Three squirrels: get out of a high-quality development

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Three squirrels: get out of a high-quality development

The rapid development of nuts and casual snacks has achieved three squirrels. How to promote quality improvement, walk out of the new road, is the founder of three squirrel brands, the Chinese Food Industry Association Nuts Fried Care Professional Committee Executive President Zhang Yuyuan often thinks.

In October of this year, the Ministry of Commerce’s circulation industry promotion center issued the "New Consumption Times Recunition Trend Research" report, report, three squirrels "2016 to 2020, China’s nut sales first and far lead".

This undoubtedly became a strong annotation of three squirrels "nut industry leaders" identity. With rapid development of prosperous Internet channels, benefited from the driving and basic health knowledge of consumption upgrades in the past decade, the domestic nut industry has gradually developed, and the three squirrels have also grown from the people of the people in the past. Ten billion listed companies, and this reflective essence is the continuous development of China’s economy and the rapid expansion of the consumer market. Highly prosperous industrial trends have brought only the bonus of enterprises, and also brought "anxiety" of enterprise development.

How to cultivate the core competitiveness of the company? How to become incapacitated to the quality? How to achieve innovation? As a Chinese Internet snack enterprise, three squirrels do not satisfy existing achievements, but continue to ask for, with nutty categories as anchors, with quality improvement, and go out of a high-speed growth to high quality and efficient development. Effective transformation of new roads. When this new road is opened, three squirrels have three things.

First, the online line is connected and entered, and the second is to create a new model of industrial chain cooperation, and the third is to innovate leading the industry development. In the words of the founder of the brand, you can create a new brand on the line, but a complete commercial closed loop is not open. On the occasion of Tianjin Autumn Sugar this year, the three squirrels officially announced into the "moderate distribution" era, and the transfer channels under the power line.

From the line to the line on the line, the balanced development, whether it is for three squirrels or for the entire nut industry, will be an exploration of innovation, which will undoubtedly bring changes and innovations to the entire industry. In the new model of creating industry chain, three squirrels are actively exploring the industrial chain and horizontal consumption chain.

In the longitudinal extension of the industrial chain, three squirrels have created unsuccessful alliance factories, and the relationship between enterprises and suppliers is upgraded to an industrial consort, and the industry leading "cloud creation" system, transforming traditional supply chains with digital technology From the industrial chain head to ensure stability and efficiency, it is expected to create a world nut-building center in the future to promote the structural reform of the supply side of the whole industry. On the horizontal extension of the consumer chain, three squirrels participated in the entrepreneurial incubation platform of "food-related new consumption" sectors in the industrial advantage, and built bridges between regional development, capital flow and entrepreneurial talents. As the first "China Light Industry Nut Leisal Food Engineering Technology Research Center", three squirrels have proposed "from snacks to ingredients, from nuts to nuts", and will continue to conversion to source sources. Continuous product force.

In the past 5 years, the super nuts, vacuum packaging nuts, nuts, etc., which have been developed in five years. A series of new technologies such as new products, not only created new kinetic energy for business development, but also for industry development. New Thinking. Introducing the front-end consumption prosperity and back-end supply chain, promoted the prosperity of domestic nut industries, with industry prosperity and high quality development, three squirrels in the transition of "quality arrival", found a new new Road.

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