Tour ancient horses, I met the old time Fuzhou

3月 23, 2022 上海419论坛

Tour ancient horses, I met the old time Fuzhou

He Xiajun photographed the Qing Dynasty, the carved beam painted, and the streets of the Shang and Down, Fuzhou saved the memory of the "old Fuzhou". Some people say that flavor cuisine is in Hangzhou, and the ancient buildings are in the next Hang.

This is simple, but it is also a full picture of Shuanghang.

This ancient neighborhood has always been a folk, historiologists studying important places in Fuzhou business development history.

"Old Fuzhou Museum" is the most beautiful name to this block. The upper and lower Hangzhou, the merchants gathered in a hundred years ago, and he is bustling.

Many merchants have built a house in this housing industry, adding a rhyme to the Wenrena city of Fuzhou. Strolling, the heads of the streets have fallen, maybe some of the courtesy, is the home of the old man in the old city. Zhu Zifang, Zhu Zifang Anntai River, also left a strong color in Fuzhou history. In the rushing alley called "Navy Lane", this has come out of the naval name and other naval names such as Sazhen, Fang Boqian, and thus praise it. Located on the 22nd of Zhu Zifang 22, Sa’s former residence is built in the Ming Dynasty, and is a pair of Division of Sazhen Bing, which is also the place where Sap Town has lived. In the years, Sap Town has returned to Fuzhou many times, and still chooses to stay in Zhu Zifang. Between the alleys, the white wall is slightly, although there is a quiet, natural life scene.

Walk along an old alley, the long square alley, the road of the stone road shop extends, the breeze blows, the simple and elegant charm, and it is also filled. Druming Gu Ji Riling is Fuzhou’s summer resort, hundreds of years ago, attracted many foreigners to take this summer. They opened post office, hospital, photo studio, etc. on the Gaozhi Lingling.

Therefore, the number of villas are distributed on the Gulling.

On the Drum Ridge, in addition to visiting the beautiful natural scenery, you can also visit these old villas, listen to the stories that have happened here. On the night, overlooking the city scene.

If the weather is fine, you can put the lights in gentle eyes; if it is a cloud, it is another scene of dreams. Che Pefeng.