Resolutely curb the "two high" project blind development to ensure solid results "double reduction" work

4月 15, 2022 夜网

Resolutely curb the "two high" project blind development to ensure solid results "double reduction" work

On August 27th, Chairman of the Autonomous Region presided over the 99th executive meeting of the government of the autonomous region. Studying the implementation of the State Council resolutely curb the blind development of the "two high" projects, the "double minus" work television conference spirit, research deployment promotion Open economic development. The meeting emphasized that the party center of Xi Jinping as the core of the party is highly attached to the "two high" project blind development work, and it is very significant for the "double-control" task to implement the "double-control" task.

All local departments should conscientiously implement the spirit of Han Zheng’s vice president, fully understand the importance and urgency of cleaning up the "two high" projects, and effectively improve the station, the big "country", and resolutely raise major political responsibilities, resolutely implement the major Political task.

In accordance with the speech of Chen Runer’s comrades, fully inspect the investigation, classify the formal opinion, list the detailed list, conduct research, speed up the rectification, to determine the "two high" projects for violations.

We must strict policy management, project access, energy-saving review, daily supervision, and then break, resolutely curb the "two high" project blind development. It is necessary to dare to move hard, strengthen the use of energy to war, supervise the assessment, and consolidate accountability, and resolutely complete the task of investigation and rectify the target task, laying a solid foundation for high quality development.

The meeting emphasized that reducing the workload burden of the compulsory education and the burden on the school training, which is related to the healthy growth of primary and secondary school students, and it is related to the people’s vital interest. To deliberately implement the party and the central government, the State Council "Double Reduction" decision-making deployment, according to the speech of Sun Chunlan, to reduce the burden to the core, improve the management mechanism, improve the management method, strictly control the total work, and effectively reduce the burden of the student; Increase the quality of classroom teaching, enrich the after-school service supply, better meet the diversified needs of students; with the focus of rectification, strict examination and approval, strengthen daily supervision, serious investigation and violation training, and resolutely curb the disorderly development of training institutions; High-quality goals, adhere to "Wulthusianda", earnestly improve the quality of school, and ensure that the students are healthy, happy and growing.

The meeting reviewed the "Opinions on Promoting the Open Economic Development of the Region", emphasizing the need to establish a new development stage, implement the new development concept, integrate the new development pattern, and accelerate the construction of an open economic system, and focus on replenishing the open short board.

It is necessary to focus on "nine key industries", increase the "introduction" "introduction", vigorously cultivate the main body of open market, and focus on promoting the development of open industries; with platforms such as China Ambo, collect more commodities, capital and Technology and other open elements, focus on promoting high-efficiency utilization of open resources; continuous deepening "venting service" reform, build a first-class business environment, and focus on facilitating the open mechanism to facilitate operation, and comprehensively enhance the scale and quality of open economy.

The meeting reviewed the "Tenth Five-Year Plan" of the Self-Governing Science and Technology Innovation "" The "14th Five-Year Plan" of the Autonomous Region, "demanded the implementation of the scientific and advocate strategy, talent strong zone strategy, innovative driving development strategy, and accelerating key commonality Technology, cutting-edge technology, modern engineering technology innovation, deepening scientific and technological achievements transfer transformation and promotion, providing scientific and technological support for high quality development.

It is necessary to fully implement the party’s educational policy, adhere to the education priority development strategy, implement the fundamental tasks of the Lidshu people, deepen the comprehensive reform of the education sector, and coordinate all kinds of education development, and strive to have a satisfactory education. The conference also studied the reform of the budget management system, and organized China (Ningxia) International Wine Cultural Tourism Expo. (Reporter Zhou Yimei) (Editor: Liang Hongxin, Jia Ru) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.