuan will promote the pilot of "post-class hosting" in primary and secondary schools. Under the principle of parents, encourage the majority of primary and secondary schools to combine actual actual actual actual and reasonable determination of post-class service content, Take the initiative to take responsibility for post-class service.

  "Launched the secondary school student after-school service is an important measure to promote the healthy growth of students, helping parents to resolve students’ difficult problems." Zhu Shihong believes that "post-class hosting" is to further enhance education service capabilities, so that the people have more feelings and Happy people’s livelihood project.