Tibet Renb County Education Bureau Innovation Implementing "Party History Leading and Confucius" Project

4月 22, 2022 夜网

Tibet Renb County Education Bureau Innovation Implementing "Party History Leading and Confucius" Project

This newspaper Shigati (Reporter Wang Chun) Since this year, Renbu County Education Bureau has conscientiously implements the party’s educational policy, fully implement the fundamental task of Lidshu people, and earnestly understand the party history education as the current first political task, explore the implementation of the party history Leading the Thinking of the Shengsheng "project, actively build" 1143 "thinking education system, that is, build a set of thinking and political curriculum system, build a part-time part-time teacher team, rich case, scene, practice, experiment four teaching The way, the three demonstration roles of party organizations, school team members, and party members, and promote the depth integration of school parties and education education and thinking education.

The Renb County Education Bureau always puts the party’s leaders as the fundamental guarantee of the intensive education of primary and secondary schools, and comprehensively strengthen the school’s history education and integrates the whole process of integrating it into the intensive education.

Improve the duties of the Education Work Committee, and will manage the party organizations in all kinds of schools in the county. According to the size of the school, the number of party members will reasonably set the party organization work organization, improve the rules of procedure of the school’s party organizations and decision-making procedures, and clarify the leadership responsibilities of the school party organization in the work of thinking education.

At present, the county education system has established one party committee, one party support, 14 party branches. In order to build a full-time, specialized combination, sufficient, high quality, high quality, political and hard-working, the county has strengthened the teaching management of the teaching of the Thinking of the primary and secondary schools. Through strict use, cultivate incentives, training evaluations, etc., the enthusiasm, initiative, and creative creativity of thinking and political classes. The county’s school actively established the leading cadres’ leading lecture system, and the school party organization secretary is at least a situation of a situation policy lesson. The party organization team members will talk about students at least a study period.

Around the classroom teaching, actively create a group of thoughts and political qualifications such as "the first lesson of school", thinking, and minimally class, organize the county’s intensive training, build the "Moral Education Characteristic Class", and guide teachers and students to carry out classroom discussions. Group debates ensure effective effectiveness of thinking education. Use a good case teaching mode, explore and promote the exemplary characters and advanced typical deeds of the national merits, and touch students’ thoughts through fresh cases.

Carry out on-site teaching, use the activities of living education base, "Primary and Secondary School Moral Education Hall", online teaching, "learning strong country" and other advantages. Carry out practical teaching mode, through the integration of integration education into the "first lesson", the theme class, the team, the national flag under the speech, theme speech, volunteer service, etc., constantly enhance the attractiveness and appealing . Explore experimental teaching models, encourage school teachers to use new technologies, new means, and innovate thinking and political classes.