The Chinese Embassy in the British Embassy commemorates the 110th anniversary of the Revolution of 1911

3月 30, 2022 品茶

The Chinese Embassy in the British Embassy commemorates the 110th anniversary of the Revolution of 1911

People’s Network London October 7 (Wuyi Dan) On October 6th, the Chinese Embassy in the British Embassy held a commemoration of the 110th anniversary of the 1911 revolution.

The Chinese Ambassador to the British Ambassador to attend and publish a speech entitled "Uncourage the strength of the national revival", and overseas Chinese and study abroad participated in more than 110 people from all walks of life.

Zheng Zeguang said, 110 years ago, the Chinese revolutionary party represented by Mr. Sun Yat-sen, I was shocked by the 1911 Revolution.

Today, we commemorate this major historical incident, remembering the revolutionary pioneer and other revolutionary pioneers to revitalize China’s glorious performance, reviewing the Chinese people for the national independence, the country is rich, the people are happy, the motherland is unified and unified For the spirit of carry forward the revolutionary spirit of the Everbright 1911, the national unity of all ethnic groups will be promoted, and the China’s children’s unity is promoted. It is widely promoted to promote the great cause of the motherland, and realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. It is very important. Zheng Zeguang emphasizes that the majority of travel in English overseas Chinese and study abroad will continue to punch the hearts of Bisheng, play its own advantages and specialty, and brave in the national rejuvenation, pioneering, and show more. At the same time, playing the advantages of running things, while achieving self-value, while achieving their own undertakings, we will bridge the people’s friendly exchanges and mutually beneficial cooperation in the two countries, and add bricks, and promote the continuous improvement and development of Chinese and English relations.

The head of the British Overseas Chinese Association and the General Office of the All England, spoke in the symposium. They agreed that recalling the history of the Revolution of 1911 deeply feeling that patriotism is the powerful spiritual power of the Chinese children’s unity in China. Traveling overseas Chinese and study abroad should inherit the unyielding revolutionary spirit of Xin Hi Zhi, in order to promote the unity and realization of the national nation.

Deng Zhu Ting, chairman of the London Huayan Chamber of Commerce, said that overseas Chinese destiny is closely linked to the fate of the motherland, and the strong state has me, unity and I have, I have to revitalize China’s remarks, and contribute to the maximum strength of the individual. The reunification of the motherland and the new glory of the national revival. Wang Bi Sheng, the son of the original Kuomintang General Wang Bozhen, said that the unity of the two sides of the strait is an important part of the China National Rejuvenation. Overseas Taiwan should grasp the opportunity, promote cross-strait and unity. Chen Huanming, secretary general of the General School, and Oxford University, said that the majority of international students should unify the love of patriotism, strong country, and the trip to the country, and strive to achieve the glory and dream of "studying abroad, revitalize China". (Editor: Wang Yu, Chang Hong) Sharing let more people see.