Tomorrow! The strongest cold wave since the autumn will affect these areas

3月 27, 2022 夜网

Tomorrow! The strongest cold wave since the autumn will affect these areas

Video production: Wang Xuexun People’s Network Beijing November 3 (Reporter Ding Yixin) According to the Central Meteorological Observatory, from November 4th to 7th, the cold wave is affected by the cold wave, and there will be a wind and cool weather in the northwest, and some areas have more Strong rain and snow, the eastern waters have wind. What is the strength of this cold wave? Which regions are covered by rain and snow? The reporter interviewed Zhang Tao, chief predictor of the Central Meteorological Observatory. According to Zhang Tao, this cold wave will bring cooling to northern Xinjiang at night at night on November 3.

On the 4th, the cold wave influence area is mainly the northern part of Xinjiang.

On the 5th, the South China and Western Regions of Xinjiang will be affected by the cold wave.

On the 6th, the cold wave is in the middle of the east, and the east has affected the entire North China, and the South is affected to the Sichuan Basin. On the 7th, the cold wave will affect the northeast, Huazhong, East China, Jiangnan, South China.

Overall, most parts of the country will be affected by this cold wave, the temperature reduction is generally above 8 ~ 10 degrees Celsius, the temperature drop in some parts of the northwest, North China can reach 12 ~ 14 degrees Celsius, and the temperature drop in some regions reaches 16 degrees Celsius. Especially the highest temperature is significant, the highest temperature drop in the northwest, North China, will even reach 20 degrees Celsius. This cold wave will not only bring cooling, but also with the wind. Xinjiang, Northwest China, North China, North China, North China In addition, there will be rain and snow. North China, East Inner Mongolia, Northeast China has a small rain to rain, some areas are large to blizzard, or rain. North China Plain is mainly based on rain, and there will be rain in the north of the plain. There is a high rain process in the south.

Zhang Tao said that from the perspective of influence range, cooling and minimum temperature value, this time this year is the strongest cold air process since the autumn, it is expected to reach the intensity of the national cold wave.

In this regard, he reminded that this cold wave caused the temperature to change dramatic, there is a large range of rain and snow weather, the feeling is very cold, the public needs to pay attention to the change of temperature, add clothes to the clothes, take relevant cold measures, and beware of colds.

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