The main content of Chinese characteristics archeology

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The main content of Chinese characteristics archeology

[Learn to implement the socialist thinking of Chinese characteristics in Xi Jinping] Hundred Years of Chinese archeology has distinctive characteristics and has achieved the world-famous achievements.

Based on the awareness of predecessors, archaeological characteristics, Chinese style, and Chinese style, and Chinese style can be summarized as the following. First, Chinese archeology has a distinct historiological goal. Chinese archaeological students have been responsible for strong historical mission, which is a significant difference in the positioning of archeology as anthropology, or as a historical, anthropology and scientific archeology.

The reason is that China’s strong historical tradition and the Chinese people have a direct relationship with the long history of Chinese civilization. Since the late Qing Dynasty, the Chinese nation has been bullied by Western powers. The ancient history system is deeply suspected of denial, and the newly born archeology, especially the archeology of the new stone to the business, and the archeology is naturally emphasized. Re-emergency. Although Chinese archeology also rely on a variety of technological means to obtain information, it also combines humanology, ethnology, etc. Since the excavation of Yangshao Site in 1921, several generations of archaeologists have compliant the combance of Chinese archaeological cultural pedal pedestrians, in the exploration of the origin of Chinese civilization and early development, to solve China’s ancient history issues as the main goal.

The Chinese archaeological studies have a combination of literature records with evidence history, and there is ancient tradition. The literature describes the direct history comparison of ancient society, combined with the literature, and its interpretation value of archaeological materials is far from anthropology, and ethnographic indirect enlightenment comparable.

As soon as Xia Shang Archaeological, the excavation of the Anyang Yinxu ruins began in 1928, and empirical the history of the late business, negates the paradox of "Dong Zhou or above". The later studies will advance the Chinese Xin’s history to the early days of the Shang Dynasty or even Xia Dynasty. We also have made a lot of work in the investigation research on the archeology and the three emperors of the New Stone Age, and have achieved initial results. Second, revealing the Chinese civilization development context is always the mainstream of archaeological research with archaeological cultural compatibility combing methods.

General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: "A few generations of archaeological people are blue, unremitting efforts, and have achieved a series of major archaeological discovery, showing the origin of Chinese civilization, development of the contribution to the world civilization, in order to better understand the source, profound and profound Chinese Civilization has played an important role. "" If there is no Chinese five thousand years of civilization, what is the Chinese characteristics? If it is not a Chinese character, how can we have such a successful Chinese characteristic socialist road today? "Important discipline of General Secretary Xi Jinping will archaeological The significant social political significance is very clear. Revealing the Chinese civilization development context with archaeological cultural pedicure, which is always the mainstream of Chinese archeology, especially the new stone era and summer business. The Chinese archaeological cultural pedicure is combed in the overall field of view, and the purpose is to try to clarify the principal, context and structure of the origin and development of the Chinese nation and Chinese civilization. Su Bingqi, etc., proposed the pathological type of archaeological culture. .

Third, always use Marxism as a guiding ideology of archaeological research. Since the founding of New China, we have always used Marxism as the basic guiding ideology of archaeological research.

Marxist dialectical materialism, materialism history, Marxism about universal contact, about productivity and production relationship, economic foundation and upper building understanding, the theory of privatological and national origins, etc., for specific archaeological research, The construction of archaeological theory and method, analyzes numerous archaeological theories and archaeological geography, and has important theoretical guidance.

"District Type" "Heavy Flowers", etc., the understanding of the overall and local, main and secondary aspects, etc. The understanding is also affected by Marxism, especially the historical materialism. Chinese archeology pays special attention to the research of ancient society from the actual exertion of archaeological materials, which has always had a practical study style, which is also in accordance with Marxism ‘s fundamental views. (Author: Han Jianye, Department of History, Renmin University of China).