The 14th China (Changchun) Folk Art Fair opened!

4月 23, 2022 品茶

The 14th China (Changchun) Folk Art Fair opened!

  On July 29th, the opening ceremony of the 14th China (Changchun) Folk Art Expo was held in Changjiang Road, Changchun Road, Changchun City. The Folk Art Fair is exhibited from July 29 to August 10 for 13 days. At the scene, it attracts exhibitors such as jewelry, jade, literary, and famous specialty products, each booth is unique. It is understood that this Folk Art Expo is supported by the Changchun Municipal People’s Government, Jilin Provincial Literature Arts Association, hosted by the Jilin Provincial Folk Arts and Arts Association, Jilin Province Arts and Crafts Association, Beijing Huaxia People Expo Exhibition Co., Ltd., from Changchun Humanities College, The Jilin Provincial Non-Material Cultural Heritage Association shall be implemented by Jilin Zhenbo Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.

Based on "Building private artistic achievements, the overall idea, the overall" craftsman spirit ", cultivating and promoting the essence of excellence, cultivating and promoting the spirit of the country Level, international, and distinctive folk art fairs. At the opening ceremony, there is a wonderful orchestra performance, and "fishing boat singing" guzheng play, every song is full of ancient wind, there is also a booming team, twisted passion and vitality, with a song The moving song and dance performance reflects the opening ceremony. Go to the booth, all kinds of private artwork live display sales, paper cut, word painting, root carving, wave wood, calligraphy work, Hanfu, anime … one of the folk craftsman uses metal "painting", make various metal production A different animal shape, then brush the paint of different colors, look realistic and interesting, attracting the public to stop watching.

There is also a beaded on site, look at the small beads of the eye, just a combination of a series of beautiful bracelets, folk artists, all kinds of wire ropes and beads, the blink of an eye is in their hands. A beautiful crafts.

  This exposition continues to stage, multi-angle, multi-element integration, period, and Changchun Humanities College as the province of China (Changchun) Folk Art Expo, the teachers and students from the school will be fully in the exhibition area Exhibition teaching results and college students ‘cultural and creative products, promote the development of school cultural brands and the development of university cultural industries, showing college students’ entrepreneurial innovation work to the market, enhance the transformation of practical teaching results to drive application talents. All along, the People’s Expo is attaches great importance to Huimin activities. Each exhibition will launch a series of Huimin activities. This session is no exception.

In addition to all types of exhibitions, the public can also participate in the rich lottery activities.

During the exhibition, the organizing committee has added "Toyomo Bozhong Grand Prize" event, and participants will have the opportunity to win the grand prize, beautiful gifts, etc., invite the general public to participate, enjoy the cultural art feast.

Editor in charge: Huang Wei.