Respect, see you here: 176 villages in Yancheng Tinghu District completed military honor room

4月 21, 2022 夜网

Respect, see you here: 176 villages in Yancheng Tinghu District completed military honor room

All 176 villages in Yancheng District, Jiangsu Province, all built military honors (wall) respected, visible here ■ Si Ming Chinese National Defense News Special Journalist Shen is the honor of Xinglong Village, Nanyang Town, Minami City, Minham. Xu Wei took November 27th, Jiangsu Yancheng Industrial Vocational and Technical College, Jiangsu Yancheng Industrial Vocational and Technical College, Wu Yankun, returning to the hometown of Nanyang Town, Nanyang Town, Tinghu District, Yancheng City.

What made him like, in the village military honor room, he saw the "wearing military uniform", proud to overflow full of heart.

"When the soldiers were glorious, retired glory.

Xia Xijun, secretary of the Tinghu District Party Committee, and the first secretary of the Party Committee of the People, told reporters that villages (residential) generally establish military honors (walls), which is an important measure to create respect for military and advocating heroic atmosphere.

Although the honor room is not large, it has collected the military memory of the soldiers, and witnessed the glory of the soldiers who sacrificed the country.

At present, all 176 villages (residential) in the whole region built military honors (walls), nearly 30,000 booths, active officers and soldiers and retired soldiers have their own "honorary list".

At the beginning of this year, in order to showcase the fan of the active and soldiers and the retired soldiers, it is determined that the Tinghu District Committee of the Standing Committee of the Tinghu District Committee is determined that in all villages (residential) construction military honors (wall), promoting national defense Education has effectively implemented in the grassroots level. The area is included in the project into the "one hand project", clarifying the districts and retired military affairs bureaus leading, and the secretary of the party committees of the towns (streets), the grassroots armed forces and the retired military service station concretely grasped. Districts and people also put the military honor (wall) construction standards, requirements, completed time limit, and write into the "Standardization Construction Guidance Manual of the Grassroots Armed Forces", combined with the construction of the village (resident) militia (even) department.

"The office space is awarded the exhibition with a wall show. In short, we must build the military honor (wall) into a glorious position of the military, from the military national publicity position.

"The Minister of the People’s Armed Forces often introduced that after nearly a year of pilot and an orderly promotion, 176 villages (residential) military honors (walls) were all completed in August this year." Just contributing to national defense construction Whether it is a soldier, a soldier, a can’t settle ‘settled’ our honor room. "In the guidance of the retired soldiers, the secretary of the party branch of Xinglong Village, the reporter went into the village military honor room." Let the soldiers become the respectful career of the whole society "The red slogan is conspicuous and eye-catching, the wall posted the village’s active officers and soldiers, retired soldiers Photo and personal profile, as well as the story of the military history, defense knowledge, graphic, the show, the horse, belt, military old photos, kettle, bag, backpack belt, the kettle, the show, the backpack, the troops, the award, the medal, the medal "These old objects are not only the precious memories of veterans, but also the vivid textbooks for national defense education. "Yuan Zhun told reporters that since the establishment of openings in August, many villages (residential) soldiers (walls) became net red card.

"Let the soldiers are truly glory, and the social trend that really forms the army to support the army is to let the soldiers’ honors’ visible ‘.

The Queen army of the Yancheng Division Political Commissal said that next, they will promote the practice of Tinghu District with the city. In the city, we will vigorously promote the construction of military honor system in the city, solve the "three-after" problem and retired soldiers of the active soldiers. " "Question," Let the military have become a profession to the whole society "truly to practice.