Shanxi Lingqiu: Good scenery for good scenery

4月 13, 2022 品茶

Shanxi Lingqiu: Good scenery for good scenery

  Xinhua Net Taiyuan August 24th For Shangbei Yulian in Beiquan Village Then it is to sell peach, plum, hawthorn, walnuts. Shangbeiquan Village is an administrative village in Hongshi Township, Lingqiu County, Shanxi Province, four-sided Hedes, sufficient water source, and "stuffy small Jiangnan".

For decades, the village has been in accordance with economic forests, ingredients forests, and the forest, and the ecological construction and green economy win-win industry policy will plan the 11th largest categories of peach, apricot, walnut, and hawthorn. Dried fresh fruit varieties have become the largest economic forest base in the county.

  At the same time, the village vigorously developed ecotourism, and organized the "Extraordinary Tourism Summer Evening" "Passionate Destinum Summer Evening".

In 2016, the village launched the "Shanshui Beiquan" real scene performance.

  A good scenery has been exchanged for a good scene. In 2020, there were 200,000 visitors to visitors, and tourism income was 4 million yuan.

Yan Yulian said that Shangbeiquan Village has 170 people living in the village, 5 acres of household economic forests, the fruit produced in the village, not selling, many families have only 10,000 yuan in economic forests. (over).