Rural Terminal: Innovation Development Path Helps Rural Revitalization

3月 31, 2022 上海419论坛

Rural Terminal: Innovation Development Path Helps Rural Revitalization

  In order to protect the party history education, it is implemented in the practice, falling to the practice, Chengdu Modern Agricultural Financing Guarantee Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "Rural Tarporation") party committee put "I do practical things for the masses", as the important education of party history The specific embodiment of the content and learning education results will fully implement the "root benefit of people, support the ‘medium and small", service’ three farming ‘, create value ", and inject more financial in the field of revitalization. Live water, contribute more strength to the high quality development of Chengdu.

  The rural timing is held the theme activities of "School Party History and Conception". (Data) Wisdom Agricultural Body, Relying on Internet Exploring Agricultural Socket Pattern with the "Internet + Guarantee" model, the rural timetry is involved in the new business sector, and the extension business tentacles. Signing the Internet Guarantee Business Cooperation Agreement with Zhejiang NetShang Bank, relying on the advantage of the network business bank with the ability to handle high concurrency financial transactions, massive data and elastic expansion capabilities, for small and micro enterprises, mass consumers, rural operators and farmers, Small and medium-sized financial institutions provide loan guarantee services. Exploring the cooperation model of scientific and technological empowerment, the rural banks and the Sichuan Provincial Financing Big Data Services Platform Xingchuan Lancing Company to cooperate, to make a good social efficiency, gain a good social benefit as the core, give full play to the matching of financial elements, cutting-edge technology applications , High-quality enterprise services, etc., the advantages of empowering small and medium-sized micro enterprises. Petroology interaction, with the help of the Wisdom Text Travel, Rural Rural Areas, actively revitalize the country’s revitalization.

Through a new attempt to combine with the cultivation, explore a panel of rural collective economy, helping the rural resolution of the country. In October This year, the rural timing provides 2000,000 yuan of liquid loan guarantee to the Zhongke Farler, which is used to support its development of wisdomworks to promote agricultural projects. The rural strain company also issued a guarantee loan from 1.4 million yuan in September this year, supported the development of the collective economy in Pujiang County Baihe Daquang Rural Expo Tourism Development Co., Ltd. to help the development of local rural tourism. The subordinate production company innovates the "Xiling Hot Springs" products, exploring the housing resources along the Xiling Snow Mountain and Huaquan County Tourism Scenic Area along the Daxie County, visiting the investigation star hotel, farmhouse, etc. More than 30 households.

  Multi-dimensional strategy, deepening brand building promotes agricultural rural modern farmholding company with its key points, continuously promoting agricultural rural modernization, meeting the growing needs of the people. The farmer is helping Pujiang local core e-commerce enterprises to promote the development of specialty industries and brands.

Through the investigation of Pujiang local enterprises "to honesty agriculture", the rural timing company has successfully issued 2 million yuan "Rong Yi loan", supported the development of Pujiang fruit and e-commerce characteristics and brands.

  The agglomeration company is jointly multi – party force to solve the problem of agricultural rural development.

The "Zhengda Golden Pig Association" program with the three-way farmers will be put into 6 households, pig breeding enterprises, and a total of 65 million yuan of guaranteed loan funds and commit margin funds, and improving hundreds of millions of social funds into Chuan. Pig nuulture industry. At the same time, multi-part cooperation with governments, banks, financial institutions, actively integrates the Chengdu Pully financial service system, and pays the benefits of 42 "Rong Yi loan" customers to provide billion loan guarantee, effectively reduce the financing cost of small and medium-sized enterprises. [Editor: Jiang Yan].