Taihu Lake Open Zone to force "Double Recruitment Double Guide" drive industry innovation

4月 18, 2022 夜网

Taihu Lake Open Zone to force "Double Recruitment Double Guide" drive industry innovation

  Zhong’an Online, Zhongan News Client Dunction in the Functional Film Industrial Town in the Taihu Economic Development Zone in Anqing City, the workers are doing construction, the construction site of each project, every enterprise production workshop, all in the development of Taihu Lake industry New chapter. "Taihu County provides a one-stop government service for our foreign enterprises, which makes us quickly develop here." Asked if he moved from Guangdong to Taihu Open District? Xu Bing, chairman of Anhui Fujin New Materials Co., Ltd., said: "" "" "" "" The second listed company. "Taihu Lake was established in July 2002, and March 2006 was upgraded to the provincial economic development zone, which is a national-level undertaking industry transfer demonstration area, the total planned area is about 11 square kilometers.

At present, there have been 89 domestic and foreign industrial enterprises, 70 production, forming a new material industry represented by Jin Zhang Technology, Huaqiang Technology, a circular economy industry represented by Guanghua Aluminum, is a represented by Huachuan and Jiayuan. The costume textile industry, the cultural industry represented by the five thousand years of Wenbo Park.

  In recent years, Taihu County has implemented "ten projects" in Taihu County. In response to the "difficult point" "pain points", we will advance innovation and development.

The county government has focused on "100 billion companies, thousands of industries" goals, vigorously promoted the construction of industrial platforms supplemented by the three professional parks of Economic Development Zone, Xuqiao, Chengxi, and Xiaoqi, forming "one district three gardens" development pattern . Strive to build a major new industrial base in the country’s well-known functional film new materials in 2025, and create a new business card for "China Membrane". Since 2009 Jin Zhang Technology settled in the development zone, the functional film new material industry has never been there. From small to large, it has become the fastest growing speed, industry benefits, and the largest industrial benefits in Taihu County.

At present, nearly 80 functional film and delayed enterprises, the products mainly cover optical film, insulating film, industrial packaging film, and functional film application industry, forming a new material, Jin Zhang Technology, and Film-rich materials. Take Huaqiang, Fang Zhou, Federal, etc.

  Behind these achievements, it is the strong support of the Taihu County Party Committee and County Government. The county party and government "one hand" took the lead in the first-place, focusing on key enterprises, focusing on solving problems, meeting with corporate running market, running, carrying out investment promotion, tighting the first industrial investment of functional film materials.

Organize expertise, hire industry experts, start construction of the county financial investment, build a functional membrane product testing and production public platform, provide accurate, standardized test data, enhance the competition of enterprises, especially leading enterprises Force and market value.

At the same time, strengthen policies, funds, talents, and land use.

Implementing the babysitting service, continuously promote the "Internet + Government Service", in the enterprise, real estate registration, construction permit, government service, power, market supervision, etc., let the masses and enterprises "only one door, up to one," .

  "We put forward the" Too Good "business environment brand, set up the business environment command dispatch center, unified accepted, hand, supervise the business environment complaints and problems, with ‘You don’t do, I will do you’ high pressure situation, The detailed department of the departure department is responsible, optimized the service, and serve as it.

"Chen Weixin, deputy director of Taihu Tuanfei District Management Committee.

  It is understood that in 2018, Taihu County has been approved by the provincial-level functional film new materials. In 2019, the provincial-level functional film new material characteristic industry cluster, 2020 "Membrane Industry Town" was selected for the provincial specialty town creation List, in 2021, the title of "Functional Membrane New Material Demonstration Base" is won the "Functional Film New Material Demonstration Base". At present, the functional film material is the first industrial industry in the county, which contributes an indispensable force for the development of Taihu County.

(Reporter Chen Qingpeng Yang Yu correspondent Zhu Shengyu Liu Can).