Shenzhen colleges and universities clearly return to school time and epidemic prevention requirements

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Shenzhen colleges and universities clearly return to school time and epidemic prevention requirements

Original title: Shenzhen colleges and universities clearly return to school time and epidemic prevention requires NAC University to report.

Reviewing units for the summer vacation close to the end, when is Shenzhen to return to school? What is the requirements for returning? Recently, Shenzhen University colleges and universities have released returning to school notices, clearly returning to campus time and conditions. It is reported that the University of Shenzhen, Moscow University, Tianjin University Georgia Institute of Technology Shenzhen College has completed students’ return. Hong Kong Chinese University (Shenzhen): Back to school is required to submit an application on the second working day in advance August 24, Hong Kong University (Shenzhen) released the autumn semester return school notice.

It is reported that the freshmen and the second batch of graduate students who have not yet registered will arrive at school from August 30 to 31st, and the third batch of graduate new rewards will be carried out from September 2nd to 3. Undergraduate old and graduate students return to school from August 30 to September 6. When students return to school, they must submit them to the school in advance in advance in the "Visiting Port" applets, provide health code, trip code, after approval by the department, can be admitted to the school. Students who have a history of the city in the city, high-risk areas and high-risk areas in the first 14 days before returning, will not return to school. The urban low-risk zone and low-risk urban students in the middle risk can return to school. After 24 hours, the former must be detected within 48 hours. Nucleic acid detection.

Students who have been in Shenzhen within 14 days of return school do not have to detect nucleic acid detection. Overseas entry students conduct health management in accordance with the entry management policies stipulated by the government.

  Harbin Institute of Technology (Shenzhen): Students are divided into three batches of returning to school. Harbin Institute of Technology (Shenzhen) is divided into school in 3 batches of students, the first batch of students return to school on August 26, mainly 2021 master’s degree , Ph.D. and school partition exchange students and take the second degree of foreign students; the second batch of students return to school on August 28th to 29th, mainly, Shuo, Bo, the third batch of students on September 9 To 2021 undergraduate students.

  All returning teachers and students must return to residential land 14 days before the start of school, reduce out and aggregation, carry out self-health management, and conduct health monitoring and declaration.

At present, teachers and students who have a history of tourist history in the county or 14 days of high-risk areas or 14 days of high-risk areas, have been suspended. Shenzhen University: New Students reported that the reporter learned from Shenzhen University that the School of Economics, Law School, School of Management, the second phase relocation of Lihu Campus, was completed on August 23 to 25, and other colleges (Department) Students (older) will return to school from August 30 to September 1.

  Among them, students (including special investigators) of the history of the city’s hidden history in the top 14 days of return school must return to school on August 30, and do health management in accordance with Shenzhen related epidemic prevention regulations. There are students in the county (district) in the county (district) in high-risk areas in the first 14 days of return school, and students in the county (district) of high-risk areas (district) (district) (district) in the middle-risk areas are not returned.

From August 31st to September 1st, the rest of the students return to school.

New students will report on September 11, and the specific arrangements will be notified separately.

  All foreign provinces come (return to) Cantonese students employees, at least once, according to the epidemic prevention and control requirements, at least once nucleic acid detection, wherein the nucleic acid detection of students is carried out in a combination of self-arrangement and school organization. Southern University of Science and Technology: Before the report, green codes, trip, nucleic acid negative proves Southern University of Science and Technology University is on September 6th, the current undergraduate freshmen have completed the report on August 22nd, graduate freshmen will report on August 26. The undergraduate old and graduate students reported from September 4th and September 3, respectively.

The return campus time of international students and exchange students will be notified separately.

  Before returning to school and reported, Yue Kang code green code, the trip code, 48 hours, nucleic acid detection negative prove, undergraduate students’ approval, postgraduate studies have reviewed the conditions after reviewing the conditions, report. The school said that all teachers and student workers must return to residential land 14 days before the start of school (except for the residential land for medium and high risk areas and the county (district)), reducing outgoing and gathering, carrying out self-health management.

Back to school 14 days, there is a history of high-risk areas. Before returning to school, they are in the county (district) in the middle and high-risk areas, and they will not return school, and they will return school and report to the time for further notice.

  Shenzhen University of Technology: Examination Direct to Guangdong students must provide nucleic acid report Shenzhen University of Technology New students to the school to report the time September 11, freshman and parents must return to the family 14 days before the start of school, not necessarily no province, reduce out and aggregate , Carry out self-health monitoring and management. Other grades of students (old) reported registration time from August 24th to 31st. Students in the low-risk area of ??the epidemic, based on classified health management policies, to conduct nucleic acid testing and health monitoring, and return to school from August 24th to 31.

  All students, if there is a record in 14 days, or from the province directly to Guangdong, the nucleic acid test is required, with a 48-hour nucleic acid test report, and the students directly come to Guangdong from the province to arrive in 48 hours within 48 hours. Perform a nucleic acid detection.

  Shenzhen Vocational and Technical College: Back to school must hold "return code" Shenzhen Vocational and Technical College 2021 new students will be announced separately, other grades will be divided into campus from August 30th to September 3, and the inlet is reasonable and orderly Return school. Students in students, abroad students, high-risk areas, and their local market (county, district) are suspended, and they will be returned to the school after their local market (county, district).

Students who have been assessing to focus on the crowd will not return school; students with fever, cough, diarrhea and other symptoms, and exclude new crown virus infections, there is no need to return to school, and there is no symptoms to be treated, and they can return to school after approval. The school students must return to school through "I deep" uploading health code and trip screenshots. After verifying the situation and forms an approval code.

Students present the school code, campus card or ID card at the school gate and detect the body temperature normally. Shenzhen Information Vocational and Technical College: will return to school in Shenzhen Information Vocational and Technical College on August 28th, 29, 20, 20, 20, Shenzhen, 8, 20, 20, 20, 20 Class Shenzhen students return to school on August 29.

  Students who apply for returning must meet the following conditions: I have no respiratory symptoms such as hemoy, dry cough, and fatigue within the nearly 14 days; I have never reached the high-risk area or high-risk area in the epidemic in 14 days; I have not returned to China (entry) in the past 14 days (entry); I have not contacted patients with new crown pneumonia in the past 14 days, and the close contact person of the patient is diagnosed. If you don’t belong to the home observation or concentrated observer I have unvermptified patients with infectious diseases (such as flu, tuberculosis, etc.). Students with respiratory symptoms such as fever, dry cough, and fatigue in the past 14 days, have been diagnosed with non-newly chapp pneumonia by the hospital, and after the treatment of hospital diagnosis, after confirmation of the school medical office, they can return to school.

Only the student is allowed to enter the school, and the parents, delivery staff and vehicles cannot enter the school.

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